Worst Revenge

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It was a Monday morning, I woke up late as our vacations are begun. Me and my brother lied in the bed untill the clock reached 9:00am. Then we got up with laziness and done your primary things. After having the breakfast, when I looked the calendar, I noticed that today was the haircut day for us. We used to do summer haircuts every year in the first Monday when the vacation begins. My brother always used to get a buzz cut. I , who having a medium length hair cut till the shoulder so that it will grow back to the normal length by the end of the vacation. The haircut was done by a relative of mine. Sincerely I don’t like her behaviour. She haven’t said a single word to me in kind way in my life. But she was very kind to others including my mother. I was not at all interested in going to her house for a haircut. I feel negative energy by stepping the stairs of that house. She is doing haircut just as a part time work. She is a home maker where her husband works in an IT company. He is very kind to me.

I had begged infront of my mother many times, not to take us to her , and we will do our haircut in any other saloon , but always she refused. This time also she refused my request. This time I was took distressed to go their as last time when we went their I had to quarrel with her , saying about my personal matters. She scolded me , but due to my anger I had talked to her very badly. But my mother took us to her ones again. She has a daughter of the same age as me, studying in different school. She was very close to me. I used to kill the time in that house by talking to her. She is having same height as me and she has a short hair (boycut). We reached that house. That anty invited us to her house. At that time also she looked me with the anger, due to last year’s incidents. She served us a cup of tea but I refused. I had done it in purpose to show my anger to her. I think it had made her more angry on me. I stood up from the sofa and went to the courtyard to talk to her daughter.

Time passed, now the time for the haircut had came. We went to the room were the haircut usually took place. This time my mother was also getting a haircut, not big , just trimming the edges. Next was the opportunity of my brother. He climbed to the chair and sat their. She covered his body with a white cloth. Then she looked at my mother. “As Always” my mother replied to her. She took the clipper and trimmed all his hair for a buzz cut. After this she inquired to him that Is he having a dandruff problem. Yes ! he answered. Then she look at my mother and said, “He is having a dandruff problem, should I clean shave his head? “. ” Okey then, shave his head ” my mother allowed. She applied some water and then applied some cream to his head. Then she took a blade and broke it into two pieces and placed it in the razor. Then she looked at me before shaving , I distract my head as an ignorance to her. She started shaving his head. Within ten minutes she completed the shave. He jumped down from the chair. She cleaned the floor and invited me for my haircut.

I sat on the chair, she covered me also with the same white cloth. Before she was ready to ask my mother , how should she cut I said that I need to cut till the shoulder. She agreed. She took the comb and started to combing my hair. Suddenly she said a statement to my mother that I NEVER , EVER IMAGINE THAN SHE WILL DO THIS THING TO ME ! She had used this opportunity to revenge me. She said to my mother that my hair is too damaged , it should not be grown longer so I need to shave my head !! . By hearing this I was shocked ! I instantly answered to her , “What Nonsense are you talking ? My hair is in good condition, You should consult an eye doctor at the earliest “. ” If my hair is damaged, their is no need for a shave, by regularly using oil will help to overcome the hair damage problems and now shampoos are also available” I added. Her daughter who was standing at that room supported my statement. She said to my mother that I was trying to escape from the headshave by saying false facts. I kept bold in my stand that I will not shave my head. Surprisingly my mother don’t support me for the first time in my life. She said ” You Shut up ! She is a hairdresser and she knows whether your hair is damaged or not, her opinion had more values”. And she allowed to shave my head. I had never opposed the word of my mother so I have to obey this also.

At that time I saw the smile on her face by looking at me. I became very emotional and went to cry but I hold my crying with my anger. She took the other piece of the blade took earlier. Then she poured some water to my head and started shaving. I somehow managed to hold my anger and sit infront of her to shave my head. After some time she finished shaving my head. I stood up from the chair and walk towards our car. I even don’t say goodbye to my friend. On the way back to the home, I said nothing. By the evening, my father came home after the work. By seeing bald he became very angry and call my mother immediately. She came and said that my hair was damaged that’s why she allowed to shave my head. He went to the room without saying anything. I followed him and entered the room and open my heart infront of him. He become more angry and went to their house. What happened their is still known to me. However, one good thing happened as we never went to that house ever again.


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