Wrestling Humiliation

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Brandi is a typical country girl from Tenesse . Her dad owns a manufacturing plant in the city. Like all country girls she is sweet, innocent and caring . But what is the most striking feature about her is her Long straight  platinum blonde hair that falls all the way below her butt . Her hair was so thick that only few brushes can get in and get out of it .When she is outside ,She always used to wear her hair in a bun to protect her hair from being targeted by strangers  . Inside her home she always used to keep it in a high ponytail that falls just above her butt . Brandi has just finished school and all the time she has now is for taking good care of her hair 

She was living a peaceful life until her dads company recently became bankrupt and so the cash flow in the family was shrinking every month and eventually everyone has to work to support the family 

Brandi being so naive doesn’t know about anything started attending job interviews but due to her lack of skills and experience she failed to get any decent job

One day , Brandi was already late for the interview and she did not have time to put her hair up in a bun . For the first time ,her hair was loose outside her home and everyone outside saw in awe the longest hair they have ever seen and She did manage to make up it in a ponytail just before the interview 

Enters Jessie , HR of the company and is also a former wrestler who has managed to make several jobber appearances in WWE but overall her wrestling career can be considered a flop as no one even in Tennessee area can remember who she is

The Interview began 

In two minutes, Jessie found out Brandi is naive . She rejected her for the job but took her number just in case . Brandi left the company heartbroken 

Fast forward few months , Brandi felt so guilty as she was still jobless and everyone in her family have decent jobs . 

Jessie calls Brandi  to ask if she has got any jobs . Brandi being very naive said she is willing to do anything to get a job and support her family 

Jessie acted as if she was sorry for Brandi and called her over for to her house for a cup of coffee . Innocent Brandi agreed to come without knowing Jessie’s evil intentions 

At Jessie’s house :

Brandi came to Jessie’s sharply around  4 in the evening .  Her hair was tied up in a bun . Jessie greeted Brandi with a cup of coffee as promised and acted as if she really cared . 

Brandi meanwhile noticed the house and found pictures of Jessie in ring and country titles and asked if she was really a wrestler and also mocked Jessie that she has never seen her wrestling anywhere although Brandi was a women’s wrestling fan since she was a kid

 Jessie thought to herself this mean bitch deserves a beat down . 

Jessie immediately presented a proposal that she is also in charge of hiring women wrestlers for her friend who owns a custom wrestling company and asked Brandi if she can wrestle scripted wrestling matches . Jessie Said She can earn upto $900 per match . 

Brandi immediately reached to her hair and let her long platinum blonde hair loose which fell all the way below her butt and asked Jessie “ But none should touch my hair . ! “ Jessie assured she can read the script before wrestling with a sly smile 

Brandi left jessie house happily after signing the agreement but didn’t inform her family as they wouldn’t approve it even when they’re poor 

The match begins …

Brandi entered the wrestling ring for a barefoot match and was eagerly awaiting her opponent . Brandi thought she is getting $900 paid for some random girl tickling and licking her foot. 

Brandi came in her dads t shirt which was so loose and tight blue denim that made her butt look sexy . Poor Brandi couldn’t afford any wrestling clothes . Her platinum straight blond hair was up in a ponytail with hair partitioned from the front all the way to her buttocks . Band in the ponytail was so tight unless touched can’t be undone 

After only watching wrestling on TV except few country wrestling events Brandi was warming up in the ring stretching the ropes and all of a sudden enters Jessie in a proper black wrestling attire and punched Brandi by the back . 

Poor Brandi fell down reaching for her punched back . Jessie slowly reached to lying Brandi’s hair from behind started twisting her ponytail in one hand wrapped her hands around it and pulled her up . 

All these events happening in just 10 seconds , half unconscious half shocked Brandi lifted her head to find Jessie with a sly smile .

“Jessie . WHY ARE YOU PULLING MY HAIR ?“ cried Brandi 

“Oh Brandi . You still don’t know ? You insulted me you mean bitch “ Jessie said pulling brandi s hair making her stand to her knees .

Jessie went behind and locked both her hands using her legs in a lotus lock . With her free hands Jessie grabbed brandi s ponytail and said 

“Your hair is so so tight . Let me loosen it up just a little bit . “ Jessie loosened the rubber band grip from above Brandis neck to top of her shoulders . Brandi’s hair extended a little as a result making it even longer 

Now Jessie can dig both her hands into Brandi’s long hair and grab it till the very front and tried to rip all her hair from the roots . 

“I’m going to scalp your hair for insulting me . But not now only after some fun with you “ Jessie smiled with pure evilness 

Jessie suddenly loosened her grip and walked out of the ring only to get a purse of hers into the ring . Poor Brandi was still down unconscious with her ponytail that was above neck before the start of the match is now all the way just above her butt and one small jump can let her hair loose from a ponytail 

Jessie opened her purse and took out a brush . Brandi although unconscious suddenly pushed Jessie away . “What are you going to do to my hair ? “ asked Brandi grabbing the brush and throwing it far away from the ring .

Jessie got angry and gave a low blow to Brandi . Brandi became unconscious now and lied down in the ring

“It is only been 2 minutes. Cmon get up brandi . Am I a wrestler now ? Tell me princess” Jessie slowly then turned brandi while making a camel clutch position on Brandi . 

She removed Brandi s hair band and tied it up on her hand and said  “Wake up Barbie doll !I am going to try some hairstyles for you Brandi ” . But Brandi was still unconscious from the low blow 

“ I know how to wake you up . If I pull your hair strand by strand you will remember me “ . Jessie now softened her grip on Brandi’s long locks gently caressing it by brushing it using her hand and smelled it. She gently picked one strand of hair from Brandi’s forehead and measured its length . It was one of the longest of Brandi’s hair with all the way below her butt . She twisted the single strand of hair using two fingers and scalped it out in one quick motion . 

Jessie drew first blood as she smiled looking at the long strand of hair but brandi was still unconscious. When Jessie started pulling more single strands of hair  from poor Brandi’s beautiful head suddenly Brandi woke up crying in a loud voice “ What are you doing to my hair ? “ 

“Saving a trophy and welcome back by the way “ Jessie said while carefully kept Brandi’s pulled out hairs in her purse as a trophy 

“ You’re just a big bully who never wrestled for real “ Brandi fights back.

“You really think this kind of backtalk is gonna help you ?” Jessie laughed sarcastically 

“You see brandi . I have wrestling experience all over the country but I have never wrestled anyone with hair this long and beautiful “ as Jessie once again smelled Brandi’s hair 

“I can’t believe you agreed to join wrestling with hair this long ! This hair smells so nice and I feel so hungry right now “ as Jessie started grabbing all the hair Brandi sensed something is going to happen to her hair 

“My hair is … My hair is “ before Brandi could say anything Jessie started biting Brandi’s hair 

“No!No! My hair is too valuable for me . I always take good care of it “ cried Brandi while Jessie was yanking it with her mouth 

Jessie opened her mouth to release her grip for small time only to bite long strands of her hair on top of her forehead by pulling it out of its roots and spitting it . 

Poor Brandi was rolling the ring in pain while rubbing her forehead 

“This is more fun than I expected. If you stay here and be a nice little girl while mama is going to come back with a surprise “ Jessie went outside the ring to grab the hair brush which Brandi had tossed it earlier in the match . 

Stubborn Brandi in her knees pushed Jessie away before she could position herself to brush her hair . Jessie dropped the brush and Brandi looked relieved 

“I am going to make you walk like a dog “ Jessie grabbed the loose hair and dragged poor Brandi’s long hair around the ring for couple of rounds while making her kneel like a dog 

“Let’s see how you resist now .! “ Jessie grabbed the brush and went behind Brandi s back and made her kneel down 

Brandi who had the worst day of her life bowed her head down in humiliation regretting how naive she has been all her life 

“Don’t move !” Jessie chinned up Brandi and started brushing her long locks gently

“Don’t you think long hair is a terrible idea !?” Jessie asked 

“Yeah ! “ replied Brandi 

“I think you need a haircut “ as Jessie continued brushing Brandi’s hair 

“No I love my hair . In fact I regret coming to your house in the first place and I won’t ever think of becoming a wrestler ever again “ Brandi said

“ What are your parents gonna think about you quitting job on your first day “ Jessie started manipulating naive Brandi

Without knowing Jessie’s evil intentions behind the question brandi being naive and innocent dug her own graveyard of her long hair informing Jessie that she came here without her parents approval as they would never let her in wrestling 

Jessie already knew she has got only one shot wrestling with Brandi knowing she won’t return again as she had informed her friend who owns this wrestling company before the match that she wanted to keep the video of this match to herself and jessie would also pay $900 to Brandi out of her own pocket . 

“Oh really . No one knows you are wrestling here . Ha ha . This is gonna be more fun now “ Jessie laughed Hard as she is done now brushing Brandi’s ultra smooth long locks which now looks super straight as if she just had a shampoo hair wash 

Looking at Brandi’s hair with jealousy, 

Suddenly jessie got lesbian feelings looking at the young 19 year old long haired angel and started treating her as a slave 

“Here is the deal Brandi . As per the agreement there is 15 mins left in this match and if you cooperate with me you can go home with $900 and your long hair  as it was  “ Brandi immediately believed Jessie 

Sweet Brandi didn’t know Jessie was pure evil even now . Poor Brandi 

“Remove your denim ! I want to touch your  cute buttocks right now “ ordered Jessie 

“Yes Mam “ said brandi as she slowly removed her denim jeans exposing her cute ass in small sky blue panties . 

“You got huge ass considering how small your boobs are“ mocked Jessie as she gently slapped her butt . 

Jessie immediately pulled out Brandi’s hair band and made her hair in a tight ponytail partitioned from the front . She then started rubbing her head as fast as she can using her knuckles . Brandi’s tight ponytail again started getting loosened up

Brandi cried in pain as her hair was rubbed against her will 

“Your Hair is so soft . Can I play with it ? “ asked Jessie 

“Yeah “ said brandi as playing with it is much better than pulling it out strand by strand , rubbing it and biting it . Moreover more than 10 mins was still left in the match 

Next few mins , Jessie gently played by running her hands through it ,touching it , kissing it , feeling it and smelling it while Jessie’s body was always touching her bare butt all the time 

Brandi weirdly had a tiny orgasm while Jessie was playing with it 

Jessie removed Brandi’s T shirt and pressed her naked little boobs using both her hands 

As the match was nearing the end , Jessie asked Brandi to get up 

Brandi with her naked boobs , sexy butt in sky blue panties and her loose platinum straight long hair that fell down below her butt now became wavy near the ends making Brandi look like Greek goddess 

“Thanks Brandi . I had a great time with you today “ said Jessie as if she took her to shopping or something 

“See . It isn’t that bad “ Jessie took $900 from her purse and gave it to Brandi . Brandi took the money as she was just about cry out loud 

Jessie reached out her hand expecting Brandi to shake hands in return 

Brandi looked at Jessie refused to shake hands turned back and started walking slowly towards the exit of the ring 

As she was about to get out Jessie suddenly started chocking Brandi from behind . In few seconds , Brandi became unconscious again and fell down near the ring 

Jessie went outside the ring and grabbed a chair from outside , threw it inside the ring preparing herself for the final humiliation to Brandi . 

Jessie got back in the ring lifted unconscious Brandi and made her sit in the chair . She took a big hair band out of her purse grabbed both hands of Brandi from behind and tied them together behind the chair . 

Brandi still unconscious from the choking is now sitting in a chair , both her hands tied behind the chair and is helpless . 

Jessie woke up brandi again by pulling few long strands of Brandi’s loose hair . 

“What the hell! “ shouted Brandi as she woke up hands tied . 

“Well . You could have stopped What is about to happen if you had agreed to wrestle again . Now it’s too late “ said Jessie as she grabbed her purse and took a pair of scissors

“Noooooooo !!! Are you going to cut my hair ?” Brandi cried as she tried to get to free her hands to stop the unthinkable incident from happening . 

As Jessie came closer to Brandi with a pair of scissors tears started to flow from Brandi’s eyes as she remembered how she used to take care of her hair as a child . She knew this was her identity all her life 

“Your hair is beautiful “ said Jessie as she brought the scissors inches closer to Brandi’s hair 

Snip ! Snip ! Snip !

“Did you just cut off my hair “ asked Brandi 

“No ! Just foreplay “ Jessie laughed sarcastically

“You hillbilly psycho “ Brandi snapped back 

“How dare you BITCH ! I would have really given you a cool hairstyle but you , you are really mean . I am going to get medieval with your  beautiful long hair “ Jessie surprised Brandi once again as she went outside the ring to take a bottle of water and came inside the ring 

Jessie reaches her purse once again to take out a classic blue barbers razor that was so sharp from the looks of it . 

“Nooooooo” Brandi cried for help 

“ If you don’t move this will be done in two minutes or else you will have Permanant scars on your head “ Warned Jessie as started pouring cold water on her head and brushed it from the front using her hands . 

Brandi’s hair on top of her head became more thicker and prettier as it is wet now while rest of her hair below neck is dry and wavy near the ends . 

Jessie brought the razor close to Brandi’s forehead as Brandi started sobbing again 

Jessie who dominated Brandi the whole match suddenly felt nervous and excited as she is about to shave Brandi’s hair completely . 

Without much thinking , Jessie started shaving Brandi’s hair . 

Huge chunks of hair started falling around the chair as Jessie thoroughly enjoyed herself in the process . Since Brandi’s hair was so soft it didn’t take much time for Jessie to completely shave it off as more beautiful blonde hair fell around the chair . 

Brandi never felt her head this much lighter as it is now as she always had long hair as a child . Jessie meanwhile kissed Brandi’s bald head as a sign of accomplishment. She now freed Brandi’s hands from chair and Brandi immediately reached her hands towards her newly shaved bald head and felt weird . 

After collecting Brandis hair as a trophy , Jessie left the ring happily awaiting the full video from her friend while Brandi saw the $900 Jessie gave and tried to remember the story “The Gift of Magi” to cover up her parents .

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