Wrong Seniors From St. Ann’s Flattoped at the Barbershop

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Mother superior called the local barbershop and said I’m sending 5 seniors from St Ann’s down shortly. They are to receive flattops, nice and short, high and tight with whitewalls. No exceptions.

About 15 minutes later, 5 students walked in wearing the st. Ann’s plaid uniform. The girls said look, no waiting. We can get our haircuts together.

The barbers said you’re in luck ladies, step right up into the chairs. You must be the seniors from St. Ann’s. We’ll take good care of you.

The Barbers tied tissue around the girls petite little necks and then wrapped them all in white stripped cloth capes.

The girls couldn’t believe their luck. Three of the seniors had long pony tails and two had short French bobs.

This will be fun one of the girls said. It certainly will be her barber said. The five barbers all picked up their heavy duty Oster clippers. One of them said, it will all be off and all of this hair will be on the floor in two minutes. A couple of the girls looked around and said what did he say.

With that they all flicked on the clippers and three of them plowed into the pony tails near their heads and the other two mowed into the napes of their cute French bobs.

The girls were shocked and cried what are you doing? The barbers said Mother Superior called and told us how to cut your hair. The girls knew better than to question her orders, so they sat there whimpering as the barbers continued to shear the girls.

The sides were shaved high and tight. Then the girls were lathered and shaved with a straight razor around their ears and the back of their head and napes.

Then 5 guys with St. Ann’s blazers walked in. They saw the girls in the barbers chair with their tiny heads protruding from the capes, recognizing them from school. One of them said it looks like everyone is getting flattops today.

Charlie said I think we might have made a mistake guys. Are you seniors and the boys said yeah. The boys all had rock hard erections as they watched the girls get their flattops. Some of the girls were quite aroused also.

When the girls were done. The boys got into the chairs while the girls waited. When they were done, the girls looked just like the guys except for their school uniforms. They all left together.

After, Charlie called Mother Superior and she said did the boys come in and get their flattops?

He said yes, but a little problem. Right before 5 other seniors came in, so we gave them the same haircut. That’s ok she said. The problem is they were 5 senior girls. Oh dear she said, did they give you a lot of trouble, not seeming to care that her five senior girls now had flattops.

Charlie said, No they were vey polite and cried a bit but let us cut off their long hair and give them flattops, shaved high and tight.

I’m glad to hear they were respectful, she said.

Mother Superior said, We decided to go with flattops for all of the boys. I think we should send in more of the girls to be buzzed and receive flattops to match. Thank you for your help.

The barber responded, we’ll be happy to give all of the girls flattops.

You may have to restrain some of them who won’t be happy to have you cut off all their hair.

No problem Sister.

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