Wyld Style ~ In-House Adventure

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Jennifer gasps “But I don’t know anything about haircutting!” Gina chuckles “It isn’t hard to run a pair of clippers through someone’s hair and you shave your legs right, it’s exactly the same as that.” “You want to get rid of all your beautiful hair?” Jennifer says mouth still agape. “Heh, it isn’t the first time darlin’ how do you think I knew you’d love it?”

Jennifer nervously walks towards Gina who hands her the clippers as she gets to her. “Are you absolutely sure?” Jennifer asks “Never been surer about anything in my life girly.” Gina replies. Jennifer turns on the guard less clippers now much more aware of the strength they have and puts them up to Gina’s hairline.

With only a small amount of resistance Jennifer begins driving the clippers through Gina’s hair, becoming less nervous and more excited with each second. Gina starts rubbing her tits “C’mon Jenny don’t blue ball me. Hurry up and finish so I can enjoy it!” Jennifer picks up the pace and quickly removes the remainder of Gina’s red hawk leaving her head with a strip of fuzz straight down the middle.

“Wonderful Jenny, just wonderful. Now remember to come back at least once a week to keep that chrome dome shining, twice if you’re feeling particularly fun.” Gina says exiting the barber’s chair. “Wait that’s it?” Jennifer asks “But, I’m not done yet.” Gina chuckles “I know, but I’m going to have my usual barber take care of that. She’s a real master with the straight razor and no offence sugar, but I don’t trust you with that much blade near my delicate head.” Jennifer nods her understanding. “Now hurry along and go see Kerrie, she’ll take care of your payment and follow-up appointment.” Jennifer nods and heads to the exit door. “Oh, and Jenny” Gina hollers as she’s exiting the room “Ask her to send Ana here please.”

A few moments later after Gina put her clothes back on and just as she finishes cleaning the floor of stray hairs, in walks another woman. The new woman stands less than 5’, nearly eye level with Gina’s breasts when she’s in her heels, wearing a beat-up old Dead Kennedys shirt, a pair of torn, black, skinny jeans and faded green Chuck Taylors. Her hair is a dark, inky black colour, buzzed short all around her head save for the top which has been kept a few inches longer, gelled into a series of spikes and dyed bright yellow. Multiple diamond studs adorn her right ear, a silver hoop hangs from her left lobe, two more studs sit in her left nostril, and a small gold hoop is kept in her right brow. “Sup Geens, Kerrie said you wanted to see me?” Gina looks down at her “Heya Ana, I was wondering if you could help me with something.” “Maybe, depends what it is.” Ana scowls “Aw Bana, are you still upset that I swiped a shave from you?” Ana stares at her feet “I was over it… mostly. That was until I saw you had another one today!” Gina puts her hand on Ana’s shoulder “I’m sorry Ann, truly, I wanna make it up to you. That’s part of why I asked you here.” Ana glances sideways at the tall woman “Oh yeah?” Gina smiles “Yes, I was thinking that we could convince our sweet secretary to go for it.” Ana laughs “Kerrie? You’re out of your fucking mind.” Now Gina laughs “That might be true darlin’, but I know she’s asked me before about getting her haircut like mine.” “Geens, a Mohawk is not a shaving. Close but not close enough.” Gina smirks “I know that, that’s where the other part of why I wanted to see you comes in.” Gina pulls off her beanie cap and reveals her new style to Ana. “I want you to use those wonderful straight razor skills of yours to finish this off. Then we get Kerrie to have her hair cut just like mine.” “I don’t know Gina, doesn’t it seem mean to trick the poor girl like that?” Gina stares at the short woman shocked “I’m just fuckin with ya Geens. She’ll goddamn love it.” They both smile

A few minutes later Gina heads out to the front desk where Kerrie is waiting, her beanie pulled tight over her ears. “Kerrie,” Gina calls out “Do we have any other appointments for tonight?” Kerrie checks the date book “No, Gina.” “Good, could you please close up and meet me back at my station?” “Sure Gina.” Kerrie gets up and locks the door and turns off the front room lights as she heads into the back of the store.

“What’s up?” Kerrie asks as she enters the room and sees Ana “Well, Kerrie I know that you’ve been asking me to cut your hair into a style like mine and I thought that tonight was a great night for it.” Kerrie’s eyes light up “Really Gina? That’s great! Uh, not that I have an issue with it but, why are you here Ana?” The corner of Ana’s mouth turns up “Cuz Kare, I wouldn’t miss this for the world.” Gina butts in “Plus, she’s going to help me. If you really want my style you’ll need to be shaved smooth and Ana’s straight razor shaves outclass mine by a mile.” Karrie nods in comprehension. “Now Karrie, how about you take a seat and we can get started.” The blue haired woman follows her instructions and is quickly caped up. As Gina is pulling Karrie’s hair out from under the cape she asks a question “Are you absolutely certain you want this? Because I don’t want you getting upset halfway through the cut and quitting if you don’t like it.” Karrie nods her head “Yes, I’m certain.” “Karrie I want you to be one hundred percent clear. Tell me using exact words what it is you want.” Karrie’s face gets serious “I want the exact same hair style as you Gina.” Gina walks in front of the girl “The exact same style as I have?” “Yes, when I exit this chair I want the exact same style. Totally, completely, and absolutely the same as you have now.” Gina nods “Alright sweetie, just remember those were your words not mine.”

Gina pumps the barber chair up and pulls all the azure locks into a tight ponytail. She then grabs a pair of scissors and they begin slowly chewing through the hair. *crunch* *crunch* *crunch* *crunch* *crunch* the scissors take their time driving Kerrie wild each time they close. *crunch* *crunch* *crunch* finally they get through the remaining hairs and the tail comes loose leaving Kerrie with a short, dishevelled bob. Ana walks around the indigo beauty and picks up some of the ends of her hair “I don’t know Geens, I kinda like it. I think we should leave the girl like this.” Kerrie smiles “As fun as that sounds I was already made to say I want Gina’s style, and that’s what I’ll have before I leave this chair.” “Yeah, Bana you heard the girl. She’s set her mind on something and she’s not going to be denied it.” Gina says handing Ana the clippers “Besides this is your favourite part, you wouldn’t want her to leave before this.” Ana grins ear to ear as she pops the clippers on *Buzzzzz* “Fuck do I love that sound”

The guard less clippers descend onto the sides of Kerrie’s head the pitch of their buzz lowering as they connect with hair *ZZZZZ* they growl as the leave barely any hair behind. Ana folds Kerrie’s left ear as she moves the machine further and further back *ZZZZZ**ZZZZZ* *ZZZZZ*. Reaching the end of the hair she picks the clippers up and moves higher up *ZZZZZ* *ZZZZZ* *ZZZZZ* until all that remains on the left side of Kerrie’s head is light blue fuzz. Gina speaks up to be heard over the roaring of the clippers “Careful Banana, don’t get too carried away!” Ana glances over “Hush woman, I’ve been cutting hair longer than you. I know what I’m doing.” Kerrie tries to say something, but the words get caught in her throat as Ana begins shaving down the right side of her head *ZZZZZ* *ZZZZZ*. The blue-haired woman is awash with emotion as the clippers continue their assault on her hair *ZZZZZ* *ZZZZZ* *ZZZZZ*. Soon enough Ana finishes off the right side and the only long hair left on Kerrie’s head are down the middle. “Wow Kare, you look great with that style.” Ana comments lustily. Gina runs her hands over the fresh fuzz “Oh yeah, you rock that ‘hawk more than I ever have. Care to have a feel?” Kerrie shakes her head “I know the rules of the shop Gina, the client is not allowed to view their hair until the final project and I’m not done yet.” Gina smirks at the girl in the chair “Smart girl. Ana scalp her.” Ana whips a straight razor out of her back pocket in a blur “Way ahead of you Geens.”

Ana shakes up a can of cream and is about to pop the cap off when Kerrie stops her “Wouldn’t it make more sense to shave everything when it’s all even?” Ana looks at her confused “What are you talking about their ain’t much more to cut for a ‘hawk.” Now it’s Kerrie’s turn to smirk “Well, I did say I wanted the exact same style as Gina. You know what I mean when I say that, right Gina.” Gina chuckles “Guess the jigs up Banana, our little princess is too clever for us to trick.” Gina pulls her beanie off showing off her now completely shaved head; it shines under the fluorescent lights. Kerrie stares awestruck “Absolutely beautiful Gina. If I leave here tonight looking half as gorgeous as you I’ll be leaving a happy woman.” Gina takes Kerrie’s hands and rubs her own head sensually “Trust me sweetie, when you’re done you’ll be more stunning than I can imagine.” Ana taps her foot impatiently “If you two are done flirting we have a head to shave.” “Buzzkill” Gina scoffs under her breathe as she walks away from Kerrie, pecking her cheek as she turns away.

The clippers kick back on “Alright K, I’m just gonna speed up the process.” She then mows the hair in the middle straight down taking as little time as possible to even it up with the buzzed sections. “Since we’re doing the whole head in one lump though I do want to do this proper, so you two lovebirds can continue your make-out session while I soak the towel.” Ana walks over to the sink and fills the basin with warm water as Gina returns to Kerrie and sits on her caped lap arms wrapped around her neck. “How do you like it so far sweetie?” Gina asks “Oh Gina, it’s more than I ever imagined.” “I do have a question though. How did you figure out that I shaved my head?” Kerrie grins “Well, when that Jennifer woman left she looked like someone who just had the best night in their life, then when she asked that Ana be sent  to you I knew something was up. The final clue was when you came to get me with your beanie pulled so low on your head, you never wear it that low so you clearly had done something.” Gina kisses the top of Kerrie’s head “You’ve got the mind of a detective hiding under this blue fur sweetie.” “Not for long.” Both women laugh and Gina moves in for a kiss, Kerrie meets her halfway and they embrace heavily, their tongues twisting around each other. “You have no idea how long I wanted that.” Kerrie purrs “Mmm, how long have you had that piercing?” Gina asks. Kerrie looks at her fawningly “Ever since you said that you like girls that have them.” Ana walks back over with the wet towel “Alright you two playtimes over shove off Red.” Gina looks at the punk woman “You know Banana; if you’re feeling jealous you could join us.” Ana scoffs “Not on your life Red. Huh, guess I can’t really call you that anymore can I?” they both chuckle.

The towel is set onto Kerrie’s head and Ana shakes up the can of shaving cream. “Now does anyone else want to interrupt or am I good to get to the actual shaving?” The other girls shake their heads “Good.” The cream is sprayed onto Kerrie’s head and Ana rubs it all over evenly “Ohh, ohhh, ohh yes Ana. Your hands are like magic.” Kerrie moans “Kare, if you enjoy that you’ll love this next part.” The razor is whipped out of her back pocket and she begins removing all the foam and small hairs *shhhkt* *schkkt* *shhhkt* *schkkkt* *shhhhhkkkkttt* “OHHHH, OHHHH, OHHHH MYYY GOOOOOOD YES!” Karrie is in ecstasy “Ana please never stooooooooop!” *schhht* *schkkkkt* Shhhhhhhkt* Kerrie’s body begins to jolt as she has orgasm after orgasm. Ana shouts out “Kare, stop I don’t want to slice your skull.” Kerrie stops breathing heavily “O-okay, I think… I’m done.” Ana shakes her head “I can’t understand why you girls lose your absolute shit over this.” Gina puts her hands on Ana’s shoulders “Maybe if you gave it a shot you’d understand darling.” “I already told ya Geens, not on your life.”

Ana returns to shaving Kerrie’s head *schhht* *schkkkt* *Shhhhhhkt* the scraping sounds and the feeling continue to send shivers down Kerrie’s spine, but she has managed to keep herself contained long enough for Ana to finish her off. With a few final scraps and a rub down with the towel Ana looks satisfied. “Kerrie sister, I official declare you shaved. Please proceed to the bathroom and commence your happiness shriek.” Ana sticks her arm out as Gina attempts to follow Kerrie, “No way Geens, I let you join her you’ll never leave.” Gina huffs in annoyance “When did you become such a stick in the mud Bana?” “Consider this my revenge for stealing that last shave from me.” Gina stares at her with big puppy-dog eyes “But, that’s why I let you do this. It was my apology to you.” Ana scoffs “Sorry Gina, not getting off that easily.” “…that was a terrible joke.” The two women jump in surprise when they hear the scream from the bathroom. Kerrie comes running back in, hands practically glued to the top of her head. “Ana you are a shaving goddess! The smooth texture, the way it shines, I couldn’t get a better shave if I paid a million dollars.” Gina reaches out and feels the freshly shaved woman “Ah, Ana I knew there was a reason we kept you here, besides your winning personality that is.” Ana flips her off. Kerrie walks over to the shorter woman and hugs her tightly, “Seriously Ana thank you.” “Heh, no problem princess.” Kerrie looks her in the eyes “I really think you would love this if you tried it.” “Maybe some other time sister, but for now I’ve had my fun. I’m gonna head out and let you two do… whatever the hell you want.” Ana turns away and leaves the shaved women in the barbers room waving as she walks out the door.

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