Wyld Style ~ Jennifer’s First Time

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Jennifer’s hair had always gotten her a lot of attention. Some of it good, some of it bad, all of it hated. Well, it wasn’t the praise and compliments she got on her hair that Jennifer hated, but the hair itself.

When Jennifer was little her mother had her keep her hair in a long style reaching past her ass and would wash it, condition it, and brush it every night, leading to the long, thick, beautiful, healthy, golden blonde hair she still had now in her 20s, but Jennifer was tired of her long hair and had been for a while.  She wanted rid of it, but was nervous because it had been this way for so long that she didn’t know what she her life would be like without it.

It was getting to be summer and the temperatures were rising, Jennifer was fed up with her long hair sticking to her body when she was sweating and just wanted to be rid of it. The problem was that her hometown was one of those little suburbs where everyone knew everyone and if she were to go to one of the town’s salons none of the hairdressers would dare remove Jennifer’s famous mane and she was much too afraid to have a barber do it. “Well, if nobody in town will do it then I’ll just have to find someone out of town.” Jennifer says to herself, grabbing her car keys, and heading out to the nearby city.

Jennifer had been driving around the city of Kensington for about an hour when she spotted the bright red neon sign advertising Wyld Styles Hair Salon in the window. Pulling over in front of the shop Jennifer took a peek inside, she couldn’t make out much aside from the reception desk and a wall of pictures featuring women with various extreme hair styles. Knowing she had found just the place she was looking for Jennifer opened the door and strode in.

Jennifer walked up to the reception desk and locked eyes with the voluptuous receptionist “Hey there, welcome to Wyld Styles, where we bring the real you out. My name is Kerrie how can I help you today?” Jennifer looks at the woman in front of her. Kerrie had raven blue hair styled into a gorgeously done hime cut and reaching down past her calves. She was wearing a black Victorian choker with a pearl inlay and a cream buttoned blouse tucked into a grey pencil skirt.

“Hello? Miss?” Kerrie spoke up, rousing Jennifer out of her daze “Oh yes, sorry. I saw your sign outside and was hoping that I could get a haircut?” Jennifer quickly said. Kerrie continued to watch Jennifer a bit longer to make sure she was alright “Certainly miss, if I could just get your name?” “It’s Jennifer.” “Great, just sit down in a chair behind you and a stylist will be out shortly.”

Jennifer was leafing through one of the magazines the shop had available when over the top of the book she saw a pair of black heels walk up to her. Putting down the magazine Jennifer raised her head and looked up at the woman that had just stepped up in front of her. She was dressed in a tight-fitting, white polo shirt, a pair of black skinny jeans and a dark green apron tied around her waist. When Jennifer’s gaze turned back to the stylist’s face she saw that she had a black beanie on only showing the sides and back of her head which were shaved completely bald.

“Hello Jennifer, my name is Gina and I’ll be your stylist today.” The stylist put out her hand as Jennifer stood up, shaking her hand. “Would you please follow me into the styling section and we can begin your consultation?” Gina walks back to behind the reception desk where she came.

Jennifer was led to a private room full of hair styling supplies including multiple pairs of scissors and combs. Giving the room a pass over Jennifer smiles when she spies a drawer labelled shaving supplies and a shiver runs up her spine. ”Why isn’t there a mirror in the room?” Jennifer asks “We like to keep the end product a surprise to our clients so we make them wait to be sure that they get the full effect when we are finished with their new look.” Gina replies while asking Jennifer to sit down in the stylist chair and pulling up a stool next to her.

“So Jen, may I call you Jen?” Jennifer nods “What was it that drove you into the shop today?” Jennifer took a deep breath and explained her history with her hair to Gina “I’m just fed up with all the work and effort that I put into it because of something someone else started over a decade ago” Jennifer sighs. Gina picks up a large portion of Jennifer’s hair “It sounds like you want a shorter haircut. But why come to somewhere as eccentric as Wyld when there are plenty of other hair salons in the city that would be willing to cut your hair.” Jennifer bites her lower lip “Well,” she starts “it’s not just short that I want, it’s VERY short.” She says smiling awkwardly. Seeing this smile Gina perks up “Oh? And how short is very short exactly?” Jennifer blushed and indicated to the sides of Gina’s head “That short.” She says quietly.

Now it’s Gina’s turn to smile “Short and sweet just like your answer.” Gina stands up and pushes the stool up against a wall “If we’re going to do the whole G.I. Jane thing then we have to cut some of this bulk first.” She says while picking up a black nylon cape. Placing the cape around Jennifer and pulling her hair out from under it Gina grabs a pair of shears and raises them to Jennifer’s nape.

Jennifer closes her eyes as Gina began cutting away at her hair revelling in the sound the scissors make as they chew through her hair. Gina, noticing this, slows down to let every second last for Jennifer. Soon enough though, the cutting ends and Jennifer is sporting a longer pixie cut.

When Gina places the scissors back down on the dressing table Jennifer’s eyes open and she reaches up to try and touch her new hairstyle, but Gina bats her hand away “I said we make the customer wait until we’re done before they can check out their new style, that includes touching.” Jennifer sheepishly puts her hand back down onto her lap as she hears Gina walk towards the shaving drawer.

Turning to watch Gina as she digs through the drawer Jennifer was feeling the excitement grow in the pit of her stomach, it had started gnawing at her when she first sat down in the reception area, but as she got closer to fulfilling her wish she began to feel it more and more. Gina closed the drawer and walked back over to Jennifer with a pair of clippers in one hand, a can of shaving cream in the other, and some razors in her apron pouch.

As Gina pulled the stool back over and sat back down Jennifer spoke up “Hey, before you start on the next part could I do something first?” Gina looked at her puzzled “Sure” Jennifer then stood up, removed her cape and began taking off her clothes, leaving them in a pile on the floor before sitting back down naked on the chair. Gina looked shocked and Jennifer, seeing her face, gasped. “I’m sorry; I don’t know what came over me. I just felt like that was something I had to do.” Jennifer began babbling. Gina puts her hand to Jen’s mouth and stands up. She placed the items in her hands down removed her apron, heading into the door opposite the entrance and closing it behind her.


At this point Jennifer began panicking thinking that she was going to get kicked out or have the police called on her. She’s about to start putting her clothes back on when the door opened back up. “Gina, I’m so sorry. I just wasn’t thinking. I’ll pay twice the amount of the haircut for any…” Jennifer stops short as Gina is fully revealed in the doorway, also completely nude. Gina looks at Jennifer’s face and starts laughing “What? You thought you were the only one allowed to have fun?” At this point Jennifer is awestruck and totally speechless. She looks Gina up and down, taking in the jaw-dropping body that the woman had put in display. Large firm breasts, not too large but not too small, curves that would make a racetrack jealous, and her cleanly-shaved vagina from which a long, wonderful pair of legs stem. Jennifer also notices that Gina has taken the hat from her head revealing a curly Mohawk the colour of fresh cherries so long that end of it went down to the small of her back.

Gina sultrily walks back over to Jennifer, stopping quickly to grab the clippers, and pushes her back down into the chair. Straddling Jennifer in the chair Gina pops the clippers on and drives them right through the middle of Jennifer’s remaining hair without any guard leaving only a strip of small hairs in their wake. Jennifer felt her whole body go limp as she submitted herself to the force of nature that was Gina.

Gina was enjoying the event almost as much as Jennifer was, but quickly stopped buzzing Jennifer’s hair and climbed off of her after only a few small strokes. “There’s not something wrong is there?” Jennifer asked, almost sad sounding. “No, no.” came Gina’s quick reply “I just realised something. If you’re enjoying what I’m doing to your top, than I just have to see how you’ll react if I did you bottom.” Gina giggled. “My bottom, what does that mean?” Jennifer asked. In response Gina just strode over to where she left the can of shaving cream and sprayed some into her hand. “What are you doing with that right now? Isn’t that for afta-a-a-a-ahhh.” Jennifer jumped as Gina places the cold cream on her pussy. “This is what I mean.” Gina smirked as she pulled the razor out from her apron pouch approaching Jennifer’s privates. “Don’t move.” She said this in such a manner it almost sounded like she was purring.

Gina rubbed the cream into the hairs on Jennifer’s genitalia and starts slowly running the blade down, removing all the hairs. This sent such a powerful sensation through Jennifer that Gina had to momentarily stop so that she wouldn’t nick Jennifer because she was moving so much. Taking her time to let Jennifer enjoy the feelings she was receiving Gina carefully continued shaving her until all that was left was a smooth mound. “Oh my god Gina, this is so great! I can’t believe it!” Jennifer exclaims while feeling her freshly bared snatch. “You think that’s great wait until we finish the top.” Gina winks as she picks up the clippers and sits on the stool. Jennifer goes a bit doe-eyed seeing Gina place herself back onto the stool “I thought you were going continue where you left off.” Jennifer says indicating back at her lap. Gina just laughs again, stands up and re-straddles Jennifer. “This way preferred Miss?” Gina coolly questions “Yes, thank you.” Jennifer answers as Gina restarts the clippers.

Gina methodically runs the clippers over the sides and top of Jennifer’s head letting errant hairs fly all over their bodies and the floor. Jennifer at this point is almost certain she has never have had this much enjoyment in her life and had begun pleasuring herself, Gina feels the movement beneath her body and grabs Jennifer’s hands placing them on her own breasts.

A couple of moments later Gina stops the clippers having removed most of Jennifer’s hair “Alright girly, if you want me to get this properly smooth I’m going to need to get down to clean up everything.” Jennifer looks at her sadly “It’s okay darlin’ it’ll be worth the departure, trust me.” Gina says with a wink and a smile. Grabbing the shaving cream off of the table Gina sprays a liberal amount on Jennifer’s remaining stubble and begins to remove it with a fresh razor. *Schkt* *Schkt* *Schhhhhhhkt* the rasping of the razor growls as Gina removes more and more stubble, Jennifer feels as though she’s about to burst from the excitement. She wishes that the moment could last forever as she feels Gina start working on the left side, but sadly it’s over much too quick and soon Gina is running her fingers over Jennifer’s head checking for any spots she missed. “Well Jen, I think that’s it. Welcome to the world of badass bald babes.” She smirks. Jennifer quickly puts her hands to her head and begins feeling over it “Oh my god, Gina this is the best thing ever! I can’t believe I didn’t do this sooner, thank you so much!” Jennifer runs over and hugs Gina. “How can I ever repay you?” Jennifer asks. Gina separates herself from Jennifer, “Well, if you really want to thank me then I have a simple task for you.” Gina strolls over to the chair and sits down “What is it?” Jennifer cocks her head in confusion. Gina crosses her legs “It’s my turn.” She smirks.

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