Yotsuba Nakano Cuts her Hair for Charity

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(Author’s note: Yotsuba, and everyone else, is 18+ when this is occurring.)

One day, after chiding their sister into cutting her hair after a lost bet, the Nakano sisters start talking about haircuts in general.
“Hey, Yotsuba, what ever did happen to the basketball team shaving their heads for charity? It seemed like a decent idea.” Ichika asks casually.
“Yeah, some of the girls chickened out. I kinda get why, but it’s like, c’mon guys, you’ve gotta make sacrifices for others sometimes! I kinda wish we’d gotten to do it, but I can’t do it alone.”
Yotsuba plays with her hair bow absentmindedly, pulling it over her nose.
“… Why not?” Ichika asks.
“What?” Yotsuba is barely paying attention, letting her hair bow go and watching it pop back up to the top of her head.
“I dunno, maybe you could do it alone. Collect the pledges yourself, and shave your head in front of everyone. See if anyone else follows suit.” Ichika shrugs.
Yotsuba jumps out of her seat, smiling, sparkles in her eyes, and replies, “… You know, that’s a great idea!”

For a few days, Yotsuba solicits donations, on the condition that she buzzes her head. Some people jokingly donate, thinking “There’s no way she’s going to do it.” Others are proud of her for her self-sacrificing nature. Still others donate, enjoying the prospect of the genki girl’s hair sliding down a cape. Yotsuba’s team manager Junko seems especially excited, pushing up close to Yotsuba’s face when she gets the news and stroking Yotsuba’s hair gently. She makes Yotsuba sweat and giggle nervously as she looks down at the shorter girl. Junko’s dark eyes are sparkling, her lips look full, and her features are framed perfectly by her long black hair. She’s very intense, even though she’s smiling.
“I can’t wait to see what you look like… “ Junko tells her, “You have a really pretty face.”
Junko ends up pledging 5,000 yen, and blowing Yotsuba a kiss, before leaving. Yotsuba gulps after Junko leaves, and she can’t stop blushing.

Before a major basketball game, players bring out a barber chair, and the coach stands with a pair of clippers ready. Several people, some with mouths agape, listen as Yotsuba tells the audience through her microphone, “With the help of a ton of generous people, I’ve gathered almost 200,000 yen for charity, so long as I get a buzzcut! You all know that I can’t be so vain as to value my hair more than that kind of donation, so let’s do this!”

She hands the mic off to Junko, and hops in the barber chair happily. The coach quickly clasps a bright red and white pinstripe cape around her neck, before pulling Yotsuba’s hair bow off carefully, and turning on the clippers. She holds them close to the mic so that the whole stadium can hear them, before putting them to Yotsuba’s forehead. Forcefully, she pushes the clippers through bangs and down the head, leaving a wide sheared strip down the middle. Yotsuba laughs as a pile of orange hair falls from either side of her head down her cape. When the coach starts to shear another strip away from the side, Junko asks Yotsuba casually, “How does it feel? That’s a lot of hair you’re losing there. #1 guard, I think.”
She holds the mic up to Yotsuba’s mouth, and Yotsuba replies, “I’ve gotta say guys, this honestly feels really good. I didn’t get to wash my hair today, and it’s been bugging me ever since. I don’t have to worry about that now!”

The haircut proceeds quickly, with the coach shearing away big hunks of hair from the top, before pushing Yotsuba’s head to the side just slightly.
Yotsuba happily and willingly moves her head at the gentlest touch so that the coach can shear up the side. Junko watches happily as Yotsuba’s ear is exposed, watching the locks of hair that were covering it fall onto her shoulder. As the clippers travel up behind her ear, Junko watches with anticipation as the orange locks coating the guard fall down, hitting the shoulder and then the floor, joining the growing orange pile. She watches the floor as the coach shears up Yotsuba’s nape quickly and efficiently, dropping big hunks of fluffy hair onto the floor behind her. The pile quickly gets big enough that the coach has to push it away with her foot, even as more locks fall down, in tandem with the sound of clippers running up through hair. When Yotsuba is half sheared, the coach stops the clippers, and asks her, “You want to feel it?”
Yotsuba jumps at the opportunity, smiling happily, and pulls an arm out from under her cape- “Oh my god,” she exclaims as she runs her hand over the sheared hair, “This actually feels kind of amazing… even if it is pretty weird.”

The coach puts the clippers in Yotsuba’s hand suggestively, and Junko’s face blushes up. Yotsuba turns the clippers on, and the sound shakes Junko. Fumbling, inexperienced, Yotsuba pushes them into her own nape, slowly running them up, and throwing a clump of hair off and onto the floor after she reaches the crown. The crowd cheers as it hits the ground, and Yotsuba laughs.
The coach takes the clippers back, and Junko interrupts- “Hey Coach, why don’t we give anyone on the team who wants one a try? It can be some kind of team building exercise. Right guys?”
The team cheers, and Junko smirks mischievously to herself, before flashing them all a cheery smile. The coach looks at Yotsuba, who nods and tells her, “Yeah, that sounds like a great idea! Shear away!”

When Junko takes the clippers, she puts a hand on Yotsuba’s shoulder, and sends a chill down the girl’s spine. Junko leans in very close, whispering in Yotsuba’s ear, “This was a great idea,” before turning the clippers on, right next to the ear. She pushes the ear down, and slowly, carefully shears up behind it, eliciting a deep shiver, and watching as the clippers leave behind a strip of short hair. When she reaches the top of her path, she forcefully throws the severed hair forward so that the clump falls over Yotsuba’s face, brushing her nose before it lands on her cape, and slides into her lap. Junko winds up for another pass, before a player taps her on the shoulder.
“Hey dude, give me a turn too! That looks like fun!”
Junko does her best not to glare at the oblivious teammate, who takes the clippers from her, and shears a strip up the nape, running her fingers over the sheared portion and laughing when Yotsuba yells out, “Hey, that tickles!”

Almost every player takes a turn shearing away a strip, and Junko watches them all jealously. She tries to memorize the details of every lock of hair being severed and falling down, every expression of pleasure on the faces of Yotsuba and her teammates, and all the laughter. Eventually, she becomes less irritated that she didn’t get to do more, and enjoys herself.
When everyone has had their turn to buzz Yotsuba, the coach takes the clippers back and shears her head several times over, ensuring no loose hairs remain anywhere. While not as exhilarating as big hunks of hair falling down the cape, Junko still enjoys watching the big black clippers running over Yotsuba’s head, ensuring that she is fully sheared down, not letting any hair escape, leaving behind only a thin orange veil.

When it’s done and the clippers are turned off, Yotsuba sits thoroughly sheared among a pile of her own hair.
Junko comes up to Yotsuba and asks, “How does our hero feel after that?”
Yotsuba thinks as the mic is passed to her, before she responds, laughing, “A little cold.”
Yotsuba’s teammates pull the cape off her, throwing her orange hair away, and take turns giving her hugs and patting and rubbing her head.
“Guys,” she laughs, “Quit it! That tickles!”
They don’t listen to her, and everyone has a turn rubbing her fuzzy head. Junko takes particular pleasure in running her long nails through the short hairs, watching Yotsuba start to breath harder and faster as the pleasurable feeling excites her.
Everyone except Yotsuba and Junko helps return the barber chair to where it came from and Junko sweeps up the hair before the game.

Yotsuba ends up feeling happier and freer while playing, without all her hair making her head hot and sweaty. Junko watches her playing, replaying the events in her head.
The home team wins easily.

When the team heads back to the locker room, they congratulate each other heartily, especially Yotsuba, both for her excellent playing and for her good deed. She happily pulls off her sweaty gym clothes, and as she’s unclasping her bra, she can feel someone coming up behind her.
“What’s up?” she asks, unhooking her bra and pulling it off. There’s no answer, but someone licks at the sweat on the back of her neck sensually, causing her to stiffen up and shiver.
The other girls smirk and watch as they undress, as Yotsuba turns around to see Junko leaning in toward her, licking her lips.

Yotsuba backs up to the lockers, and Junko follows her, not saying anything for a moment.
The tension in the air is thicker than oil before Junko tells Yotsuba, “You know, I hadn’t really noticed you before. But that was obviously a mistake. When I watched you getting your hair cut, it really, really made me horny.”
The girl gets up close to Yotsuba’s face, so close that Yotsuba can feel her hot breath against her lips. Her nipples perk up and blood rushes to her face and her crotch as she breathes heavily, not sure how to reply to this. She puts her palms against the lockers to try and stabilize herself, and closes her eyes, focusing on her pounding heartbeat, trying to slow it down.
“Want to join me in the shower?” Junko asks, slowly, sensually, as Yotsuba’s heart misses a beat, “I’ll even finish off that shave for you. A buzz looks good, but nothing compares to a smooth, shiny scalp.”

Yotsuba gulps, but nods, just slightly.
Junko smiles impishly as she pulls down Yotsuba’s panties, and leaves them on the floor, pulling Yotsuba along to the showers. The other girls watch smiling as they enter the steamy room, with several girls already showering stopping to watch the pair. Junko presses Yotsuba’s face and body up against a wall gently as she starts the water, and washes Yotsuba’s back with calm hands, adding in just a bit of a massage, making Yotsuba moan out as stress is released. She moves her hands upward toward Yotsuba’s neck and does the same thing, and her hands are even gentler as she runs her fingers through Yotsuba’s thin hairs. After a little bit of cleaning, she runs her nails over the scalp, making Yotsuba melt against the wall, barely able to keep herself standing.
After a bit of stroking and scratching, Junko leans in, and whispers in an ear, “Ready for the razor? I promise I won’t cut you~”

Yotsuba moans out a reply which sounds like “Yesss…”, and Junko unsheathes her razor. With cool, calm motions, she runs it up Yotsuba’s nape, and lets the water carry away the severed stubble. The razor leaves only strips of pale skin behind, and with every shaved piece, Yotsuba can feel the warm water on her scalp even better. She tries to grip at the wall, but finding nothing there, plants her hands as firmly as she can against it, shaking.
Junko calmly, quietly shaves Yotsuba’s nape, using at least two passes every time to ensure that only pale skin remains. As she shaves behind her ears, she holds them down firmly and lets her hot breath wash over the area as well- it’s difficult to remove every hair reliably, but she is determined to do so, and works very slowly. After she lets the ears go, she begins the sides, as some of the other girls in the shower watch, curious.
When Junko looks at one of them and smiles, the girl blushes and turns her head, pretending as if she was not watching, washing herself quickly and harshly.

After she’s done with shaving the sides, Junko pulls Yotsuba’s face away from the tile, and looks at her, smirking.
“I need to get the top of your head, too. But, I was thinking… just shaving your whole head doesn’t sound like much fun. What would you think of a little mohawk?”
Yotsuba is barely paying attention, enjoying the feeling of warm water rushing over her freshly cleaned scalp, and doesn’t respond. Junko giggles and presses herself against Yotsuba, pulling her head down and executing her plan anyway, shaving away only the sides of the top, leaving a tiny but visible mohawk down the center of Yotsuba’s head. She sheathes her razor, and takes a moment to feel her work- Yotsuba’s scalp is soft, and silky, except for the rough, prickly orange hairs at the top.

“You’re so sexy…” Junko whispers, letting her hands drift down to Yotsuba’s neck, and then to her breasts, teasing the nipples with her long fingernails. Yotsuba hugs her close as she does so, having trouble staying standing, making Junko giggle. She removes one hand from Yotsuba’s nipple, and puts it up against her mound instead, massaging it more roughly, and pulling at Yotsuba’s pubic hair. Without stopping her hand movement, she bites on Yotsuba’s neck hard enough to elicit a yelp, and keeps her grip as she puts two fingers up inside her pussy, withdraws them, and forces them in again.

After a little while of being finger-banged and bitten, Yotsuba convulses and cums, and Junko finally releases her grip on the neck.
There is a big red bite mark, and Junko smiles mischievously at it as she pulls out her fingers and licks at them. Yotsuba pants as Junko tells her, “You’re pretty tasty. I’m going to have to do this again, definitely. Don’t worry, we’ll keep you silky smooth all the time.”
While Yotsuba is still panting, Junko slaps her butt hard enough to leave a red mark, and steps out of the shower, dripping. She steps off somewhere to collect a towel, and Yotsuba finally has a moment’s rest. The other girls go back to their showers after confirming that Yotsuba is not going to fall on her face, and Yotsuba quietly runs her hand over her short mohawk, feeling a strong desire to start masturbating again. She shakes the thought out of her head as best she can, instead finishing her shower- her sisters will be waiting for her outside.

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