You Bet Your Life!!!

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The eight ball banked off the center bumper and glided softly into the side pocket.

“I win again!” shouted the tiny redhead, her hands raised in victory.

“Drink up Sweetie!”

Her opponent cursed softly as she lifted the frosty mug and chugged her third beer.

“You got lucky! That’s all.” she said sourly as she slammed the empty mug down on the table.

“Lucky! HA! Three times in a row?” her petite nemesis retorted. “Nobody is THAT lucky Kellie! That was all skill.”


Kellie glanced at her watch. The Big Game wouldn’t start for another hour. Plenty of time to get her revenge.

“Another game!” she demanded.

“I don’t know,” replied JJ, “You sure you can handle it? You’re lookin’ a bit wobbly there.”

“I can handle it…and you! Another game.”

Jujou signaled the waitress and moments later, she plopped another beer down on the table.

“Put it on HER tab.” said the beautiful redhead indicating her opponent.

“Enjoy it while you can shorty” snapped Kellie. “In a few minutes it’ll be you buying the brews!”

“Keep on dreaming…”

45 minutes later Kellie downed beer number 5 and headed for the restroom.
Jujou took a seat on the living room’s comfortable sofa and eagerly awaited the kickoff.

As the banal opening program came to an end Kellie took a seat beside her.

“Don’t take it too hard Kel, No one beats me at 8 ball.”

Jujou glanced at the white board on the far side of the room. There were odds and point spreads posted and of course…the ubiquitous betting pool.

“Well Kel, I see you have the Pats by what? …14? Wow, you Are THE worst gambler! EVERYBODY knows the Seahawks are going to take it! They’re favored by two and a half points!”

“HA!” snorted Kellie. “New England is gonna kick their asses!”

“Really…you wanna bet on that?”

By now the other folks in the room were taking an interest in the rivalry between the two pretty girls.

“Oooo,” said JJ’s friend Mike…”A girl bet! What’s the wager?”

“Kel,” Said JJ, “I’ll bet you fifty bucks that the Seahawks are leading after the first quarter!”

“Only $50.00? replied Kellie, now brave with drink, “How ’bout we bet something REALLY serious?”

Lindsey, Kellie’s good friend who’d watched her lose so badly to JJ earlier grinned. She knew that Kellie had a wild streak and that JJ never backed down.

“What ya got in mind?”

Kellie pursed her lips in thought for a moment and then blurted out…”Our clothes…let’s bet our clothes! Loser has to get naked and stay that way for the whole game legs spread. EVERYTHING in clear view for everyone to see!”

The 5 guys in the living room were suddenly riveted to the scene before them.

“You’re not gonna chicken out JJ…are ya?” asked Mike knowing full well that the mere suggestion would compel JJ to take the bet.

Without a moment’s hesitation JJ gripped Kellie’s hand and shook. The boys erupted in cheers and another friend, Brian immediately added another box to the whiteboard indicating the bet.

“What about the second quarter?” inquired Mike.

“Yeah, what you going to wager on that?” added the house’s owner, a guy called Eric who JJ barely knew.

“Well Kellie” began JJ knowing in her heart that she couldn’t lose. “You made the first bet so, I guess it’s only proper that I make the second!”

“Okaaay” answered an now uneasy Kellie.

“The loser has to sit on this sofa naked, legs spread wide and slowly masturbate for the rest of the game.”

Kellie gulped.

“I…ah Well…”


Stiffening with the affront to her dignity Kellie thrust out her hand and said…”DEAL!”

By now the boys were texting furiously, spreading the news that to of the prettiest girls in town were making bets that were sure to end up with at least one of them butt naked for the duration of the Superbowl!

“I can’t believe this!” Said Brian as he excitedly added the bet to the board. Lindsey cheered the rivals on. The otherwise sedate party was finally getting exciting.

Word spread and soon others arrived to witness the duel of nerves between the rivals. Swept up in the excitement, the two women began to up the stakes.

“OK, and for the third quarter the loser will have to…to…” Kellie struggled to come up with something fitting. A small smile came to her lips and she confidently said, “The loser has to work for the winner FOR FREE for 6 months AND… has to quit any other job if it interferes as well!” This was particularly cruel as she knew that JJ loved her job tending bar at downtown’s most popular night spot. Kellie was a tattooist who’s hours were much more flexible. She could work and do a night job with ease

Every where in the room people held their breath and awaited JJ’s answer…

A crafty smile crossed her shapely lips as she replied…”Fine!”

Brian was scribbling furiously on the white board. The stats had long ago been sacrificed to make room for the sexiest bet any of them had EVER seen!

“Very well…” replied JJ. Since this IS the Superbowl How about we make the final bet worthy of the status of the game? The loser of the final bet loses it ALL! EVERYTHING. Her clothes, her cash, her car…all she has with her tonight, including…her hair!!!”

The room was dead silent.

“Wha…what do you mean…everything she has with her tonight?”

“Just what it sounds like Kel. Winner takes ALL. Loser walks out that door naked, bald and broke. Are you WOMAN enough to take that bet Kel?”

Kellie accepted a beer from Mike and swallowed it down. Slamming the beer down on the table she looked JJ in the eye and answered,
“You bet your ass I am!”

The room exploded with cheers as Brian added the bet to the board.

Game time!

The Seahawks won the toss and elected to receive. The kick was wobbly. The receiver raced to the thirty, caught the ball and ran for all he was worth. 45 yards later and Seattle was knocking at the door. Two plays later the score was 7-0.

JJ smiled and looked at Kellie as she nervously chewed her nails. She was really going to enjoy embarrassing the beautiful brunette. The pretty redhead’s smile became a grin as she imagined collecting her due.

Kellie was clearly in panic mode now. She continuously straightened her clothes and played with her hair as the quarter wore in. The Seahawks scored again but, on their next position, disaster struck. The receiver fumbled the ball at the 20 and it rolled ten or more yards toward their own goal line. The Pats recovered it on the Seattle.The next play resulted in a TD and just like that the Pats were back in the game. A surprise onside kick and the Patriots had the ball again. Good clock management and pin point passing resulted in yet another score. A 2 point conversion at the quarter’s and and the score was 15-14…Pats. Jujou sat in stunned amazement as Kellie stood and cheered.

“Ahem” she said, holding her hands out for her winnings. Never one to back down JJ reluctantly stood and stripped off all her clothes as the boys loudly cheered and cat called. Even a few the women chimed in, happy to see the pretty redhead taken down a notch or two.

She rolled her eyes at their clapping when she finally unclasped her bra handed it over and stepped out of her panties exposing to all her most intimate areas. In keeping with the terms of the bet she took her seat once again and after another “ahem” from Kellie…leaned back and let her legs fall wider while trying to look relaxed and unembarrassed which was clearly not the case as her well-groomed, fiery pubes and slit would be prominently displayed for the remainder of the game. Guys and even girls couldn’t help but ogle and laugh at her predicament having never seen her nude before. Many of the guys in particular had always dreamed of seeing JJ in the nude and now that they had their chance they stared openly.

“Just you wait” she thought as she looked at the smugly smiling Kellie. “After next quarter you’ll be sitting here naked with me only you’ll be rubbing out orgasms while I do the smiling!” She didn’t dare voice the thought though, having just suffered such an obvious loss in front of everyone.

The game wore on and things just didn’t go the way JJ expected. After a hard fought second quarter, to her horror the score remained unchanged. Her own bet came back to haunt her as everyone wandered in to see the pay up as listed on the white board. JJ looked around uncomfortably and groaned as everyone waited expectedly. Kellie grinned at JJ triumphantly “It was your idea to bet the masturbation. I believe you know what to do. I am sure you have done it before and haven’t forgotten how. So, get to it…pleasure yourself for our entertainment…like a good little porn star.”

JJ’s already exposed bits were there for all to see. She made another noise and frustrated face and let her hand wander down to her nether lips. Her fingers wandered around toying with the area while people began to cheer at the unbelievable show before them. Their many comments clearly showed how insane it was to be witnessing this.

Egged on by the cheering crowd she thought “What the hell” and slowly began manipulating her clit for all to see. Blushing bright red at first, JJ began to focus on Katie Perry’s half time performance and ignored all of those watching as she played with herself. She kept her end of the deal and did the deed. Eventually, some wandered off but many stayed and watched and since there was no rule to not taking pictures, out came many smart phones capturing her humiliation in vivid, living color. She groaned miserably however when someone mentioned “Flickr”. She knew that her humiliation was going to be masturbation material for horny men and women around the world for years to come.

The third quarter began just as JJ reached her first orgasm. This was a bit of a shock to her as she had never intended to climax at all! The mere thought of anyone seeing her masturbate brought a crimson blush to her creamy white cheeks. She couldn’t help it though as she as she had always been quick to orgasm.
“Way to go JJ!” shouted Kellie as the redhead’s color returned to normal.

“Keep ’em coming, so to speak!” added Lindsey as she giggled insanely.

By now JJ was accustomed to others photographing and videoing her and every detail of her gut wrenching orgasm was caught on video for the world to see.

Seattle quickly scored with a series of strong runs and short passes and JJ took hope that soon, she would have her revenge. She took great solace in the thought that six months of free work was going to put an awful lot of cash in her wallet and was well worth the couple of hours of humiliation she would suffer during this one short game. She certainly didn’t want to work for Kellie at her tattoo and piercing studio down the street, nor quit her job at the sports bar which she absolutely loved. The tips alone were enough to keep the town’s most popular bartender in grand style and her constant flirting assured that JJ had the ear (and any other part) of every guy for miles around.

Luckily for her, New England seemed to have lost their rhythm and Seattle once again marched down field to score. She was going to win this bet for sure. There was NO WAY that lightning could strike twice for New England.


The Pats ran the it back 76 yards for the TD! No worry, with one and a half minutes to go and the ball in Seattle’s hands there was no way the Pats could poss…


The defender ran a quick 14 yards and scored yet another TD. Pats up by 1. The Seahawks had one chance left and in the last 15 seconds of the third the QB threw a bomb. Spot on, right to the 5 yd line and right into the hands of the defender who appeared like magic just in time to end the drive. Pats 29, Seahawks…28.

“Well,” said the now confident Kellie, “Looks like I just got me a new receptionist for 6 months!!” She grinned at her already undressed and humiliated red headed rival.

“Lindsey, can you bring JJ the phone? I think she has a call to make. She needs to let work know she won’t be there…for 6 months. It looks like it is resignation time for you little bartender girl!”

Lindsey grinned and went to get the phone. The guys fell silent as they gazed upon the still masturbating redhead in disbelief.

“Wow Kel…that’s harsh” said Mike.

“You’re right Mike, that is kinda harsh” answered the vivacious brunette, I should let her off the hook…NOT!” I guarantee you, If our roles were reversed JJ wouldn’t hesitate to humiliate me to the fullest extent of the bet.”

Knowing now that there was a real chance that the Seahawks might lose the Game with the score this close JJ was truly worried. She desperately not wanted to keep her beloved job so, she grasped at the only straw she had left to avoid quitting.

Gasping as she continued to work her own pussy she managed to get out 1 word…”Points?”

“Ah…what do you mean?” asked Kellie.

“Winner…take…all. If Pats win…Ugh! If Pats…win…by 14…you win. I…if they don’t…I…I…I…Ahhhh…win! This would replace…the 4th quarter…bet and I…I don’t have to quit my job…until then.”

“What’s the bet exactly? Oh, and you will stay nude and masturbating for the rest of the game no matter what”

“Winner has the loser… do anything she wants…for 6 months and…yeah, I…I already lost the…other…antes so…I…I will keep the clothes off and…continue…continue playing with myself (rolls her eyes) for all to…to see for the rest of the…game.”

“You stay nude for the rest of the party, not just the game. Oh and does that mean absolutely anything?” She smiled knowing that the Pats had a lot of momentum and it could be done, although it upped her own risk considerably.


“Deal but just so you know, your hair is definitely going bye bye if I win. It’s part of that “ANYTHING”, got it?”

Kellie shook JJ’s free hand sealing the deal. Lindsey put the phone down and returning to the sofa. She sat on the back of the couch, speculatively playing a bit with JJ’s long red curls. She reached up and tentatively stroked her own dirty blond locks. She found it hard to believe that anyone with hair like JJ or Kellie would even consider a bet that might result in her losing it all to the scissors. But, it was what it was and that was the bet. Anything meant anything and apparently…EVERYTHING. She had to admit though, the thought of such a bet was rather thrilling. Best of all…she would be here to witness the payoff!

JJ knew that the odds were heavily in her favor as the Pats had to win by 14. She nodded bravely, trying to look confident but was still very nervous as the 4th quarter began. It was well played and well fought. Seattle kept it close until the last minutes and she could see Kellie’s resolve start to melt away realizing she herself might be fucked. With 4 minutes to go though the Pats scored. and it was 35 to 28. A fumble on the Seattle 30 set up another TD while JJ watched in horrified disbelief. Suddenly, it was 42 -28. Pats by 14! All the pats had to do now was score that last PAT. THAT should be easy, a regular “slam dunk”. Just that 1 simple point and JJ was off the hook. The snap was just a little off. Kellie, JJ, and the rest of the party gasped, in surprise. The kick went low and an enormous hand batted the ball from the air. Pats by 14!

The room went wild and amidst the excited yells JJ let out a shocked “Nooo”. Kellie leaned in close, running one hand through the long auburn curls on JJ’s head grinned and whispered into her ear

“Time to pay up Red!”

Kellie smiled at Lindsey who was still sitting on the back of the couch, running a hand teasingly through JJ’s long red curls. “This is going to be so fucking awesome! she said. I can’t believe I get to do this. Just how do you think it should be done?”

Lindsey stroked JJ’s hair as the soon to be ex redhead numbly looked down. The magnitude of her situation was sinking in at last and she was in more than bit of shock.

Lifting a handful of JJ’s red locks Lindsey mused, “Well, her hair was definitely part of the bet, so no way she can argue there. I can’t say that it will be wont shocking to see hair destroyed. I used to groom dogs and there is something powerful to it but. I never did it to a person. Are you going to really shave her head completely?”

Kellie grinned at the question and looked down at the naked red head. “Absolutely, she would have done it to me and it’s going to be insanely fun cutting all of this hair off. She got like fashion model hair now and it’s going to be a blast taking it ALL off.”

Wincing visibly JJ looked pleadingly at Kellie but said nothing. She just groaned miserably and let the two women talk, as they enjoyed their victory.

Lindsey smiled at Kellie’s words.

“Good point, of course, it will be nice to have a little less competition when she is around. We could just get what we need and do it right here on the couch. I believe Eric has shaved his own head before, so he may have what we need.”

They called Eric over and he laughed and nodded “Yes, I have a whole kit I got from eBay last year. Hardly even used it. The bald look just isn’t for me.” Reachind down he took JJ by the chin and looking into the poor girl’s blue eyes asked “What do you say JJ? You think the bald look will work for you? ”

Laughing at his own joke he ran off to get what was needed.

He returned, a wooden box under his arm just as Kellie and Lindsey began debating their options. Eric overheard them talking about chairs, about having JJ sit, kneel or stand but, Kellie wanted to comfortably enjoy doing it and she wanted everyone to watch.

Eric piped in “You know, you could just do it in the backyard. I have a huge picnic table out there that would do the trick nicely and we could get her at just the right height if she sat on the edge.”

Kellie and Lindsey grinned at the suggestion. Lindsey’s eyes grew mischievous as she reached down to pinch a tuft of JJ’s pubic hair. “That would work great! After that we could put her on her back and do this part too.”

“Oh!” said Kellie excitedly, “How about we put her on all fours…like a dog on a grooming table? You said you groomed dogs before…right?”

“Ha!” Lindsey answered with a laugh, Perfect! Just like a little red headed puppy dog being groomed. I guess her show dog days will be over for awhile though!” Kellie’s grin grew wider still. “Picnic table on all fours it is and I want to do this beautiful hair of hers first. This is going to be sooo fun cutting it all off.”

JJ sat glumly on the couch as she listened to the two women lay their plans against her. “Why…oh why did I make this stupid bet?” she thought. “I think I’m gonna be sick…”

Kellie grinned at Lindsey and Eric and announced the room “Hey folks, anyone that wants to watch our little loser get her wonderful long red hair cut off…come on outside. We’re going to do it puppy style on the picnic table.”

She took the belt from JJ’s discarded jeans and looped it around the stunned redheads snow white throat. Tugging lightly she said “Come on!”

As the two walked into the back yard the others followed, videoing the events from many different angles.

Eric followed closely, the ominous box in his sweaty hands.

Looking to delay the inevitable for as long as possible Jujou leaned over and whispered into Kellie’s ear “I have to pee”

“What’s that JJ? You have to PEE?” she answered loudly. “Hey! Everybody stop! JJ has to PEE!”

Head down, JJ shuffled her feet in embarrassment.

“Well?” inquired Kellie. I thought you had to pee? Go on…PEE!”

“I…I can’t, not here, not in front of all these people…”

“Are you kidding me? The deal was loser does whatever the winner wants. I won and I want you to pee. Here. Now. I don’t care how embarrassing YOU find it. Just do it!”

Totally mortified, JJ squatted but, before she could begin Kellie pushed her back onto her butt.

“Not like that! No one can see if you pee like that!”


“Of course! Why wouldn’t we want to watch you pee?”

“But how if you wont let me squat?”

“Like you are right now…sitting! How else?”

“But, I’ll get pee and mud all over me!”

“No you wont! Not if you raise yourself up on your hands and feet.”

JJ pushed up and as her body rose from the ground 10 cameras flashed and smart phones started their videos rolling making the poor girl blush crimson red. At first she was too bashful to pee but, eventually the need won out and a stream of hot liquid shot forth between her thighs to splatter in the grass.

It seemed to go on for hours and poor JJ hovered somewhere between abject debasement and relief. At last the flow slackened and finally ceased. JJ rose to her feet and was pulled along to the picnic table at the center of the yard.

As the afternoon sun beat down upon them, JJ was directed to the table top and made to kneel while they figured out the rest of the positioning. Kellie, Lindsey, the boys and the other girls surrounded her. Eric and Mike were bold enough to ask Kellie if they could touch her. They stuttered the request and Kellie grinned knowing JJ she knew would hate that, so she responded “Go for it, I am sure you’ve wanted to touch this little tease for awhile. You can grope her wherever you want to while we get ready.”

They ran their hands nervously at first over the red head’s exposed body as Kellie and Lindsey discussed how best to go about the task at hand. A few other brave souls asked whether they could touch her as well and Kellie said. “You all can touch her back and shoulders and even her butt, but only Eric and Mike get to touch her breasts and mound as they helped me andI don’t want this to get too out of control. At least not before I get a chance to trim away her pride and joy”

They seemed okay with that as most wouldn’t have even dared to approach JJ in the past for a date much less run a hand down JJ’s back to her butt as she knelt there. Many of them fingered her long red curls knowing that the next step would ensure they would no longer available to touch for a while.

Stroking her upturned ass Eric piped up that they should simply chop her hair off as she knelt. Mike suggested it be done while she sat as he squeezed her hanging tits.

“No, no…that wont work” said Kellie. “Ive got something MUCH better in mind based on Lindsey’s wonderful suggestion.”

Pulling JJ forward on to her hands and knees the dark haired girl yanked on the belt, coaxing JJ to the edge of the table.

“Head down…ass up” ordered Kellie. As she pulled JJ’s head over the edge of the table she turned to Eric and asked if he had something a bit thinner than a belt to hold JJ’s head still. Eric ran off and came back with a dog collar and lead and handed it to Lindsey. As she buckled the leather collar around JJ’s neck the soon to be ex redhead pouted in embarrassment. Lindsey laughed “I guess this keeps the puppy grooming analogy moving forward.” Kellie laughed at that “I do prefer the leash. Can you hold it sorta close? I would rather she not move much while I take care of her hair.”

Stroking JJ’s red hair with a grin as it hung before her Kellie called out for a stool. JJ looked fantastic, her tight, elegantly muscular body trained by years of soccer and running. It was going to be interesting to see how her petite body will look without all that lovely hair.

She ran her hands through it again as it hung framing the pretty redhead’s face perfectly. It seemed pretty long and it was a bit curly, it hung beautifully to her mid back. Grinning at Lindsey, Kellie said “Her hair looks so vulnerable dangling like this. It’s going to take YEARS for it to grow back… I can’t wait to get started!”

One of the other women placed the stool up near JJ’s head at the edge of the table. JJ caught only a fleeting glimpse of it as Kellie took a seat The box she’d seen earlier was proffered and opened. Inside was an array of hair cutting implements ranging from scissors to clippers, combs to razors. A small table was brought from inside and the box was placed on it with room to spare. Enough room apparently for a bowl of hot water which Kellie told Lindsey she was going to likely need soon, “Once this mess is removed.”

Instinctively, JJ sought to pull away but, the Lindsey passed the lead through a space between two boards and held her fast via the leash.

“Just relax JJ,” said Kellie running a hand through the pretty bright auburn curls. “It will all be over soon.”

Defeated, JJ relaxed and accepted her fate. After all, she had no one to blame but herself and Kellie was quite correct in thinking she probably would have done the same.

Hands caressed her body invading her most intimate areas as Kellie tested the scissors and clippers which made a loud buzz and just as JJ began to cum Kellie ordered them to stop so that JJ’s head wouldn’t move around so much. Kellie lifted her hand and flatly said “scissors”

.Lindsey handed them to her like a nurse assisting a doctor during a surgery.

Carefully lifting one of the long strands near the back of JJ’s head Kellie’s scissors closed upon its base and with a clearly heard “SCHNIP” severed it cleanly.

“I need a place to put this…mess.” said Kellie. “Can someone bring me a garbage can?” Like magic, a green plastic can appeared before her which was luckily filled with leaves and other yard waste. What hurt JJ more than anything that day was watching her beautiful red hair was tossed into the trash like common refuse.

“I can’t believe I’m actually doing this!” cooed Kellie. “Isn’t this THE coolest thing ever?” Lindsey grinned and held the leash carefully keeping JJ’s head of hair nice and accessible. Not that JJ was fighting any more.

Kellie raised another lock and “SCHNIP” another precious hank of JJ’s hair joined the first in the trash can. The pace quickened as Kellie casually raised one strand after another adding each in turn to the growing pile of red locks in the green garbage can without even a second thought. JJ’s hair was literally becoming garbage. Lindsey helped from time to time repositioning JJ’s head a bit or helping lift difficult to raise locks of hair.

The afternoon wore on and became a strange juxtaposition of pleasure and pain as she was forced again to let the boys play with her a bit while her lovely red hair was brutally stolen away. She never left all fours and occasionally someone would run their hand down the redhead’s back as though petting a dog. JJ’s beautiful white skin was covered in beads of sweat and fragments of her once luxurious hair. The realization came that her new “hair style”was going to seriously hamper love life for some time to come.

Her hair was reduced to a tattered mess though the occasional momentary pleasure was given. Fingers at one point had been replaced with a powerful vibrator as Kellie decided to enjoy her ability to do “ANYTHING” to the poor ex redhead. She made it clear that JJ having some orgasms while everyone watched and filmed was part of the program. It wasn’t too difficult to do either as she was shockingly easy to get off in spite of what was being done. Wave after wave of pleasure crashed over her as her lovely red hair was methodically, maliciously and utterly destroyed.

It barely registered with her when Lindsey picked up the clippers. After joking around a bit Kellie requested them doctor style “Clippers please, nurse”. As the clippers came to life with a loud POP Kellie had the boys back off with the vibrator so the “patient” could properly “enjoy” getting her soon to be much much shorter hairstyle. JJ gasped and her eyes went wild with panic as clippers furiously vibrating clippers approached her forehead. JJ instinctively jerked her head away but the lead held her fast. Lindsey cooed softly and eventually, JJ relaxed and excepted her fate. The clippers plowed into her hairline dead center on JJ’s forehead and as they ate their way across the poor girl’s scalp her shoulders slumped in meek supplication. JJ was utterly and completely defeated.

Kellie buzzed half her head before she offered to switch places with Lindsey saying “I shouldn’t have all the fun!” and and she finished it up. When they were finished Lindsey swept up the meager of JJ’s once bright hair red hair and put casually tossed them in the garbage along with the longer red curls.

Without prompting Eric appeared proffering a steaming hot bowl of water. “I do believe you’ll be needing this” he said pleasantly as he placed it next to the wooden box on the small table. Lindsey had the honor of applying the first layer of shaving foam. They let up on the leash a bit as they worked the foamy soap into her scalp knowing full well that there was fight left in the former redhead. Lindsey handed Kellie the razor and over the next few minutes the silent spectators watched as the sexy brunette took the last vestiges of JJ’s once magnificent locks. So silent was the crowd that the scrape of the razor was clearly heard at some distance.

As more and more scalp was revealed quite statements were uttered here and there.

“This is incredible!” said a young man, “Who would have thought a simple football bet could end up like this!”

A woman was heard to say “Guess she wont be dating for a while!” to her snickering friends.

Then, just when everyone including JJ thought the ordeal was over Kellie placed a none too gentle hand beneath JJ’s chin and lifted it until their eyes met. Without a word she placed the razor against JJ’s forehead and began the task of removing her finely arched eyebrows.

“Hey!” said the surprised JJ, finally showing a bit of spunk, “Nobody said anything about losing my eyebrows!”

“The bet” said Kekkie coldly “was winner takes loser’s HAIR. No one specified what hair so, I’m taking it ALL! Got a problem with that?!” She smirked “Besides, you yourself said whoever was right about the score could do ANYTHING they want to the other.”

Kellie was right, There was nothing JJ could do.

Once her brows were gone Kellie selected a tiny, delicate but very sharp pair of scissors from the wooden box and proceeded to clip away JJ’s lovely long lashes. “Any job worth doing is worth doing right” she intoned as the last of JJ’s lashes drifted to the ground.

She next had JJ flip over. A pillow was placed under her butt and the guys lent a hand spreading JJ’s legs. Eric and Mike were grinning as they held JJ’s legs wide and Lindsey kept JJ in place with leash held just tight enough to allow JJ to sit on her elbows and watch. The clippers sprang to life again and her fiery pubes were quickly reduced to stubble. The razor soon followed and in minutes JJ’s pussy was as bare and hairless as the day she was born. Her naked, engorged labia now fully exposed, shown shiny and wet in the light of the late afternoon sun and all of the earlier fight was gone from her.

Kellie grinned and ran a hand over her work and then wandering up to JJ’s head her nails appraisingly over her denuded scalp. “All done shorty.”

Lindsey joined her and as they ran their hands over JJ’s hairless pate Kellie asked “Well…what do you think?”

“I think it feels like JJ is going to be totally bald for the next 6 months, that’s what I think! I Gotta say though…I sorta like it on her. I think she’ll make an excellent receptionist now that she’s had her wings clipped.”

“I whole heartedly agree Lindsey. I’m thinking we’re going to have to razor her down at least three times a week though. That way she;ll concentrate on her work rather than on flirting with the customers!

JJ reached up and very tentatively ran a hand over her smooth and hairless scalp. “I am no longer a redhead.” she thought as tears rolled down her cheeks

Kellie pulled JJ from the table by the leash pulling her hapless captive along she headed toward the gate saying goodbye to everyone and suggesting that they should stop by the parlor later to see the new receptionist at work.

“Wait,,,” said JJ nervously as they passed onto the street, “Where are we going?”

“Back to my place…obviously! Don’t worry though. It’s not a long walk.”

“WALK!” exclaimed JJ as she pulled to s sudden stop. “I can’t walk down the street like this! I’m NAKED!”

“Yes! And bald as well!” added Kellie. “You are quite a sight indeed and I want to share you with everybody!” She motioned Lindsey to follow saying that they could just leave JJ’s clothes there as souveniors for the others along with her red pubic hair which still decorated the table unlike the head hair in the trash can.

“But I”M NAKED!”

“Yes, and if you don’t shut up about it you’ll spend the next 6 months like that! Your head certainly won’t be sporting any of that red hair of yours during that time. Now, come along and be quiet!”

“When we get to my place you’ll have call work and let them know you wont be coming in…ever…it’s only fair to them. I’m sure they’ll want to hire a new bartender right away. After all it’s not like they’ll want wait around for a year or more while bartender’s formerly long hair grows back and you’re of no use to them in this condition at all!

“But, what will I tell them?”

“The truth of course…the truth.”

Two months later.

The bell jingled as the door to Kellie’s Tattoo and Piercing Salon opened and the handsome young man asked to see the artist on duty. The receptionist, a petite woman who could be beautiful except for her head was total lack of hair stood said she would go get her. She walked into the back for a few moments and returned with a taller woman with beautiful long brunette hair. They started chatting about tattoos.

“I want to get a special tat for my ole lady. In a very special place”. he said pointing at his crotch to indicate where he wanted the tattoo placed. “I have it on good authority that this is the place to come for that sorta thing and that you’ve done many intimate tattoos.”

“Why yes” she replied, “I certainly have!”

“You got pics of your work I can look at? I only want the best for my gal. I am thinking maybe something with a Celtic theme or perhaps a bit geek as we both enjoy conventions”

“Pictures? I have something far better than pictures!”

“Yeah? Well lemme see” he said, wondering exactly what she meant to show him.

Kellie snapped her fingers and the bald girl behind the counter reluctantly came forward. Kellie smiled at the quick response, such a good employee and much more useful here than tending bars. “JJ, can you show this kind sir your tattoo, he is thinking about getting one for his wife in much the same….area.” JJ, face wrinkled in obvious consternation surprised the customer by swiftly unzipping her smock and letting it slip to the floor, totally ignoring the lunch crowd walking by the big picture window as they slowed to have a better look. “Ahem” said Kellie with a slight inclination of her head and a smirk. JJ crooked her knees and she parted her legs further giving the man a better view.

The young man stammered a bit but got his wits about him and bent down for a closer look.

“You can touch it if you want to. No scar tissue here!”

Reaching up he softly caressed JJ’s mound and read the legend tattooed there in vivid red, white and blue. Above the New England Patriots logo were written the words Super Bowl XLIX. Below it was written Patriots by 14.

The customer said I’s sold. I’ll be back tomorrow with my girl” and left, a smile on his face. JJ got dressed and winced as she noticed the people people still looking through the window. “Kellie loves to embarrass me like this.” she thought as the shame of the moment colored her cheeks “But what choice do I have? A bet’s a bet and this was all my idea.”

Kellie smiled as she sauntered to JJ’s side and ran her hand over JJ’s naked scalp. “Poor baby, I bet you’re sick of having to show that to people aren’t you? Please, bare in mind that I could put it somewhere where it is constantly visible and much less discreet if you keep making faces when you have to show it to people. Not that that guy was too fascinated by you until you showed him your tattoo. I guess you are not quite as enticing to men as you used to be without those red curls of yours. Don’t worry though, it’s only for another four month. Who knows, maybe we can have another bet some day? Maybe I’ll let you bet those months against a few rounds of laser hair removal…wouldn’t THAT be exciting?”

“I think I feel a bit of stubble. Can’t have that now can we? Bring me a hot cloth, shaving creme, and a razor and go put yourself in the chair. We need to ensure we stay nice and smooth until that bet is all paid up.”

JJ sighs, got the requested items and puts them on a table near the chair. Once again stripped naked she got into the chair and placed a leg over each arm rest with a frustrated pout. “It’s so unfair” she thought “not even a hat to hide my baldness for 4 more months!”

Her dating life was now basically dead. Without her hair and with her reputation in the sewer since the posting of so many videos of her paying up on the internet no one wanted to touch her.

“No more bets ever again!” she thinks to herself. “Unless…”

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