You Can Never Just… Come Home. Part II

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You Can Never Just…Come Home

Part II


By Dreadlocks


Aftermath and Exposure


As we walked out of Flo’s Salon, I was horrified by the way I knew I looked. My beautiful red mane had been pared down to a poodle perm, brutally shorn up the back and sides by Flo. Even as we walked to the car, in full view of anyone that stood by, I couldn’t keep my probing fingertips away from the razored scalp that framed the ball of fuzz that was once my hair.

When I saw how tightly the perm was curled, I knew that it was going to look more like fur than hair. Then, when Flo had teased and shaped it so comically into the egg-shaped ball that now sat on top of my head, the humiliation had been palpable. It had been so intense, that the evil little girl that now inhabited my body, came to life with a vengeance, turning the entire experience into a huge sexual turn-on.

Then when Flo had pulled me aside at the end, hinting of my impending experience at her hands the following day, I had been terrified and yet enthralled by the idea of it. ‘We’ll find out how young you really are.’ Stood out in my mind. I could hear her voice as plainly as if she was standing right next to me.

“Well, Susie, so much for that mop of a hairstyle.” My mother prodded. “I never imagined she would do something so drastic, but I think it suits you.”

“Yes, Mommy,” I answered, allowing the childish response with barely any forethought. It just seemed to have rolled off my tongue.

“Now that you’re, well… younger, things are going to have change a bit more at home, little girl.”

Feeling adventurous, and knowing that I was pressing an issue that was dangerously close to self-deprecation, I asked the obvious question. “How much younger, Mommy?”

“Well, considering your hairless state…down there, maybe six. How does that sound, Susie?” She was testing the waters; seeing just how far I was going to allow her to go. If she only knew how much this creature inside me was relishing each and every degrading humiliation she doled out.

“I’m six years old,” I stated, with decided jejunity. The tone and frivolity of the statement caught me completely off guard. Of course, the other being in my skin was fully in charge at that moment. My hairless pussy lips slipped over one another under my oversized underpants, the sensation feeding my growing arousal. I couldn’t wait to get to my room, and I imagined my fingers simultaneously rubbing my clitoris and my head.

On the way home, my mother stopped at a friend’s place. It was one of her closest friends, and the woman’s daughter had also been a friend of mine. I hoped and prayed that Janice wasn’t home. We had lost touch after high school, so I had no idea what she had been up to.

“Delores, how are you?” Mary opened the front door as we walked up the steps of the large wrap-around porch. “Is that Susan?” She asked, trying to keep from laughing.

“Yes. Well, we’ve settled on Susie for now.” My mother indicated.

“Hi, Mrs. Wells.” I smiled, knowing how I must look to her.

“Come on in. Janice should be home any second. She just ran to the store for something.” Mary said. She looked back at my mother. “Obviously, we have a lot to catch up on.” She ushered my mother into the kitchen. Not wanting to be a party to whatever humiliating explanation my mother would offer for my appearance, I took a seat in the living room, settling on the overstuffed sofa that dominated the space.

I was almost convinced that we would be out of there before Janice came home. The laughter and the volume of the conversation in the kitchen indicated that they were wrapping up. When my mother appeared in the doorway, I stood, thinking we would be leaving.

We had made it as far as the porch when a small compact car pulled into the space next to ours. I held my breath as Janice climbed out of the car. She was as lovely as ever, her long blonde hair cascading down her back. She had always been prettier than me, but now, well…

“Janice, good to see you.” My mother offered as Janice walked up to greet us.

“S… Susan?” Was all she managed, before an unavoidable giggle escaped her lips. “Sorry. It’s just… damn girl.”

I tried to imagine how many shades of red and pink I must have turned with her rebuke. “Hi, Janice,” I mumbled. Where was the little devil that would have made this so much more bearable? She had embarrassingly retreated, leaving me with my own, very real humiliation.

“Well, we have to get going, Janice. You and Susie will have lots of time to catch up. She’s going to home for quite some time.” My mother added.

As we walked away, I heard Janice and Mary laughing under their breath. They didn’t really try and hide it. I was that ridiculous. It wasn’t just my hair either. There were the childish clothes my mother was forcing me to wear. It wasn’t until we were well on our way home that the devious little child within me returned, mocking me for my humiliation before my friend.

I knew that before the next day was out, the entire town would know of my plight, but before then I had to deal with Flo. I couldn’t imagine what she might have planned for me while my mother was out buying more ridiculous outfits for me to wear. Of course, in my present state of mind, all that seemed delectably humiliating and arousing.

After having my back, where my mother seemed to take some pleasure in scrubbing my neck. I think she only wanted to drive home how much in control she was. Still, it was enough to have me masturbating after going to bed, just as I had imagined it, one hand in my underpants and the other rubbing my exposed neck and ears.


A Day with Flo


The following morning came all too soon, and my mother was anxious to get me over to Flo’s, so she could spend the day planning my wardrobe. Flo had called her, insisting that I was to eat breakfast over there, and that the sooner I was delivered, the more time she would have to work on my ‘age’ issue.

Mother had dressed me in a one-piece jumper she must have ordered. With short sleeves and pants, it was almost as bad as the frock from the day before. As we approached Flo’s place, I was suddenly filled with the same sense of dread and anticipation I had felt the day before. Once again, my sane mind was in the driver’s seat, and how I wished it wasn’t.

“What a cute little outfit.” Flo gushed as she opened the door for me. “Come right in, Suzie.” My mother kissed me on the cheek and waved goodbye, not bothering to come inside. Apparently, Flo had been specific with her instructions. As much as my mother had control over me, Flo seemed to exert a certain amount of it with my mother. As soon as the door was closed, it began.

“You can just take all that off.” Flo directed, sternly. I was powerless to resist, slowly stripping out of the clothes that my mother had so painstakingly laid out for me. “I wonder just how much you’re going to enjoy what I have planned for you?”

Not a word was spoken. When I had removed my socks and stood completely naked in front of her, she seemed fascinated with my sex.

“Looks like your mommy wasn’t lying. You did have that mess removed down there. Well, it certainly makes my job that much easier.” She pointed to the carpet. “Hands and knees, Susie.” I crawled behind her, and at last, my little demon had returned, and I could finally feel a sense of arousal wash over me as I followed her. I felt like an infant, crawling on all fours at the heels of this dominant woman.

She led me into the kitchen, patting a chair she had set in front of the sink. It sure looked like there was going to be more work done on my hair. I was already a spectacle, what more damage could she do? Doing as she indicated, I climbed into the chair.

I could smell the strong scent of ammonia coming from a small bowl she had at the edge of the counter. “I think I’ve had about enough of that red. Too sassy for a child your age.” She chided. “Head back.”

I laid my head over the edge of the sink and felt the purplish paste being spread through my hair. I thought I might pass out from the fumes, but I didn’t, allowing her to penetrate deep into the fuzzball that was now my hair. She used the entire bowl of thick liquid, and then wrapped my head in plastic wrap, tightly.

“Now you can eat.” She mused.

I wasn’t sure my stomach was up to it, but I forced down the porridge that she set in front of me. It had almost no flavor. The most demeaning part was being made to drink apple juice from a sippy cup. I was really beginning to feel the years being stripped away from me.

It was some time after we finished breakfast that Flo finally decided to wash out, what I learned was bleach. I worried that my hair would be ruined, not that I had all that much to begin with. It had been almost an hour.

I was forced to crawl back to the kitchen, still naked, and sit in the chair at the sink so she could wash out the goo. I could see the smile spread over the woman’s face as the damage she had wrought became evident to her.

“Oh, yes, little Susie. This will do nicely, I think.” She was pulling away at my hair as my head was pushed this way and that, thoroughly rinsing it out.

As I stood up, and just before being forced to the floor, I realized that the kitchen sink was full of yellow strands of kinky hair. It seemed like a lot, but I knew that something remained on my head. Flo had me crawl to the bathroom, insisting that I sit on the toilet.

I was only a little shocked when she attacked my hair all over again, this time with thinning sheers. I was amazed at the amount of hair falling away from my head as she worked. My hair had been thinned before, but this was quite different. Flo was working right from the scalp and snipping outward.

I glanced over at the mirror, wondering how much of a disaster I would be left with this time. “No looking until it’s done, Susie.” She chortled, continuing the thinning. Judging by the pile of yellow curls on the floor, there couldn’t be too much left on my head.

“Well, that looks better. Certainly fitting for the age that I think you deserve.” She mused. “You see, unlike your mother, who is under the delusion that you’re six or seven, I think you need to be much younger.”

She had me stand from the toilet, positioning me in front of the mirror. What a transformation! Yesterday morning, I had glorious red tresses that stretched provocatively to my waist. Since then, this woman had created the most hideous red ball of fur in the salon, and now this, it was beyond anything I could have imagined.

My hair was a yellow-white, and was so thin my scalp was plainly visible through the fine damaged strands, still clinging to my head. She had trimmed it down close, and I realized what she had done. As fine and thin as my hair was, and the length it had been cut to, I now had the hair of an infant.

“How do you like that, Susie?” She asked, viciously. She pulled at the fine strands, and it was obvious that her hand was full of my hair when she pulled away. “You see, that bleach was mixed with a little Nair. It’s not going to fall out completely, but it will definitely be even thinner than it is now by the time all that damaged hair falls out of your scalp.

She could have shaved me bald, and it would have been a better outcome. The hair was almost sickly looking, and I could imagine being completely bald, so exposed was my scalp beneath my hair, which was only a wisp of covering.

Okay, enough of this. Time to learn just how much your perverted urges will allow me to do. I knew what was coming. Sure enough, as I crawled behind her, the unmistakable scent of baby powder filled the air. She had laid out a padded exercise mat, and forced me to lay on it, belly up.

“Knees back, legs spread, little girl.” She pressed. I did as I was told, but when she began washing my ass and pussy with her bare hand it was almost too much. I was unable to prevent to moan from escaping my lips. “You are a horny little tike, aren’t you?”

I couldn’t stop my hips from thrusting upwards to meet her attention as she spread the baby powder all over my privates, the smooth coolness was almost too much. I reached down to play with myself, and was able to get a few strokes in before my hand was swatted away.

“We’ll have none of that, little Susie. Babies don’t masturbate.” Flo scolded. And with that, she produced an adult-sized diaper. I couldn’t believe what this woman was doing to me. My hair had been all but removed and now she was diapering me like a baby.

“I’ll have to talk to someone about getting a little liposuction for you,” Flo suggested. “Those little bumps will flatten out nicely with a little of that. I know a practitioner who would do it, no questions asked.”

I knew my breasts were little more than slight puffs, swelling beneath each of my nipples, but the idea of having them sucked out was almost too much to bear. I’d be as flat as a… “as flat as a baby.” I had spoken the last part unconsciously.

“That’s right. I’m glad you agree, Susie.” Flo smiled.

I didn’t agree, it had just come out. My inner beings were struggling once again for control. The sane, twenty-three-year-old mind wanted to run out of there as fast my legs would carry me, but the little girl, with a penchant for abject humiliation, seemed to relish the idea.

My hair was one thing. Eventually, it would grow back. Having liposuction to remove my boobs was something that would never go away. I’d be flat as a boy for the rest of my life.

As I crawled around Flo’s place, entertaining her, I noticed how much of my hair was falling onto the carpet. Once, I reached up and rubbed the brittle blonde wisps, causing an avalanche of hair to fall to the floor.

“Hmm.” Flo pondered. “I may have put a little too much Nair into the mix, Susie. I think you might end up bald after all.” She had me crawl over to where she sat. Roughly scruffing the top of my head with her palm, a huge amount of hair fell past my face. “Dear, oh dear.” She sighed. “Seems as though we’re going to have to finish the job, after all, little girl.”

I crawled at her heels back to the kitchen where she wasted no time, spreading a liberal amount of pure Nair on my head. “This shouldn’t take long at all.”

I could feel the caustic paste slowly working its way into my already tortured scalp, knowing that all traces of my hair would be gone within a matter of minutes. I was going to be completely bald, and that suited my little perverted vixen just fine. If it wasn’t for the smell of the hair remover, I was certain Flo would have smelled my arousal right through the diaper.

I knew from experience what was happening. I had removed my pubic hair with Nair many times before the electrolysis. My hair was being turned into mush, fragile rubbery strands of goo, that would wipe clean away. I wondered what my mother might think of my smooth shiny head.

Ten minutes later, I was stripped out of my diaper and plopped into the bath, where Flo took her time, wiping away the last remnants of my hair. The washcloth felt strangely erotic as it rubbed over my newly exposed scalp; the rough terrycloth abrading my ultra-sensitive pate.

“Well, you’re a baldie now.” Flo seemed pleased as she dried me off roughly, not a single hair on my body or head. Except for…

“Hmmm, now those look out of place.” Looking at my face.

I could see in the mirror, that my eyebrows hung onto my natural red color; the last vestige of my former self, clinging tenuously to my brow.

Rummaging through the drawers, she came up with what she was seeking. The sticky paper strips felt weird against my face as she pressed them firmly into my left eyebrow. Then, without so much as a warning, she ripped it away, leaving my brow as bare as my head. Repeating the process, she did the same for the right side.

“Little girl, you may have been a stunner when you walked into my salon yesterday, but… well, look at yourself.” She positioned me in front of the mirror and I saw my completely bald head and barren, expressionless face for the first time.

“I’m so ugly.” I sighed. And I was. Gone was the lovely young woman with the flaming red hair. In her place was an alien-looking creature, with no hair and ears that seemed to mock me, stark pale projections that stood out a little too far from the sides of my pale pink knob.

For a few moments, the horny little devil that seemed to possess me most of the time, retreated once again, leaving my sane self to take in what had been done to me. I felt tears rolling down my cheeks.

“No sense crying about it, Susie. What’s done is done. Now I just have to convince your mother to keep you this way.”

“I’m hideous.” I cried.

“Yes. Yes, you are, Susie. I know you’ve got that little bug inside you that will find some way to turn even this into something arousing. Isn’t that right?” She asked.

It seemed that Flo knew me even better than I knew myself, because no sooner were the words out of her mouth, than my little friend was back. I had no way of preventing my fingers from wandering down to my sex, sliding into the moist folds, and shivering from the contact. Flo did not attempt to stop me this time, as if she knew that I needed this in order to cope with my new reality.

She motioned for me to follow her, and without being asked, I dropped to my hands and knees and crawled behind her. Flo had me stop in the middle of the floor and roll over on my back.

“Knees back, legs spread, Susie.” She giggled.

With my gaping pussy pointed directly at her, I did as she asked, exposing myself lewdly for her as my fingers rubbed and probed without reservation. It wasn’t long before I was on the verge of a huge orgasm. My left hand rubbed my head frantically, as if searching for a hair, any hair, but finding none. That realization only drove me closer to the edge. My fingers made a sloshing sound as I masturbated for this woman.

I looked down between my legs, her smiling face framed by my bare feet, as though I was seeking her approval for what I was about to do. Just as I was about to fall over the precipice, she stood.

“That’s enough, little girl. I think we’ve established that you have thoroughly enjoyed how I’ve brought you down. First, it was a little game with your mother, but this, this is so much more real, isn’t it, little one?”

I nodded, desperate to continue with my self-abuse, desperate for her to continue taking me down whatever path she desired. As if mocking her intentions, I began pulling at my tits, squeezing the diminutive buds between my thumb and forefinger.

“We’ll see about those soon enough, Susie. I’m quite certain your mother will agree to your having the treatment. She and I, well… we have a certain agreement, you know.” She admitted.

I knew it’, I surmised. I knew that there was some hold that this woman had over my mother. Mother was never one to submit to anyone, but there was no mistaking how Flo seemed to take the upper hand with her.

Crawl to me, ugly one.” Flo sighed,

As I approached, she slowly opened her legs, hiking up her skirt and I knew what she wanted from me. I wondered if my mother submitted to her in the same way. As I got closer I realized that she was quite naked under her skirt, and her pussy was every bit as hairless as my own.

For whatever reason, the age difference didn’t seem to matter as I settled between her thighs and allowed my tongue to caress her lips and clitoris. Flo was considerably younger than my mother, but certainly ten years older than me.

“That’s it, Susie. Show me how much you appreciate what I’ve done for you. Show me how grateful you are to me for stealing all your beauty. Prove to me that you are nothing more than an ugly cunt licker.”

I wasn’t sure how many orgasms Flo had, but my tongue was numb from all the attention I had shown her. Finally, she pushed me away, having had enough. “You’re very good at that. Far better than your mommy.” She stood and straightened her skirt. “Speaking of your mother, we best get you dressed.”

Thirty minutes later, I stood in the center of Flo’s living room while my mother displayed some of the childish outfits she had purchased for me to wear. She had said little about my baldness, almost as though it was to be expected. She had, however, commented on the obvious bulge under my one-piece jumper, confirming that I was indeed wearing a diaper. I had yet to use it, but I was certain that was something I was soon to experience. Flo had insisted on ‘babysitting’ me at least two days a week.


Eighteen Months Later


On what should have been my twenty-fifth birthday, I was perched in the chair at Flo’s hair salon. The frilly bonnet she had me wear, had been removed, revealing my shame. Dirty red stubble covered my pale scalp. Flo was quite insistent on my staying out of the sun, so my skin stayed almost jet white.

The compression wraps that Flo’s friend had me wear over the summer had finally been removed once and for all. It felt good to be rid of them; the bandages, that is. My chest was now completely flat, and to be perfectly honest, it was good to be rid of those too. Flo was especially pleased with my new look, saying that it was the final brush stroke of her masterpiece.

I no longer winced when the trimming clippers were roughly drawn over my head, peeling away any evidence of my red hair. No, on the contrary, the little girl inside had finally pushed the rational me out. I’m not really sure where she went, but I hadn’t seen her in over a year.

All my old friends, oh hell, everyone in town knew about the strange woman who lived as a child. Most of them chalked it up to mental illness, especially considering my clean-shaven head. Ever since I had moved in with Flo, my life had changed forever. Let my friends think what they wanted. Sure, I was ugly as sin and bald as an egg, but I was happier than I had ever been.


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  1. I absolutely LOVE stories like this…. In fact, I’ve been lurking on this site and even all the way back to HSS and haven’t taken the time to create an account, until now. I just had to so I could comment and ask you to please write more like this. Your talent for descriptive writing and lovely twisted mind for fantasy fiction is outstanding. I’ve read many, many of your stories, but this one is particularly great. I will read it over and over. Thank you for your current, and hopefully, future contributions.

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