You Just Made My Whole Life

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At school I was the goth girl, Tanya. I was the one with the longest hair, naturally blackish brown and typically worn in braids like Wednesday Adams. When I wanted to get laid, I wore it loose, hanging to my waist. In bed, my mane would spread out across silk sheets like a black spider web. Getting laid was easy. I was popular for a goth girl. My body was made for corsets and my clothes was expensive. My parents were very lenient. They let me wear a nose ring and turned a blind eye to my sexual escapades.

For the past month, I’d been getting to know Simon. We sat together at lunch and traded classic sci fi novels. I did plan to eventually sleep with him, but I liked taking my time. I wanted to have a deeper intimacy, sharing new things that only we could share. It was no secret that I’d been around but I’d been chaste since Simon and I started hanging out. I knew he wanted it and I was wearing my hair down.

“How do you like Starship Troopers?” Simon asked, biting into his salami on white bread.

“It’s kind of boring.” I answered, doodling in my memo book, “With all the military stuff, I was expecting there to be a dramatic haircut scene. But there wasn’t one. There hasn’t even been a scene of forbidden love.”

“I do love a dramatic haircut scene,” Simon agreed.

It was small talk. At my cue, I would ask Simon to come over after school. I continued, “Maybe I’m just feeling pent-up.”

I gave Simon a suggestive look but he stared right past me. Without much thought, I turned to find what was distracting him.

It was Kate Huffman. She used to have the second longest hair in school but now she was the girl with the shortest hair in school. Her dirty blonde hair, which used to hang past her bra strap, was cut into a short pixie. At its longest, on top, her hair was maybe an inch long and the rest was cut with clippers. So drastic. Her face looked so young. Her blue eyes, not as blue as mine, were so striking and her eyelashes were so long. How had I not noticed them before? The skin on her long neck was so fair, but not as fair as mine. I felt myself blushing, as I noticed where her hair line was shaved. I felt my own neck, covered in my softest locks. For half a second, I imagined myself with a shaved neck and fuzzy, buzzed nape and almost choked.

I glanced back at Simon. He didn’t notice until I noted, “Woah. Kate looks hot, doesn’t she?”

“Her?” he straightened himself, attempting to resume interest in his lunch, “She really does. From one perv to another, I actually have a thing for girls getting short hair cuts.”

“Really?” I asked, “Her hair used to be so long. She didn’t even try to get a normal haircut first. She just went all the way, like she knew she had to get it so short.” The thought of it was turning me on, big time.

Simon answered, “Yeah. She’s got some serious guts… taking such a risk and having it turn out so great.” As I sighed, he added, “So um. Do you want to hang out after school today?”

Yes, I did. I gave him a knowing look and returned, “Yes I certainly do. I’ll call you, though. There’s something I’d like to take care of first.” I had been hoping to get Simon alone in my room for a while. Today, I was anticipating it. However, something suddenly felt so different.

Kate’s haircut stirred something. It stirred something I didn’t even know about. Under the table, I dared to put a hand up my skirt. My pussy was wet and the touch of my soft pubes put goose bumps way up my back. I decided. No matter what. I had to know what it was like. I’d never been so instantly turned on by an idea. I went to my station wagon and laid in the back to masturbate. I left the windows open and felt the cool October breeze, cumming like I’d never cum before. So I decided. I‘d come to school as the girl with the longest hair and tomorrow I would be the girl with the shortest hair. It didn’t matter if anyone said I was copying Kate. It didn’t matter if anyone knew about my new kink.

I decided to skip my afternoon classes and I drove toward the nearest hair dresser. It didn’t have to be a fancy place. Usually I went to Whitney at the Zodiac Salon where she trimmed my split ends and kept me in ship shape. She’d probably make a fuss and refuse to hack my glorious locks to nothing.

I parked on the square, across from Donna’s Cut & Color. Before the window, I surveyed my reflection. I wore a brown bomber jacket with the sleeves pulled up, showing white laced gloves. Underneath, I wore a white corset and a black pleated skirt. My hair naturally parted to the side and covered my shoulders. In my ears, white gold hoops flanked my jaw, narrow but childish. Soon I was going to look like a different person. If I was truly brave enough.

I let myself in, smiling at the door’s jingle. There were four styling stations and two women on duty. Both of them could have been in their early thirties. One wore a short bob haircut and the other wore a longer pixie while giving a matching look to a middle aged client. I draped my jacket over a plastic waiting chair.

“Welcome.” said the first lady, approaching the counter, “Are you walking in or making an appointment?”

“I’m here for a haircut.” I confirmed.

“That’s great. I’m Linda. Come with me over to the washing station.”

Following her, I added, “Okay. I don’t know if I need a wash though. I want to get my hair cut very short.”

“Wow. All that beautiful hair?” she asked, dubiously, “Well let’s go ahead and take the length off first.”

At those words, I felt the blush of arousal. I was already so close to satisfaction. She lead me to a styling chair and I sat, feeling dizzy. She put a black cape over me and pulled my hair through while I tried to look calm. Once I caught my breathe, everything went quiet. Lenny Kravitz played through the stereo in the corner and the other stylist calmly chatted with her client. The cool air smelled like hair dye.

“So why do you want cut it all off?” ask the stylist as she pumped my chair. I guess she had to ask. I wasn’t sure how open to be, regarding how personal my decision was. Deep down we’re all kinksters and freaks but even I knew somethings are more special when they’re left in the bedroom.

“It’s a new thing…” I started, realizing the word ‘new’ could easily be argued against. There would be no wimping out. I wasn’t going to leave Donna’s Cut & Color with a boring hair style. So I lied, “Well, it’s not that new. It’s my long time boyfriend…”

She got the impression, “and he’s got a thing for short hair. How short?”

“Really short. With clippers. He’s a real freak. I guess we’re both freaks.” I gave her a coy look, biting my lower lip.

“I see.” Linda supposed, “We do all kinds of funky hairstyles. Side cuts and undercuts and asymmetrical cuts.”

She paused, as if I’d agree to one of those choices. It seemed like I’d really have to push the point. “No. I’m going to need more of a crew cut. Less than half an inch at the longest.” I nodded, trying to ignore the quiver in my voice.

“All right then.” she nodded but asserted, “I don’t want to do it. You think you want it but you don’t know. I think you’re going to hate it and it’s going to take a long time to grow out again. Why don’t we try something less drastic?”

I stiffened my jaw, “Seriously?” my voice broke. “I’m going to do get this hair cut whether you will do it or not. I’ll just go somewhere else.”

Why don’t you think about it for a bit?” Linda reasoned, “Do you think this boyfriend is gonna be with you by the time your hair grows out?”

It’s not my boyfriend,” I admitted with a quiet growl, “I’m the one who has a thing for short hair cuts.”

“Fine.” she shook her head. “You’re going to get what you asked for.”

Did she intend to make me sorry for winning the argument? I didn’t think she could. I never had to argue to get what I wanted. My parents just trusted me. Everyone trusted me to know what I wanted and to make smart choices. This lady just didn’t know me.

With large scissors, she started at the top of my head and worked back, leaving it short enough to stand up. I looked straight into the mirror. Fearless.

“Wow, that girl’s really going for it,” remarked the other customer as she got up to leave.

“Yup.” Linda quickly added, keeping it short.

I didn’t yet know it, but I have a nice, oblong head. Even my temporary mullet was attractive. Without a word, the scissoring was done. I felt the ceiling fan blow on my ears and neck, silently moaning in pleasure with each breathe. Linda grimly put a guard on her clippers and fired them up.

Put your head down.” she commanded, starting at my nape and clipping until all of my hair was a short fuzz. My ears really did seem lower and my eyes did seem to be open wider. This wasn’t short enough, though. I couldn’t see any skin. I pulled my hand out to touch my new cut. It was soft.

“How is it?” Linda asked, finally with a drop of warmth. She couldn’t deny this was a big moment for me. Even if my hair grew out, I would never be the same.

I answered, sounding coy but trying not to sound, “I want to see skin on the sides and the back and I want it a little shorter on top.”

“All right.” She answered and chuckled, “I’m gonna make you look fabulous.”

She used a comb to guide the buzzer, giving me a long fade. With a 3/8″ guard, she evened out the top of my pelt and used a shaver on my neck and hair line. My cape was covered, like there was more hair than person in the chair.

“How’s that?” she asked.

“Good.” I whispered between shallow breaths. Examining myself, I tried to act normal.

She used a blow dryer and brush to clean me up before removing my cape. I paid Linda in cash, leaving a generous tip. I walked to my car in a daze, floating back to my reflection. My shadow was so much smaller without all my hair. My shadow had a head.

I started my car and texted Simon.

Me: I got my hair cut. Shorter than Kate’s. Come over when you get out of school. Please.

Of course, the reactions would come. Going from the girl with the longest hair to the girl with the shortest hair. My parents were going to worry that I’d gone crazy. I watched myself in the rear view mirror with one hand massaging my scalp and the other hand massaging my mound. I’d fix my lipstick later.

Simon: Oh god. You just made my whole life.

Me: Mine too.

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