you know ı love you (part 2)

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It had been 2 weeks since the day of the big change. my boss and my friends thought I was crazy. No one spoke to me unless it was necessary. it was scary. I was gaining weight rapidly, and Jack seemed quite pleased with it. When I came home one day, he asked why I was still working. “We already have enough money, you don’t have to work. I want you to dedicate yourself to being my woman.” said. I did not object, I was very unhappy at work. My head had lost its smoothness and my bowl cut had grown a bit too long, so Jack explained to me that he had a hairdresser appointment. I was a little restless and still could not get used to this new order, but I accepted. I knew this wouldn’t be limited to just a hairdresser appointment. Let’s see what a surprise today I thought. I got ready and we left the house. Mary (my hairdresser) was waiting for us at the hairdressing salon. Wasting no time, I sat on the chair. Jack approached me, gave me a big smile in the mirror, then looked at Mary and started talking. “I want a perfectly smooth shave for Allen today.” said. I knew you would want it one day, but I didn’t expect it to happen this fast. my heart is stuck. I was going to say I wasn’t quite ready when Jack sent me his warm smile. I sat quietly, but I was about to go crazy with fear. Mary took the shaver first and placed it on my forehead. “here we go.”. and slid the machine backwards. Pieces of short hair fell on my cloak. Now I had a huge baldness in the middle of my head and it was getting bigger. I cried silently, but no one took care of me. My hair kept falling out of my head. After a while, I had only a stubble left in my head. then the hot foam spread all over my head. The razor appeared and slowly cleared all of your stubble. Mary shaved me smooth with a razor 3 times just to be sure. After wiping away any remaining foam with a towel, he asked, “How about some wax and oil for shine, Jack?” Jack’s eyes lit up and he accepted excitedly. My presence there no longer mattered. I was no different from a sofa or a chair. The hot wax spread over my head and then Mary started pulling the wax off my head. It left my head without any problems as there were no hairs left to catch. and I reached the pinnacle of my humiliation with oil on my head. I had a head that was so smooth and bright that it could be noticed from miles away. Jack asked Mary, “Can we have some of this oil to take home?” she asked. Mary “Of course I’ll bring some right away.” said. We left shortly after and visited a plastic surgeon. I thought about how he might want a change on me. I thought you loved me like this. Didn’t I already gain that much weight for him? What could he still want? Jack broke the silence and answered these questions in my head. “I want more than one operation for her but I know we can’t do them all at once. So we can start this long road with the operation I want most. I want Ellen’s butt to grow. I know it’s huge as it is, sometimes it’s a problem, but it’s not big enough for my taste. Any ass in the world right now isn’t big enough for my pleasure. So I want Ellen to have the biggest butt in the world.” What did Jack say was he crazy? Even before I got this fat, I couldn’t fit in my seat on the plane. The greatness he was talking about would destroy me. but there was no return. If Jack didn’t want me anymore, no one would. I was desperate. While I struggle with my own thoughts in shock, searching for a way out, Jack and Doc They were talking about pery surgery details. multiple surgeries, painful processes, long journeys, risks of surgery… a lot of words were going back and forth between them.

10 months later
This was my last surgery. Ihadn’t looked at my butt the first time. when ı saw it i had an estimation of its size from the change in weight and what jack had told me. but it would still be a great trauma to see. I turned to the door as Jack carried a large mirror with a nurse. My walking practice had begun. after putting the mirror in a suitable place. They helped me get up and I closed my eyes tightly. and I turned my back. I was right, it was a little bigger than I expected, but seeing such a mass on me was very ugly. Janck was staring at my butt with admiration. I thought it was something nasty. Who would do this to himself? i did it… i was seeing two pilates balls where my butt should be. I got better after a few weeks. I thought Jack would want to enlarge my breasts after my butt. I was not wrong in my guesses. The next stop was my breasts. But first Jack said he was going to give me a reward.” My love, it’s amazing that you’ve put up with this painful process. I want to give you an award for that. I see how long and troublesome it is to constantly shave your head and polish it, so I want to give you a PERMANENT solution. your date is ready so let’s go.” neither nor what … you were shocked by what was said. would I never see my long beautiful red hair again? after all this hard surgery would I also lose my hair forever. no no no no I shook my head violently at that. no need jack really no need i’m so great please maybe you want me to stretch it later again.”. jack replied. “ohhh honey, don’t worry. I am very sure of what I want. Do not think about me. I want you to be smooth forever.” And I felt the first pain in my ankles. Hours later, when it was my turn, I looked into Jack’s eyes for the last time. I begged silently. But Jack shook his head and my hell began. The pain was incomparable to any other area. Other than that, I don’t need to talk about my feelings again. Everything I was about to faint from the pain and sadness when it was over. Jack came up to me and stroked my still red head. His hand lingered over my tattoo that proved my slavery. He combed my eyebrows. The humiliation had become unbearable. Then Jack said something I hadn’t expected but I didn’t care anymore. does not fit. Can you please shave and get them permanently?” Then I was quickly deprived of my eyebrows. Finally, I knew it was my eyelashes. The woman who was the architect of my extinction spoke. “I want to make a suggestion. In general, those who come for a full treatment like you complain that there is no permanent solution for eyelashes. If you think about it, we have an all-natural oil that permanently sheds fine hair like eyelashes.” Jack’s face lit up. He definitely wanted to quickly agree. The last hairs on my body also left me with a simple swipe without difficulty. I was now just an endless sea of ​​skin divided by tattoos, piercings and cracks. . i was an ugly creature and i kept getting uglier. next stop was boobs. I won’t go into details, it was almost the same process I went through with my butt. jack wanted huge breasts again. my breasts had turned into pretty big watermelons. unlike my butt surgery, they had set up a special mechanism just for me. It was the only way to operate properly. Isn’t it very embarrassing? Why are nurses and doctors doing this? is he crazy I still remember them looking at me and giggling. The only person who didn’t find this ridiculous was Jack and I became even more needy of him. I couldn’t understand why there were prohibitions. For example, I couldn’t brush my teeth. I was still forced to use shampoo in the bathroom. (Of course it wasn’t on my mind) I guess most of the bans were to feed my scorn. But I still didn’t understand the toothbrush ban. If you thought I was done with fillings, you were wrong. It was my face. So I hoped it would be more merciful. But Jack’s fatty slave tattooed on the back of my head and never let me cover it Why would he have mercy on me. After a long time we went to see a doctor again. His name was Sina. He was a very kind man. He asked me what I wanted. But I was caught off guard and handed it back to Jack as soon as I picked up the ropes. “Jack will decide. I said. I could feel Jack laughing. Sina turned to Jack with the same courtesy. “What do you want from me?” he said. We want to enlarge Ellen’s lips. you are showing your body. her lips don’t show at all when everything is this big. I mean, I want his lips to be in proportion to his other limbs,” he said. Sina called me to the sofa to examine my lips. But I did not sit down knowing that I would not fit in the seat. I approached him, but I stood standing. He pulled my extremely large septum from above my lips and placed it on the tip of my nose. ahh God that was so embarrassing. Jack chuckled at the sight. Then Sinai spoke. “Yeah, I know what you want. sure we can. Shall we start now?” Jack nodded and Sina showed me the stretcher to lie down on. I lay down and a lot of needles were stuck in different parts of my lips. then it stopped. Sina “If you want to finish this job today, you can wait here for 2 or 3 hours, then I will do the second transaction and you can go.” said. Jack was pleased with this work, it was quite difficult to keep moving with me. We waited and Sinai only came after 4 hours. “Sorry I’m late, let’s get started” he said. The needles pierced my lips again. When Sinai was done, I saw my face, my god, it looked like a thousand bees had stung my lips. just right for my new life. I looked awful. Jack said, “it looks great Sinai but is it possible to be a little bigger?” While I prayed for her to reject Sinai “of course just how much bigger do you want it to be”. Jack “just needs to be 1/3 bigger than it is now.” Of course, I’m not surprised, Jack, if he had an insatiable hand, he would make my lips as much as his fists. We returned home after the procedure was completed. And Jack opened a new thread. “My love, we need to get those teeth treated now. They’re all rotten. We’re going to the dentist tomorrow. Just so you know.” He didn’t wait for an answer as he knew I was having trouble speaking through my swollen lips. I wonder if we go to the dentist because he understands that he is really going too far or because he wants to go further. The next day we went to the dreamer. I think Jack told me about it because there was a seat that I could fit in, which was different from other dental chairs. I sat happily. Jack “Ellen has cavities on almost all of her teeth. How can we go about treating it?” she asked. dr. Jackson examined my teeth very carefully and began to speak. “The teeth are badly damaged, I think the most logical option is to remove the teeth and insert new teeth. Jack smiled broadly. “Great idea dr. Jackson, can we get the teeth out today or can you put in new ones next week.” That’s when I realized he had everything planned. But before Jack’s rules, my teeth were already smooth and white. Why would he want such a thing? Of course he didn’t have a problem with the shape of my teeth. This time it would fail. No doctor would allow it. It’s unethical. While I was thinking about this, Dr Jackson spoke. but it will be difficult for you to come and go, considering your lips. so we can do your treatment as you say.” dr jackson turned to me and continued speaking. “it will be a more painful process for you but you will have saved yourself the trouble of coming and going.” . that wouldn’t happen, I couldn’t say ok to that either. i turned to jack and tried to talk but i was angry and I had never practiced with my new lips. I made muffled sounds that weren’t very understandable. I knew Jack understood me but Dr Jackson didn’t seem to understand. Jackson came up to me angrily. “My love, it’s for your own good. You know I love you.” He said. Now I realize that resistance won’t work. Dr Jackson started to do his job. My mouth went numb. I felt a pressure and now my slightly bruised but formerly shiny right front tooth was not in place. I was soon separated from all my teeth in tears. I came out ahead and saw Jack giving money to Dr. Jackson. Jack got what he wanted again. Still, when we got in the car, Jack was pretty pissed off. “Do you know what kind of situation you put me in there? You spoke as if I was torturing you. luckily dr. Jackson didn’t understand anything. This rebellion cannot go unpunished, my dear ellen. you should be punished. He took me to the tattoo shop as if he could give me a tattoo worse than losing my teeth, hair, and beauty. she whispered something in her ear quickly and after a long time I was under the tattoo gun again. Jackson said out loud so I could hear a collar around your neck would be great. I had a slave stamp on the back of my head so I thought a collar would be okay, but as the tattoo neared completion my fear grew. finally over. I had a wide pink collar with the words ‘lucky dog’ in bold and big letters on the front. That wasn’t the only tattoo I got that day. Jack’s portrait covered my back. obscene words took their place in the back of my head. ‘baldy girl’ was written where my hairline used to be, and ‘bad bitch’ was written straight where my eyebrows should have been. ‘fatty fatty’ was written in the middle of my navel. I had penises showing my nipples on my breasts. and worst of all i had a nazi crusader on my cheeks. I didn’t just get a tattoo there. I also bought new piercings and my nipples are decorated with rings as big as my nose ring. I got a lot of rings in my ears. Nails were attached to the corners of my non-existent eyebrows, piercings that made noise as they moved in the form of bells hanging down my belly button and vagina. While all this was going on, I was still crying at the Nazi crosses on my cheeks and with my toothless mouth and swollen lips, I begged Jack with incredible effort to save me from him. finally stopped me. “Do you want to get rid of them?” she asked. I strongly approve. “Even if it’s my way?” she asked. “I said with difficulty and lisp. “Yeah, I want to get rid of them no matter what.” He smiled he said okay I think I know a type of piercing that will cover it. You’re going to get a canal piercing. You’re going to get 4 canal piercings, five centimeters in size. Two on the earlobes and two on the cheeks. way. Do you accept it?” i froze. innocently “but then my mouth shows up.” I said. Jack “Yes, but that’s the only option I’m going to offer you.” said. I started crying more and accepted. The canal piercing was definitely worse than the nazi crucifix, but it felt like a crime against humanity to wear that tattoo when I had the conscientious choice. My cheeks were pierced, pulled and those holes were torn, enlarged, and rings were put on. I was done crying when it was all over. I felt conscientiously relieved, even though my toothless mouth was on display for everyone to see. A week after this event brings us to this day. how am i now I’m a freak and feel doomed to endless torture.

I know this story is very offensive but it’s just fiction. Sorry again for my lack of language. my native language contains a lot of conjunctions and prepositions so it is very difficult for me to connect sentences in English. My grammar is also quite lacking. Sorry for the things you don’t understand.

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