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hi, this is my first attempt at writing. english is not my first language so sorry for my mistakes. Let’s start the story.I’m Allen and I’ve turned into a freak. it all started four years ago i had just graduated from college i was young i was beautiful and i met jack he was heandsome and clever. we fell in love with each other. everything was like a fairy tale until our honeymoon. then he said the sentence that started each words:”Honey, you know I love you but don’t you think you’re too skinny? I think you should gain some weight for your health.”Since we met, I have always been the same weight and 1 kilo more than my ideal weight, so I was surprised. So I joked, “Okay, do you want to prepare my meal plan?” I said and he seriously agreed. I didn’t mind at first, but he started feeding me very sugary, fatty foods and I was not allowed to see my weight or look in the mirror. he bought me new clothes, ripped off the size tags. It was actually like a fun game. At the end of 6 months, my appetite had increased, I was eating all the time and now I was having trouble breathing while walking. (I know it’s ridiculous that I kept quiet about this for so long, but it’s impossible to refuse as Jack stares at you with his charming and mischievous smile.) After 6 months, he let me measure my weight and look in the mirror. I had turned into a small barrel. As a petite girl 155 cm tall, I weighed 90 kilograms. I knew I had gained weight, but I did not anticipate this much, I cried a lot that day. I asked my friends why they didn’t warn me. Jack had convinced them all that it was a fun idea. my life was ruined. but we were going to japan to present my project that i have been working on for months. I dedicated myself to this presentation, studied more and when everything was ready, I couldn’t fit in my seat on the plane and my biggest rival took my place on the plane to give the presentation. she earned all the accolades. A week later, as Jack played with my long, thick red hair, he said, “I want to make up for you. I’ve made a hairdresser appointment for you. How about changing your hair a bit?” he asked. I wholeheartedly wanted to say no, but I was very down and emotionally vulnerable to being violated, and Jack used that very effectively. took me to a hairdresser. He had agreed with the hairdresser before, of course, I was not aware of it. He said he wanted to surprise me. I confirmed too. so the mirror was turned off and the hairdresser started working on my hair. He collected my hair and cut it all from my hairline to my neck in an instant. I tried to get up. But Jack convinced me. I tried to relax but it was impossible. there was no hair left to cover my huge chubby neck. I heard a buzz as I was thinking with my big cheeks how scary hair like that would be. god no no no … that couldn’t be it. Seeing the worry on my face, Jack tried to persuade me by saying calm down darling it’s just to straighten your neck, but I was already frozen and I would soon realize that Jack was lying. the hairdresser pressed my head against my breasts and started to push the shaver against my occipital bone. I was dizzy, nauseous and something caught my eye. I wanted to scream, but what was the point? I felt numb… when the razor finally stopped, only small hairs remained on the back of my head all the way to my temples and occipital bone, and foam appeared. hairdresser “this is important for a cleaner result.” said. I just nodded in agreement. Jack looked very pleased. I shivered when the cold foam touched my skin. Jack started to chuckle, but it wasn’t long before he refocused when the razor appeared. The razor gently plucked the last hairs from my back and temples. Now it was time to get to the point. this was my childhood trauma i always hated the bowl cut but for some reason i felt like i was going to break up with one today. Jack didn’t surprise me, of course he had chosen a bowl. The hairdresser started to cut just below my new hairline. I couldn’t stand it any longer when I felt that my ears weren’t even covered. and I began to cry with muffled sobs. I was cutting not just a bowl but a pretty tiny bowl. When it came to my bangs, I felt that my bangs were cut at least 1 inch above my eyebrows. After the hairdresser smoothed out the rest of my hair with a comb, I thought my freckle was over and tried to get up. But Jack stopped me, “There’s more paint, my love.” said. It wasn’t really a problem anymore. I said ok and sat down and the smell of paint burned my nose. I thought I would have a different shade of red. Jack had always liked my red hair, but didn’t he like my long hair too? After waiting for a while, my hair was washed and something started to rub on my head for the second time. so I realized that my hair was actually bleached, not dyed. and finally my hair was washed and dried. I was allowed to look in the mirror. My hair was blonde. I looked like a chubby little German boy. Another crying session took place.Jack came up to me “You’re the love of my life, you know I love you so much but I love you more the way you are, will you change for me? Will you belong to me?” said. A smart person would run away from there, but I smiled and nodded. Jack looked at me and grinned mischievously. “Then we have one more date, my love.” said. I searched his eyes, trying to understand what he was saying. we got on the car. Jack just smiled along the way as I sat in the next seat, unaware of where we were going. finally he stopped in front of a tattoo studio. he gracefully opened my door and took my hand it made me feel more like a child. i had no tattoos i was so scared but i wanted to make jack happy i was wondering what kind of tattoo i would leave with on my white smooth skin. We walked in. Jack greeted the tattoo artist and without saying a word led me to the ward. The tattooist told me to lie on my stomach. I thought it would be a back tattoo but I was wrong I was getting three tattoos but none of them were on my back. the tattooist began to clean the back of my freshly shaved head with cotton wool. did I start with a head tattoo… a fear gripped my heart. Noticing my expression, Jack said, “Calm down, do you remember our deal you were going to be mine, right?” he asked. I nodded silently and the tattoo artist started his business, I guessed it was an article, but I couldn’t understand what it was. Eventually it was over and I was told to lower my pants before I was allowed to look at the tattoo. I hesitantly lowered my pants. this time, my hips started to be erased, and the tattooist, who was done with both cheeks, silenced the gun. Finally, I woke up with my eyes wet from the pain. I saw the back of my head first, it was horrible. It read “jack’s fatty slave.” I was shocked how could I explain this to my friends , my boss . I couldn’t even go out like this. I saw my hips before I could get over the initial shock. There were balls on both cheeks. it was scary Jack was grinning at me. I accepted this humiliation in front of the tattooist and other customers and quietly put on my pants but there was nothing I could do for my head. The tattooist directly asked Jack how he found it. Jack: “They’re beautiful. We’ll definitely be back. Do you do piercings here too?” he asked. I actually guessed that so I wasn’t surprised I just smiled in embarrassment. This situation pleased Jack very much. Meanwhile, we were directed to another room. A woman was waiting for us. Jack said he wanted me to get some piercings. The woman pointed to the chair and asked Jack seriously what she wanted. Jack whispered something in her ear. The woman grinned slyly. and he approached me and without saying a word stuck a needle right in the middle of my nose, after what seemed like an eternity, he managed to pass a huge septum through the hole he made. The huge ring stretched between my lips. I felt like a farm animal. it was embarrassing. Meanwhile, Jack’s phone rang. It was Tom. Jack’s best friend Tom. He urgently asked Jack for his car. Jack told where we were and that he could come and get the car if he wanted . God would see me like this , worse still, he would take the car, so everyone would see me on the way home. While I was wrestling with these thoughts, Jack woke me up from my dream. and asked me to take off my pants. I absentmindedly took off my pants. This time I was told to lie on my back and spread my legs. I did, and jack “I want a lock on your clitoris.” said. what was that too much. I thought about my whole state, even after all this, it was too much. The woman looked at me. I wanted to run away. but instead, a tear fell from my eye. I accepted. Three little padlock-shaped piercings were standing there, soon to be in my clitoris. I was thoroughly disinfected. and the first wave of pain came in the first piercing was in the socket then the second and third set in my clitoris looked like it was locked forever. We set off, I couldn’t walk, I looked like I was going to faint, but Jack didn’t want to take a taxi. it was as if he wanted to display his doll to everyone so we reached home after a long road. As soon as we walked through the door, Jack embraced me and took me to our bedroom. I passed out there. It was morning when I woke up. Jack was coming up to me with pancakes with lots of fat and sugar. apparently our eating pattern had become obsolete. (to be continued)Do not look for truth in this story. this is just an artifact of my imagination. Sorry again for my bad english. I hope you will like it. part 2 is coming soon.

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