You should try it babe!

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Today began as many weekends did since we moved in together.  My girlfriend of 3 years and I awoke around 8 am and had a light breakfast and coffee as we planned our day.  Today we really had no significant plans and decided to play it by ear.  We decided to start downtown having lunch at a cafe where we could dine outside.  It was early October and the weather was perfect.  This also allowed us the perfect venue for people watching which was one of our favorite pastimes.  We often liked to challenge each other to guess their occupation as they passed by.  Today began as any other until it took a bit of a turn.

Several business men, hairdressers, attorneys and school teachers had already passed.  Even a pilot and a .com entrepreneur were spotted today.  Things changed when a well built guy passed with his girlfriend.  He was about 6 foot and well built with a completely shaved head.  His wife was petite and sported a really short pixie that was faded tight on the back and sides.  “I bet he is a mechanic and I think she is a nurse.” I commented.  My wife nodded in agreement saying “They look really good together.  Her hair is smoking and I kinda dig his shaved head if I must say.”  This was unusual as my my wife rarely comments about personal appearances.  “Yeah, they do look good together.” I remarked as I went back to eating my lunch.

Moments later the couple walked by our table as the hostess sat them at the table next to us.  We exchanged glances as they sat.  My wife turned her attention back to me “You know, you could totally pull off a shaved head like his.”  Taken aback and surprised I looked his way, “Really, his head is shaved completely bald. I never really thought of going that extreme.”  I replied.  “I didn’t know you liked that kind of look?” I questioned.  Blushing, my wife replied, “I really didn’t either, but I have always preferred a man with short hair and noticed the Rock is really attractive with his shaved head.  That guy pulls is off well and so could you.  Just saying.”  I wasn’t sure how to reply but admitted “I actually thought of getting a buzzcut a while back now that my hair is obviously thinning.  I just hadn’t thought of going that short.”  I found my self gazing in the couples direction again when the guy said “Do I know you?”  Startled “Oh no, sorry to stare but my wife was telling me that I would look good with your haircut.  Sorry.”  “No problem.  It is the best thing I every did and my wife loves it too.  You should try it.  Hair grows back ya know.” He stated confidently.   His wife chimed in “She is right.  You would look great also.”  Sheepishly I replied “Thanks!”

We returned to our lunch.  “You should try it babe.  There is a barber right around the corner.  I could shop while you get your hair cut.” she suggested with a smile.  “I will think about it.” I replied.  “Please babe, just try it once?” she pleaded.  “Really?  I have never had hair that short.  It will be a shock on Monday in chemistry class when I see John!”  I exclaimed.  “I will think about it.”  We finished up and paid the check.  Leaving the restaurant Chris grabbed my hand and smiled, “Let’s go get your hair cut stud.”

We walked the short distance to the barber shop.  It was tidy with a striped pole out front and a large red, white and blue sign that said simply “Barber Shop.”  We entered the shop which was fortunately not to busy.  There were two attractive young female barbers at work.  One was finishing up what I thought of a as a buzzcut on a young boy as his mother looked on.  He didn’t look too excited.  The other barber was finishing an older gentleman with a business man’s cut. She looked our way “Welcome, you two have a seat.  I will be right with you.”  She finished the man’s cut and he paid.  “I will be right back.  Sit tight.” she said going to the back of the shop.  The other barber finished up the boy and his mother paid as they left.  The other barber returned “You both getting haircuts today?”  Chris laughed, “Nope just him.  I am going shopping for a bit.”  “Ok, have a seat in my chair.” she instructed.  My wife got up “Bye babe, don’t chicken out.” she said with a wink.  The barber obviously picked up on our conversation “Chicken out?  How short are we going today?”  My wife smiling “He wants his head shaved today.  I was kind of my idea though.” Chris admitted as she walked out.

She turned her attention to me as the other barber walked over to join in.  “So are we going all the way?” she asked.  The second barber joined “You should try it.  My husband started shaving his head due to balding and now I can’t and don’t want to even remember him with hair.”  The first barber spoke up clearly trying to give me an out “We could always just start with a buzzcut and go shorter later if you want?  I must say though, you could definitely pull it off.”  With a nervous lump in my throat and my heart racing “My girlfriend wants me to try it so I guess we should go all the way.”  “Good choice.  I love doing head shaves.” she said warmly laying her hand on my shoulder.

She caped me efficiently as the other barber looked on with a smile.  “You can use my Wahls to take him right down to the wood Cindly.  I will get the towel ready.”  “Sure, I have really wanted to give them a try.  Becca, you had them zero gapped , right?” Cindy questioned.  “Yes ma’am, they are tight! Becca replied with enthusiasm.  Cindy moved around my back as the door opened.  Chris walked back in grinning “Sorry, I had to see this!”  Cindy laughed “Have a seat girl.  This is gonna be a good show.  Head down please.” Cindy commanded as the clippers popped and hummed.  I made eye contact with Chris as I lowered my head.  Cindy passed the clippers up my nape and through my crown with zero hesitation.  I could feel the cold steel bare my scalp as she quickly removed the hair from the back of my head.  She changed course as she gently adjusted my head.  She placed the clippers on my forehead and passed them directly back in a very efficient manner.  Chris looked on smiling ear to ear as I was shorn in a matter of minutes.  My hair cascaded in clumps sliding down the cape.  “He looks awesome girl! Wait until you feel his smooth head.  You will love it!” Becca exclaimed.  “I know, right!” Chris agreed obviously excited.

“Well, there’s your noggin.” Cindy remarked handing me a mirror.  I was peeled.  My white scalp exposed and feeling cold.  “Let’s finish him up.” Cindy stated as Becca moved in with the towel.  “I am doing your razor shave it that is ok.  It is one of my things.  I shave my husband every other day so I am well practiced.” Becca said proudly.  The next 15 minutes were divine.  From the warm towel and cream to the precision of the blade removing the stubble from my scalp I was in a trance.  This was quickly broken by the application of astringent on my cool naked pate. The cape was removed and I stood walking over to Chris.  “This is what you wanted.  Do you like it.” I asked.  “Hell, yeah babe.” she stated as she reached up to caress my head. “Whoa, it does feel awesome.” as she exchanged a knowing glance with both barbers.  I turned to pay with Cindy and Becca both smiling.  “This one is on us. You two have fun and we will see you back later?”  “Definitely.” Chris enthusiastically replied.  “Let’s go get you some sunscreen babe!  I don’t want that bald head getting burned!”  She quipped.


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