Young Lady Short Haircut

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This is a story when I use to visit door to door for cutting.

It was a Monday afternoon, I found no customers. Suddenly one young lady responded positively as I knocked at her door, .

Opening the door she asked “Yes what do you want?”

“I am a barber, I also do cutting for ladies” I said

“What do you want from me?”-she asked

“If you want a haircut or brow shaping, I can do it for you “I said her

After thinking for 2-3 minutes, she said “Please come in”

She was looking a bit sad. But I must say that she was extremely sexy as her figure was much too attractive and she looks really pretty.

If I describe her it would be as follows:-

Height- 5’3″

Figure- Slim but not skinny

Complexion- Fair

Face – Small ovalish

Hair – Long till her waist, black, wavy.

Brows – Well shaped (I thought it was thicker than what she should have)

She took me to her balcony, as I was feeling a bit nervous because in her small flat only we two are there.

As she sat down in a stool.

I asked her “Should I only trim your hair?”

She closed her eyes once and opened them.

“How short you can cut it, so that my ears get exposed, my face gets exposed, my neck gets exposed?”

I got surprised.

“What do you mean? Your hair so pretty?”, I asked.

“What I said I mean it”, she said.

“Ok, as you wish “, I said her, as I take a scissor and a comb.

I started pulling the long strands and started snipping them till her chin length. I saw her eyes full of tears, she was biting her juicy lips.

As I finished cutting the length off, I wrapped her in a long white cape and sprayed water on her hair.

“Are you sure? You want it that short? I asked her softly.

“Yes I am”, she said closing her eyes.

I combed her hair left parted and bending her head I started cutting her hair, Sniiick sniiipppp,snippp,her left ear gets exposed. I go on cutting the hair dragging with comb, as I liked her face shape and size I made the sideburn extremely short and small with a ‘V’ shape. Folding her small ear I made the hairline behind her left ear. Slowly and surely I cut off her right side hair same way as her left side.

During the cut I noticed she was crying really like a child and was very helpless.

I bend her head forward, and started sniping the back hair really very short.

Suddenly she cried loudly as said “Please Please don’t make me look ugly”

“No mam I will not, and you have said me to cut your hair like this” I said her

I go on cutting her back hair till it becomes really short and flat on back. She was feeling very shy and I also noticed as short as her is getting her face is looking very cute. So I decided I’ll not keep her bangs long as well.

I sprayed more water on her top hair, and I started sniping them off keeping only 1.5inch. As hair falls to her face, the lady was feeling more self conscious.

I combed her bangs forward as I told her close her eyes.Snipppp snipppp snipppp snippp snippppp,and the bangs falls showing her half forehead.

“How I am looking?”, She said

“Stunning, like a young school girl”, I said her

“Nooooo”, she cried

I dab some water below her hairlines on back and sides and also below those small and cute sideburns. I take out my straight razor and folding her ears I shave all the fuzzes below the hairlines off.

I also shaved her neck as she cried more when she felt how high it is .I shaved her cheeks below her sideburns.

As I finish the haircut. I advised her to get her eyebrows shaped properly.

“Do you do brows? She asked me with choking voice.

“Yes I do”-I replied.

“Please do mine”-she said

I uncaped her and took her to bed room and laid her in the bed as suddenly she cried like a child as she felt her neck is clean shaved till her hairlines and her hair on back is extremely short.

“Close your eyes please”, I said her

She closed her eyes as I started trimming her brows and shaping them and I shaped the extra fuzzes below the thin sharp hairlines I made to her brows.

I shaved her facial hairs also .When she was laying on her bed I saw how sexy her breasts are. With her haircut so short and brows made so sharp and thin she looked more sharp and breasts got more exposed because she use to hide them keeping her long hairs forward over her breasts.

I took her near a mirror and I said look at you. She looked at her and felt really shy and embarrassed. She hold her so short haired head and started crying as she feels very shy.

“Why did you cut your hair so short? If you don’t like”, I asked her

“My mom wants me in short hair because she thinks long hair is not for students, and I have to obey her or she will shave my head”, when she was saying she was shivering ,her clothes got scattered as her breasts get a bit exposed.

I moved my fingers in her very short haired head, as she started feeling more shy. After I shampoo her I took my money and going away. The lady was sitting helpless in the sofa as her college friend came and she got surprised looking her.

She shouted in surprise “Ritika tummne apne bal itne chote chote kat liye? (Ritika you cut your hair so short?)”.I came to know her name was Ritika and I saw her fried rubbing her fingers in her very, very short haired back and shaved neck and also all over her head making very embarrassment more .I went away

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