You’re going to look like a boy

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“Susan! What happened?!”gasped Rebecca as her friend sat beside her at the table.
“I decided to become a tomboy”,the short-haired lass explained,”I had to shed that messy mop-top, do you like it?”
Susan ruffled her dirty blonde short style and smiled.
Rebecca’s face turned beet red,”No! You look like a man”.
“That’s the idea”,said Susan.
“What’s next, are you gonna date women now!”screamed Rebecca.
“Re, pipe down, you’re making a scene”,Susan tried to reason.
“No! It looks hideous, we can be friends once you stop looking like a lesbian”.
That last sentence drove Susan to tears.
“I’m not gay”
While Susan walked home, her hairdresser, Mia, saw her slightly crying.
“Hey, buddy, what’s wrong?”
“My friend hated my new look and she called me gay”
“That ain’t right. If you desire, I can teach her a lesson on tomboy society”
Susan thought a moment: this could work.
So, it was settled, Susan went and asked Rebecca to talk but the witch refused so plan b was enacted.
Rebecca was scheduled for a trim and she headed for the salon.
When she arrived, she was seated by her stylist. The stylist would “pretend” to take a phone call and that’s when the barberette and her associate entered.
“What are you two doing here?”
“Why, to cut your hair, my dear”
“My stylist will be back soon any minute and I don’t want you here when she does”
“Oh,Rebecca”,said Susan,”She agreed to help trap you”.
“I’m not trapped”,said Rebecca,”I’m leaving”.
She stood up to leave:
“Sit your tiny ass down or do I have to wrestle you to sit still”.
Rebecca was afraid of this burly man-girl so she slowly sat back down.
“Good girl”
Mia walked over and removed the salon cape.
“Too dainty, don’t you think?”
She opened her satchel and placed a roll of cloth on the table.
She retrieved a striped, barber’s cape and flung it on Rebecca.
Mia wrapped some cloth around her terrified client’s neck.
She pulled up the cape and secured the cape with its buttons.
“Much better”
“What are you going to do to me?”
“Let’s just say”,smirked Susan,”You’re going to look like a boy”.
Mia started by grabbing clippers,”So you think all tomboys are gay, don’t ya?”.
“Oh, no. That was just a joke”
Mia took up one of Rebecca’s locks,”You’re not going to like this part”.
Mia started clippering Rebecca’s hair down to chin level. Adjust chair, bzz, adjust chair, bzz: Rebecca started weeping for what caused her predicament: her ignorance.
“Please! Stop!”she pled but the barberette refused to slow her progress,”This is for your own good”.
When the clippers were flicked off, Rebecca couldn’t recognize herself: she had completely changed.
Susan twirled a short lock of black hair and snickered.
Mia started parting the crown from the sides,”Now, you’re really going to hate this part”.
Applying a guard to the clippers, she quite roughly tilted her client’s head down and placed a hand on the crown to prevent resistance.
Rebecca watched as her black tresses were buzzed down: seven years of growth wasted on her account.
When the clippers ceased, Rebecca’s head was lifted, her sides were now fuzzy and really short.
Mia unclipped the top and used a scissor-comb combo to trim the top and layer it.
She ruffled her new creation a few times, that’s when Rebecca realized she and Susan had the same cut.
“Now for the finishing touches. Stay real fucking still”.
Rebecca couldn’t help but shiver as a tiny clipper was turned on. Mia tilted her chin up and moved the clippers towards Rebecca’s brow.
Rebecca closed her eyes and Mia shaved a slit into Rebecca’s brow.
“Now, you look bi, how’d you like it?”
Rebecca tented her mouth with shock.
“What have you done!”
Mia untied the cape and cloth and left the two besties to their own devices.
Putting a hand on her shoulder, Susan tried to comfort her but was shooed away.
The next day, Rebecca apologized for her words against Susan and said Susan could be her friend again if she so desired.
Susan embraced her best friend and stroked her black locks.

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