Zoe, Alli, Lola, Maya and Frankie’s Sorority Haircuts

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*This is a Fanfiction Degrassi Story about 5 former-Degrassi students entering a Sorority for their Freshmen Year. No Copyrighting of Any Kind. I’m a fan and know quite a bit. *


Zoe, Lola and Frankie were just arriving to the city of Drummondville to find Drummondville’s All-Star University.

Lola got a call From Maya saying other girls from Degrassi would be there: Alli Bhandari, Fiona Coyne, Anya MacPherson, Becky Baker, Jacqueline “Jack” Jones, Clare Edwards and more.


They all had new looks for this year: Lola grew out her hair to her thighs and dyed a pink and purple ombre. Zoe also grew her hair out, but her hair was to her waist. Her hair was thick and wavy chestnut brown with golden highlights. Frankie had ass-length Auburn hair with blonde and copper highlights.


They were excited to see their friends again, and maybe make amends with some other girls.


After another 5 minutes of turns, they got onto All-Star U’s Campus, but a gate was blocking the entrance. The security guard came to apologize about the gate, sometimes it went on the fritz and was able to get it working again.

After going up a small incline, they arrived at the front of the school. They quickly got their bags and went into the Main Hall. They saw Alli and Maya talking to Claire.


They went up to them and surprised them. Alli’s hair was knee-length and raven colored, while Maya’s hair was thigh-length, curly dirty blonde hair with deep-blonde lowlights.


Claire asked how their summers were and everyone had a good time. Claire said she was a Sophomore and then took off her sunhat to surprised them with her hair: A Short Pixie Cut with Faded/Shaved Sides and Back. She went with explained that she went to a barbershop, suggested by Paige, Emma and Manny. Claire’s hair was done by a former military barber named Sgt. Cutter, who also did Holly J.’s hair. His associates Gino and Samson took Ellie and Ashley. Claire chuckled when she said Holly J. got a Military Flattop.

The ladies couldn’t believe that Claire had the guts to do that!

Claire also mentioned that Sgt. Cutter’s 24-year-old son, Danny, runs the barbershop on campus.


They hoped they could change the subject, but Claire already did. She said there’s a start-of -year party tonight and that they should come. Claire said some of the guys from Degrassi would be there.


They saw that the party had a sign-up sheet for freshmen to join their Sorority through an initiation sometime during the party. They were in and went to find their dorms. When they got inside their giant dorm room, there were 2 bunk beds and a single bed. They also had a coffee-machine, mini-fridge, microwave, a large bathroom with four sinks and toilets, and their own closets. Maya looked outside and saw the track-and-field course!


After getting settled in, it was about 4:30PM, they all started to put on clothes for the party. They all had short dresses that exposed their breasts and heels to make them took taller.


They got to the party around 5:30PM in the Junior’s Hall, where people were dancing, drinking, and making out. They all danced for a considerable amount of time until the head of the Sorority, which happened to be Imogen, made an announcement!


She was a bit drunk but was able to say that they would spin a wheel to decide what the initiation would be. Imogen asked for a volunteer and chose Fiona. Fiona spun the wheel and landed on a question mark. Imogen read the card and it said, “Ladies’ Haircuts and Head shaves”.


Lola and Zoe dropped their beer as Danny came into view. The five girls tried to run, but a large spotlight came on.


They weren’t the only ones to sign up. Fiona, Becky and Anya were a few more of many girls who signed up.


Danny asked for helpers to assist the ladies to the barbershop and told the ladies that three of them would end up bald. About 28 guys volunteered and took the 14 girls who signed into the Sorority, who surprising had much less resistance than they thought.

Danny’s barbershop was small. It had three chairs facing away from three small, rectangular mirrors.

Zoe, Fiona and Frankie were the first ladies in the chairs. They were concerned until Claire put on a barber’s jacket. They didn’t know that she worked here.


Fiona was caped first by Claire and had her ponytail sheared off. She then kept using the Scissor-Over-Comb technique until she created a “Rosemary’s Baby” Pixie Cut. She used a straight razor around her ears and neck. Claire turned her around and showed her the haircut. The guys started to cheer for her as she was uncapped.

Frankie was then caped by Claire. Claire had started shaving away at her right side quickly, spun the chair to get the left side and the back. She shortened and thinned out the hair up top, faded the sides and put wax in Frankie’s hair. Claire turned her around and Frankie screamed. She was uncapped, while guys called her a trooper and one even smacked her ass.

Zoe was caped and then Claire took her clippers and put on the #8 guard. She put the clippers in Zoe’s hair and started to quickly mow down the thick mane on her head. Within 2 minutes, Zoe had one inch of hair. Zoe’s neck and around her ears were cleaned up and was shown in the mirror. Her stubble was somewhat weird yet satisfying. After she was uncapped, she wiped away her tears and left with her head held high as college boys cheered her on.


Maya, Lola and Alli went in next and sat down.

Lola was first as Claire caped her and started with cutting the sides and back to shoulder-length. Claire then used a small set of clippers to even out the hair and brought it to just below Lola’s chin. Claire finally used her straight razor to clean up the neck and spun Lola around. She liked her hair and one of the guys, whose name was Travis asked her to come to his dorm as she was uncapped.

Maya had been caped by Claire and started shaving the sides to create Maya’s Mohawk. Her hair was raining down and became mixed colors along with the various girl’s hair from earlier. Claire then started to thin, shorten and layer the top and back of the unshaven portions of Maya’s hair. Maya’s dirty-blonde hair had been sprayed dark purple, then she had styling gel and quick-hardening hair wax put in her to shape the Mohawk. She was turned around and left the barbershop, while the guys nicknamed her “Amethyst: Teen Rockstar”.

Alli was then caped and Claire started to cut her long, dark tresses. Claire went all over her head and used the scissors to create something related to her culture. She cut and layered her hair multiple times, which created a Semi-Short Wavy Bob. Finally, Claire used a straight razor to fade and shave the back underneath the Bobbed Hair. She turned Alli around and Alli squealed. Her hair was very Flapper-like and hugged Claire for the haircut.


The rest of the girls went in as Danny got to work.


Alli found Zoe, Frankie, Fiona and Maya in their dorm room. Zoe and Maya looked in the mirror, thinking that they could get used to their new haircuts. Frankie was curled up into a ball, thinking emotionlessly, how she looked like a boy. Fiona was crying and drinking multiple cans of Budweiser beer.


Lola had just come in wearing her underwear and tights, while she held the rest of her clothes up against her naked torso. She had a hickey on her neck and her makeup was beyond smudged.


Maya asked where she went, and Lola told them everything.


After the party, the girls were accepted into Drummondville’s Sorority and Imogen apologized for the random initiation the night before. Most of them understood (and all would eventually) and they had an incredible four years in All-Star U.

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