Zoe gives in to her desire

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On a sunny afternoon Zoe comes down for a walk and some shopping. The walk is pleasant and as she walks in front of the shops she glances at the windows to be able to see her reflection and her gaze. Despite her well-groomed physique, her main feature is her very long blonde hair that goes beyond her butt and shines in the sunlight. She was walking on a street that she crosses only a few times when she noticed from afar a squabble between two women arguing in front of a shop and, intrigued, she decided to get closer to understand the reason for their quarrel. When she arrived near the women she discovered that she was in front of a barber shop and that one of the two, the owner, was railing against the other:
“You were the one who told me to go short so now don’t break up and leave!” the tone of her voice was severe and her height and strength intimidated Zoe who looked at her almost with fear.
“I only told you to cut it short, not that I wanted it that short,” the other woman replied as she pointed to her new pixie cut.
Other passers-by approached to witness the scene and after more jokes the barber concluded: “next time you’ll be more careful about how you express yourself and you should just thank me for fixing that disgusting hair you had on your head!” in doing so he invited the lady to leave.
The woman snorted and walked away and so did other people who were around. Zoe was shocked by what she had seen and was left thinking about the scene when the barber turned towards her and said: “And what are you still doing here!? Get away before I take you for that blonde hair you find and “Do a military cut!” At these words Zoe ran away like a hare and headed as far away as possible from that crazy woman.
That evening while she was in bed she thought back to the surreal scene she had witnessed and imagined the desperation of the poor woman who had entered the salon to receive a haircut and she had found herself with a completely different hairstyle from the one she had imagined. he wanted. Some shivers of fear ran down her spine at the thought of being in that lady’s place and she instinctively put a hand on the back of her neck to tighten her thick hair and calm down and so she fell asleep. That night she dreamed of her entrance into the salon where without saying a word she sat on the armchair in the center and waited for the arrival of her executioner. Zoe felt completely immobilized by fear while the barber took her long locks and with rapid cuts reduced them just stubble all over his head. Days passed and that dream repeated itself continuously and she noticed a strange excitement on her part every time she woke up after she had dreamed of losing her beloved long hair in that way.
One day I decided to go back to the front of the salon and spy on the barber while he was working and saw how he proceeded to buzz the head of a customer in the chair and he couldn’t take his eyes off her imagining what she would do if she came in and if she would really lose her hair. long locks just out of desire to get treatment from her.
Back home she spent hours brushing her hair and the image of herself reflected in the mirror gave her confidence and her hair was truly beautiful and well cared for and she loved taking care of it and she thought that this strange desire of hers would vanish in the next days. It had been several days since she had had that strange dream of her and so she was getting ready to leave the house and do other errands and for the occasion she had made a long braid that hung down to her butt. While walking through the streets of the city, she did not realize that she had arrived in front of the barber’s salon. Her heart was beating fast as she saw that the place was empty inside and she thought she was about to close but as she turned to leave she noticed that a strange flagrance was coming from inside and involuntarily she went through the door and left. found himself in the room. She couldn’t help but continue towards an armchair to see what hair products were on the counter and among other things she saw a pair of scissors that made her blood run cold and she took a step back to walk away when she saw the barber coming out. from the bathroom.
“Who are you? and what are you doing here without a date?” the barber’s decisive voice made Zoe tremble and she tried to look into her eyes but her fear prevented her from responding.
“Wait a minute, you’re that blonde who was standing in front of my shop a few weeks ago with that very long hair. I told you that if you didn’t leave I would cut it all off, what are you doing here!?”

Zoe just wanted to turn around and run as far away from her as possible but she felt paralyzed and couldn’t move.
“Okay, you asked for it” and in doing so the barber passed Zoe and locked the salon door.
“I don’t want any interruptions now!” she added as she approached Zoe and grabbing her by her braid dragged her towards an armchair and forcefully pushed her causing her to fall onto it.
Zoe was still unable to react because she knew that if she tried to resist she wouldn’t have an easy life and she hoped that all this was just one of her dreams.
“This is welcome to my salon, I’m Bonney and I hate girls who can’t make a decision like you!” in doing so Bonny picked up a pair of scissors but she didn’t go towards Zoe’s hair but positioned them towards the bottom of her dress and began to cut mercilessly.

Within seconds Zoe’s petite body was revealed and the blonde tried to cover herself but Bonney was quicker and also cut off Zoe’s undergarments revealing her bush between her legs and her small tits. Zoe was at the mercy of this crazy girl who forcefully grabbed her by the throat and pushed her against the armchair before looking her in the face and telling her “If you came all this way it’s because you wanted me and I know you’ll be good while I make you my little girl bitch right!?” Zoe nodded but she didn’t say a word.
Bonney then went behind Zoe and grabbed the long braid hanging behind her head

“I’ll give you one chance what cut do you want me to give you?” Bonney said as she tugged at the long braid and in her other hand brandished a pair of very sharp scissors.

“I love my braid and it is my pride. Please save it!” Zoe’s face begged for mercy

“Wrong answer!” were Bonney’s only words as she proceeded to place the scissors between the head and the elastic at the base of Zoe’s hair and without hesitation she began to cut


The noise of the scissors was terrible

“AAAAAAAAAH! STOP PLEASE” tears began to come out of her eyes and Zoe tried to move away but Bonney’s grip was solid and while she held her still on the armchair she continued to scissor her hair without any hesitation.

After about a minute her braid surrendered to her blades and Zoe found herself swooping forward with her head hanging forward and tears streaming further and further down her face.

“Now that’s a collector’s trophy,” Bonney laughed as she braided her short hair behind her and pretended it was hers.

Zoe was too shocked to look up and see the damage to her so she remained with her head bowed forward completely naked hoping it was just a nightmare.

“I told you not to move, now you will pay the consequences you slut” and so Bonney placed the braid and scissors on the counter and picked up an unguarded razor.

“Are you ready to go from a turnip to a bowling pin?” and without waiting for a response with one hand she held Zoe’s head down and with the other she positioned the razor in the center of her forehead and began to shave the middle part of her hair. A first path was forming right in the center of her head and Zoe wanted to make her stop but a strange sensation pervaded her body. It was a mixture of pleasure and helplessness that gave her a pleasure she had never felt before. She unconsciously reached between her legs and forced her fingers into her wet pussy. The more passes she received, the more she enjoyed it and just before Bonney had finished completely shaving her head with a very loud scream of pleasure she surrendered to the most beautiful orgasm she had ever felt before.

Bonney finally turned off the razor and laughing at her caressed Zoe’s bald head while she still had her eyes closed and relaxing in her chair.

“Hey, service is over,” Bonney said as he looked at his customer

Only then did Zoe open her eyes and see the scene that she never imagined she would see in her life. Her long blonde locks were gone and a very long braid was spread out in front of her and under her feet was a pile of blonde hair curled mercilessly.

“Can I ask you a question?” Zoe asked, finally looking Bonney in the face

“Tell me” a surprised Bonney watched her victim who now seemed more comfortable than her.
“Can I get a second shave?” Zoe’s words amazed Bonney that she didn’t understand about her until she Zoe, spreading her legs, pointed to her wet bush.
“Gladly,” Bonney laughed as she turned the razor back on and cleaned Zoe’s privates.

After a few minutes Bonney was finished and handed Zoe some sweatpants and a sweatshirt. “Use them to cover yourself before you leave and remember that you also have to pay me”
Zoe, after getting dressed, replied “Is an invitation to dinner okay too?”
Bonney smiled “Sure, let’s go!” and so the two girls went out and Zoe finally felt the cold air on her bald head and although she loved her long hair and couldn’t wait to have it back she thought that that experience was the best of her life.
After dinner the two girls went to Zoe where Bonney subdued the former blonde again and before leaving Bonney handed Zoe a transparent bag where her cut hair was inside, “a souvenir for you to remember my salon” and Zoe she picked them up but Bonney added “be careful, the next time I see you with a braid my scissors will be ready and will have no mercy” and Zoe replied “then I hope it grows back as quickly as possible” and they said goodbye with a last kiss.


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