Zoe loses her hair

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Zoe is a beautiful 23-year-old Swiss girl of 172 cm with light skin and eyes and very long straight blond hair that reaches her bottom. Zoe is a girl who works in the fashion field and got along well with all of her colleagues even though one of her, Sandra, was envious of her and her success. Sandra wanted to be the top model of the agency but she knew that all the spotlights were on Zoe and her charm and this bothered her a lot because despite having been doing this job for the longest time she could not overcome her rival for the leading role. Sandra unlike Zoe had black hair that reaches her chest and is not as beautiful as Zoe’s and she thought that it was Zoe’s blonde hair that made all this charm to her rival. She therefore decided to implement a plan to be able to take her hair even if it would not have been easy at all. At the end of the month there would have been the agency’s fashion show and after the team she often goes to party until late and she thought she would use this opportunity to make her the prey her own. The days went by and Sandra thought about how she would have done to be alone with Zoe and be able to implement her plan also because she shouldn’t have been discovered that it was her otherwise she would have been kicked out of the fashion house if she had done such a thing to a partner. The day before the fashion show Sandra passed in front of a place that had a disco and bar on the ground floor and several bedrooms on the upper floors that could be rented to allow guests to rest and decided that it was the perfect place to offer to her companions for tomorrow so as to exploit one of those rooms for his diabolical plan. The next day was Friday and before going to her show Sandra she stopped at a shop that sold hair equipment so she bought scissors and a razor for her purpose and then she went to work. The fashion show was a success and all the girls and the staff started celebrating in the dressing rooms of the fashion house and then Sandra proposed everyone to go to this place to continue the celebrations and she received support from everyone. Arrived at the club Sandra could not take her eyes off Zoe of her and her long blond hair that dangled behind her back. After several drinks, some decided to retire to the rooms of the facility while others went home and it was then that while Zoe wanted to leave, Sandra asked her to stay so as to keep her company and continue drinking together. The girls stayed at the table until 3 but while Zoe drank Sandra she just pretended because she had to be clear about her plan. The opportunity came when Zoe began to stagger from alcohol and it was then that Sandra understood that she had a clear path and to make the most of the situation. First she asked to Zoe if she could take her to her room and she accepted and when they were in Zoe’s room Sandra only pretended to leave but closed the bedroom door and hid under the bed while Zoe was in the bathroom. The alcohol was kicking in and she Zoe was so tired that she just took off her shoes and lay down on the bed before collapsing from exhaustion. It was then that Sandra came out from under the bed and realized that it was finally time to implement her plan and without wasting any more time she placed a chair in the center of the room and took Zoe off the bed to drag her and make her sit on the chair. Before continuing Sandra made sure that Zoe was completely sleepy so she didn’t risk being discovered and when she was sure she turned on the lights and took the bag to hunt her tools out of her. Before continuing Sandra she positioned the phone towards Zoe and began to record the scene so that she could watch it later in peace. Sandra at that point took a comb and began to brush Zoe’s thick hair starting from the center of the head to the end of the hair and the more she brushed the more she understood why everyone was fascinated by this beautiful hair. After several minutes spent brushing the hair, Sandra decided it was time to cut them but she wanted to keep them so that she could play with them as much as possible even later. First she gathered all of Zoe’s hair at the back of her neck and made her into a ponytail which she secured with an elastic and then she took the scissors she had hunted down earlier and placed the blades of the scissors just above the blonde’s elastic and close to the scalp and began to cut them. The she of her scissors filled the whole room and the thickness of her hair made the process very time consuming but Sandra didn’t mind that because she was enjoying every single stroke of the scissors and was glad the ponytail was so long. After the last “SHNCK” finally the ponytail was in Sandra’s hands while Zoe continued to sleep exhausted in the chair. Sandra couldn’t believe that she succeeded in carrying out her plan and she first placed her tail in her bag and then walked back over to Zoe to finish trimming her. Although she got what she wanted it wasn’t enough for her because she wanted Zoe to have short hair for a long time and so she decided to keep cutting some of the hair that was hanging from the sides of her before going in front of Zoe and giving her a bangs in the middle of the forehead. Once the cut was complete she decided she saw that Zoe looked gorgeous too with her short hair and bangs and she didn’t want to risk doing all of this for nothing and finishing the game with the finishing touches. She pulled out of her bag the clippers she had bought in the morning and after she turned them on she placed them in the center of Zoe’s forehead and began making strokes from the center of her head to the back of her neck. With each stroke, Zoe’s scalp grew whiter and smoother as Sandra’s enjoyment was at its height at seeing her hair, or lack thereof, on her rival’s head. After shaving Zoe and wiping the rest of her hair off the floor Sandra put Zoe back on the bed and grabbing her phone and equipment bag she left the facility and returned home. That night was unforgettable for Sandra thinking back to the haircut she had given Zoe and as she watched the video she had made she couldn’t help but play with the blonde ponytail she had cut. For Zoe waking up after drinking and partying wasn’t so nice because she was very tired and wanted to go to the bathroom to wash but when she saw in the mirror the condition of her head and the lack of her hair she couldn’t help but cry and despair . She tried hard to remember how it was possible that she had cut off all of her hair but she couldn’t remember it because the last thing she remembered was only her drinks the night before her. The following week no one in the fashion house could believe Zoe’s new hairstyle even though she received many compliments and even her boss said that she looked very good even without all that hair. Sandra when she saw her greeted and complimented her asking why this change of look and Zoe replied that she was in the mood for changes after the victory the week before the show. As she went away Sandra couldn’t help but notice that even without her hair Zoe was really beautiful and that that night will be forever unforgettable.

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  1. Interesting to read Italian on this site… The predecessor of this site had stories in different languages, this one up to now not.
    Well, to understand the story I copied and pasted it in my G-drive and translated it. Should have be done by yourself dear Blondie, as well as some editing. Then more people will know about the treacherous Sandra and pour Zoe. What I read, I liked.

    Maybe it is an error, due to the slowness of this site… ? Anyway, work to do!

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