All of It, Part 2

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Note: Men’s haircuts aren’t really my thing, but a comment on “All of It” requested a possible follow-up, so… I had some time to burn tonight and figured I’d give it a shot. I also tried to add enough sauce that people who aren’t into men’s cuts will have something to enjoy, too.



Lindsey made one of her usual noises, an endearing combination of squeak and moan as Chase nuzzled his lips against the inside of her thigh, kissing and licking her warm skin as his hands slid back and forth from mid-thigh to her hips and back again. Her hips struggled to wriggle under his attentions, but, with her legs hanging off the edge of the bed like they were, her feet couldn’t quite reach the floor well enough to give her the push they needed . Chase smiled up at her, watching as she played with her own nipples, her brow creased and her pouty lower lip the sole focus of her teeth and they bit down on it.

He grinned to himself, kneeling as he was at the altar of this simply gorgeous creature he’d won over. She noticed the time he took to do this, though, and her eyes opened, he head lifting so she could peer down at hims with those perfect blue eyes, brow knitted now in worry rather than desire. Her short, short, short blonde hair, shorn from a Rubenesque crowning glory of angelic waves just about a month ago and trimmed up twice since then, was mussed in an array of curls and cowlicks that brought his own excitement to his attention again.

“Something wrong?” she gasped.

He shook his head, leaning forward just enough to hiss her perfectly taut tummy and circle her adorable belly button with his tongue tip. “Just admiring the view.” He felt her shivers beneath him as his chest pressed against her sex, now covered in a fine fuzz rather than the tuft of blonde curls that had been there before.

Her hands pressed against his head, her fingers grasping fistfuls of his dark hair, and pushed him downward. “Show, don’t tell,” she insisted.

He obliged, kissing and licking at her beautiful, perfect pussy, tasting her heat as she let out a loud, long moan and shuddered a bit. Again and again she ran her fingers through his hair, gently guiding and caressing and, on some level, making him wonder whether it was too late to get a haircut before the holidays.

He pulled back from the girl writhing on the bed before him, knowing just what a tease he was being. “Have to finish work before we can play,” he said, though, for him at least, tening to her in this way was hardly work. Despite her disappointed, frustrated, and overly dramatic sigh and pleaing gaze, he reached for the can of shaving cream without breaking eye contact. His fingers fell on the clippers first, still a little warm from performing their duties, and then moved to the much cooler can and its accompanying razor.

As he coated his palm with a dollop of the scream and began to warm it in between hands, his own hair fell into his eyes. He soldiered on anyway, refusing to show how much it was kind of annoying him and instead focusing on Lindsey’s reaction as his hands played between her legs, carefully and exactingly coating the soft fuzz covering her sex and then, even more carefully, removing it with the razor. He fancied himself a surgeon of sorts, working on a patient who struggled not to move even as much as she wanted to moan and gasp every time she was touched.

That was a minor cruelty on his part, he knew – one of the most fun things about Lindsey was how she could get worked up into a crazy state, and just how single-minded she became until that state had been sated. He loved it about her – things never got boring because she so rarely said no, and, frankly, got even more creative than he did at times.

And he had this perfect little pixie all to himself.

She gave him a few moments of quiet to work, then softly said, “You look so goddamn hot with your hair in your eyes like that, and so cute with your tongue sticking out of the corner of your mouth as you work… I’m not sure which I like better.”

He grinned, setting aside the razor and slowly, meticulously wiping away the last of the shaving cream with a warm, soft cloth. He made sure his fingers had to slip inside her as he did – just to make sure the job was done right, of course, and reveled as her back arced against her mattress. Hopefully you’ll settle on the tongue,” he said as he leaned in close, “Because the hair is annoying as fuck.”

To strengthen his argument, he licked the outer edges of her smooth, naked pussy, his hands again resting on the outsides of her thighs.

“Well, there are ways to take care of that, you know,” she said, a teasing tone in her voice as she shifted her position a little. The hum of the clippers caught his notice and, as he paused with his tongue just about to push into her, he felt them press against his forehead.

His angelic pixie giggled devilishly, and he assumed there was a mischievous grin to accompany it al even though he couldn’t see her face. He hands slipped up from her thighs to her waist, with a quick movement he squeezed them, eliciting a loud peal of laughter as she jerked away, almost – almost – drowning out the loud *braaaaamp* that sounded just before a hank of dark hair fell between her legs.

She squirmed away a few inches, still giggling until she was sure the tickling stopped, and when she looked back at him she gasped, beautiful eyes wider than he’d ever seen them. “I—I—I–”

Chase stood to look in the mirror, his own dark eyes widening as he looked at his hair – a generous wealth of, in his opinion, really great hair he usually wore at a length that let Lindsey grip and tug it at will. Even now, after all of their play, it looked fantastic and kind of sexy all mussed and tossed – save, of course, for the two-inch wide strip that had been buzzed about two inched deep into his hairline, the 1/8th inch of hair that’d been left behind standing in stark contrast to the comparatively flowing locks around it.

“Oh…” he said. “Huh.”

Lindsey scrambled off the bed, hands clasped over her mouth – those same hands that just a few moments before had been playing through the same hair they just kind of destroyed. “I’m so sorry – I didn’t mean to – I wasn’t going to… I just didn’t expect you to…” Her eyes were glistening brighter than they had been at the end of the Mandalorian’s latest episode, and he had a feeling he wasn’t standing far from a full-on self-flagellating meltdown if he didn’t say something.

He smiled over his shoulder at her. “What? Were you jealous of me being the long-haired one of the couple?”

Her panic broke a little, but she was still frantic. “Audrey should be home in a few hours, maybe she can fix it…”

Chase looked back at his reflection and played with the surrounding hair. No matter how good of a hairstylist Lindsey’s roommate was… “Honey, there’s no fixing this.”

“I’m so sorry,” she whispered, chewing on a thumbnail as her clenched fists refused to leave the vicinity of her mouth.

“There’s nothing to be sorry about.” He looked at himself again. “Okay, I mean, maybe there is, but there’s nothing super serious to to be sorry about. You’ll just have to reassure your parents that I’m not a skinhead for a few months. Crewcuts are still a thing, right?”

“Not usually in December.”

His reflection raised an eyebrow at her.

“Sorry. Not helping, am I?”

He turned and pulled her close, kissing her deeply and passionately, letting his tongue tease hers as he grasped her ass and let her feel how not-angry or annoyed or upset he was. “You can start helping, if you’d be so kind, by getting the clippers.”

He pulled out the chair from her make-up table and spun it around, sitting down to face away from the mirror.

“You… you want me to do it?”

He nodded. “There’s not exactly a lot that can be done, so it’s just a matter of shaving the rest of it to match.”

“All of it?” she asked.


She chewed her bottom lip for a moment, hesitantly picking up the clippers and turning them on. She looked at him for a long moment, her expression changing from worried, to thoughtful, and then rather calculating, with one of her perfectly shaped eyebrows slowly rising in a high arc. It… did things for Chase.

“I’m somehow both worried and aroused right now,” he admitted.

She giggled, stepping forward and again chewing her bottom lip. Her steps weren’t normal steps, but rather those where the woman swings her feet side to side much more than necessary, creating that hip-pop effect that generally let’s everyone in the room know someone’s gonna to get fucked that night. “You know I love your hair,” she assured him, “But… you could wind up with a whole Brad Pitt, Fight Club kind of thing going on… minus the sociopathic tendencies.”

Somehow, Chase was able to take that as a compliment. “Let’s get started, then.”

She nodded, standing next to him with the humming clippers as she ran her free hand back through his hair, sweeping it away form his face. She turned and swayed a little bit as she was apparently considering a line of attack, and he was certain she was aware of just how prominently this placed her breasts in his peripheral vision.

“That’s just mean,” he told her.

She grinned, leaning down to kiss him softly. “You’re right. Should I stand in front of you?”

“I wouldn’t argue that.”

She did so, moving to stand in front of hims as she continued to assess the situation, cocking one hip to the side and holding the clippers to the other, giving him an unobstructed view of her slender curves and shaven sex. He couldn’t help the reaction he was having, and he had to fight against grabbing hold and pulling her down into his lap.

“No, this isn’t going to work,” she said. “Your legs are in the way.”

He started to part them so she could stand between, but she forced them closed again and moved forward herself, straddling his lap before plunking her ass down onto his thighs, bringing her face close to his and her sex so, so, so close without being close enough. “This is better,” she informed him, granting him a soft kiss as her fingers played through his hair at his nape.

“If it wouldn’t make me so jealous, I’d suggest you do this professionally.”

“I haven’t even started.”

“Nonetheless, I’m still ready to give you all the moneys.” His hands moved to her ass, trying to pull her forward, but she grinned teasingly as she fought against him, her thighs tightening to either side of him before she kissed him again.

“You have to be a good boy before you get your treat, baby.” Her hand lifted from his nape to his crown, sifting through his hair. A gentle pressure forced his head forward, and, under the guise of her getting a better look at the back of his head, Chase found himself nuzzling against the side of her throat. Itself hidden under a blanket of gorgeous long locks until recently, he relished how vulnerable it was in this moment, and just as the clippers made their first bite into the back of his hair, he seized Lindsey’s neck in a bite that was no more gentle than he knew she wanted it to be.

She squealed, chirping, “Naughty!” but doing nothing else to stop him as his grip on her tightened. Still, she fought his desire to hold her close, a mixture of a moan and a giggle escaping her lips.

Chase could feel the vibrations of the clippers against the back of his head. His hair hadn’t been especially long, but it was substantial – it was enough to require styling and care to look good, and he’d always been proud of it. Had a random stylist begun butchering it like Lindsey now was, there would have been hell to pay, perhaps even a fight to be had, but as it was, he just wanted to get her closer.

The lilac scent of her favored shampoo filled his senses as his teeth moved to her earlobe, and his heart raced as her fingers played through the crown of his hair even as her clippers stole away the rest. It was a weird sensation to feel his shorn hair brush so softly against his back as Lindsey squirmed in his lap, but it wasn’t awful. Again and again the clippers strode up the back of his head. Everything there was feeling lighter, cooler, even as everywhere else began to feel warmer, hotter.

Lindsey pulled him away from her neck long enough to kiss him again, her own tongue pushing hard into his mouth as the vibrations against his scalp stopped. Her hips slid forward, not enough for him but enough to tease the tip of his throbbing cock as she kissed him, her own warm, wet skin so delicately teasing his desire.

“You’re the devil,” he murmured against her lips.

She wiggled her eyebrows and kissed him again before passing the clippers from one hand to the other and attacking the other half of the backside of his head.

“Is this where I ask you whether you’ll still love me if I look terrible?”

She giggled. “If you want to be cliché about things, sure. Though, be warned – it was your confidence that first attracted me to you, not your hair.”

For emphasis, she brought the clippers around front, placed them in the middle of his forehead, and pushed them back down the center.

That broke him – or maybe it broke her – but either way, Chase finally overcame Lindsey’s resistance and pulled her against him, impaling her tight, wet pussy on his throbbing cock. She cried out, almost dropping the clippers, but answered with eager thrusts, seizing his lips with her own as she dragged the clippers this way and that across his head, clippering him blind and simply moving them wherever she found resistance of still-long hair.

Again, it was something that normally would have terrified Chase but whatever he didn’t give a fuck in the moment. With one hand on Lindsey’s ass he encouraged her to move faster and harder against him, while the other hand slipped up her neck, caressing and teasing the soft, clippered pelt of her own nape. Higher and higher that hand moved until it found enough hair to actually slide into, gripping it and tugging so Lindsey’s lips were torn away from his, letting him attack her beautiful, pale neck with nips and bites as she dropped the clippers and started crying out. Her clenching grip around him brought on his own orgasm, accompanied with long, loud moans muffled by her throat. Slowly her weight leaned into him until she lay fully against him, gasping for air in time with his own pants.

“Holy crap,” he sighed.


“So that’s a thing.”

“That’s a thing. Who knew?”

“So… uh… how’s it look?”

She pulled back and he could tell she was struggling not to laugh.

“However much confidence you think I have, words can still hurt,” he warned. “And so can laughter.”

She gave him a quick kiss. “I’m allowed to laugh at my own shitty work. Give me a minute. There’s a lot of cleaning up to do.”

The clean up, which involved more than just evening up the crewcut and a long, very hot shower, took more than a few minutes. But, in the end, Chase didn’t think anyone would be able to tell his new look was unplanned. Or given while being fucked. Or just after he shaved his gorgeous girlfriend.

“Audrey probably will be able to make it look better, if you want.”

He shrugged, running his hand up and down the back. “You’re the one who has to be seen with me in public, so you tell me if it’s needed.”

“That feels neat, doesn’t it?” she asked, running her hand up and down his nape and then over his crown.

He closed his eyes. “Not nearly as good as that.” His arm slinked around her waist and he pulled her close again. “There is so much less hair in this room than there was a few weeks ago.”

“For the better?”

He nodded, stroking her naked nape before kissing her again. “Definitely so.”


Feel free to let me know how you think I did. Hopefully it’s not too much of an embarrassment.

(I don’t promise to follow-up on all ideas provided in the comments, but occasionally they do provide inspiration.)


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