Austin’s Razor: The Trap

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This will be the final installment of Ellie and her time with Austin’s Razor, at least for now. If this is your first time reading my work, follow the link below to see how her story begins. If you like this, be sure to check out my other work as well!

Austin’s Razor: Ellie’s Awakening



Dancing to the thumping music in the club, AJ ran a hand through her long hair, sending the carefully styled loose curls cascading. It had just been colored, light blonde highlights making it pop in contrast to the natural chocolate brown color throughout the rest of it.

She had always been so proud of her long hair, carefully maintaining it, always making sure it was styled perfectly. She used expensive conditioners, hair masks, keratin treatments, and anything else she could to keep it strong and healthy. It now reached the small of her back after growing out from a moment of weakness during the academy when she had chopped it short to her collarbones.

Although that had made her time at Quantico simpler, she had regretted it almost immediately. Her hair had never been so short and she felt almost naked without her long locks. She had immediately begun growing her hair back out and it had taken nearly two years to reach this length.

Her long hair was what led her to this club in Austin, Texas. She was not there for fun, although she danced, drank, and flirted with men and women alike. She had a job. Undercover, and for the first time, her job was to be taken by the serial kidnapper and barber, known only as Austin’s Razor.

As a relatively junior agent with the FBI, she had been specially selected for this task. With her long hair, good looks, and skill in social settings, she had been the perfect choice for bait. Her talents with hand-to-hand combatives also helped as she would be on her own until after she had been taken into the van that all of the kidnapped victims had taken a ride in.

The Razor had been smart. He had somehow always sniffed out previous attempts at capture, always one step ahead of the local police. Somehow he always found victims at the clubs where the undercover officers were not. That was why the FBI had been brought in.

She now danced with a tall handsome college boy. He didn’t even seem old enough to be in the club but she didn’t care. Fake IDs and underage drinking was not her problem. She wanted to be seen, she wanted everybody to see her long hair and her perfect body.

Now on her third night in the club, she hoped it would be her last. She had been nervous the first night, ready the second, and now she was just bored. She hated drinking and hated the party scene so three nights in a row was enough. The first night, Austin’s Razor had also taken another victim which only added further insult to her lack of success.

The thumping music and flashing lights, combined with too much to drink, were distracting. This club was one of his favorites. It was busy, security was far too relaxed, and there were very few cameras. It would be up to her to identify everything from and her skimpy outfit did not allow for a camera or audio recording. Only a small tracking device clipped to her top which was barely more than a bra.

Suddenly, the handsome boy was replaced by a beautiful young woman, perhaps no older than 21. AJ was straight but, after as many drinks as she had consumed, this girl was tempting. Her hips moving, grinding against the agent’s, her long, coppery red hair hanging as long as AJ’s dark, highlighted hair. Her face was obscured by heavy makeup, colorful and ridiculous in all settings except for this club. Even AJ wore makeup that was similar.

Soon the girl was kissing her neck, her ear, her lips. AJ leaned in and kissed back. She knew that if she wanted attention, making out with the hottest girl on the dance floor would be the way to do it. Maybe tonight was her night and she would finally get to spring her trap. Waiting, staged in locations all throughout the city, were FBI agents, ready to pounce whenever she reached the lair of the kidnapper.

This would be her first big bust, one that would hopefully lead to future undercover assignments and the life of adventure she hoped to find during her career. When the woman led her into the back of the club, and out of the back entrance, she expected their encounter to continue. Instead she was met by a masked man and a needle. Then her world went black.


”Well done, slut, this one has good hair. Let’s go,” Razor said in his distorted voice.

”Yes, master. It’s getting harder to find prizes like this,” she said as they took their places in the van.

She removed her wig, her favorite made of the hair taken from her first victim. Her bare, smoothly shaved head glinted in the moonlit night before she pulled the ski mask over her head, hiding her already obscured identity as she took the steering wheel in her hands.

”But you continue to find them because you’re such a good little slut,” Razor said with pleasure.

Pulling out of the alley, she began her normal drive to their lair. That was, at least, until she heard Razor speak again. This time his distorted voice revealed only anger, pleasure gone entirely.

”You stupid bitch, this one has a tracker,” he growled.

”What?” Ellie asked as her heart began to pound. She was more afraid of her master’s disapproval than any other consequence that may come.

”In her top. We need to dump it. Stop for a second and then when you hear the van door close, take route Charlie back to the lair. How you handle this determines our future together,” he said hastily, a sense of urgency in his voice that she had never heard before.

“Yes master,” was her reply.

She stopped the van on the street corner. The door was opened and then closed quickly and she sped off, careful to drive relaxed and calmly. She also slipped her mask off and pulled a new, shoulder length blonde wig on. She also pulled on a gray hoodie. This had never happened before and she had never taken route Charlie, the emergency route, but she had memorized the path and understood what her role was in this situation. Driving one handed, she also used a makeup wipe to remove the makeup from her face, changing her appearance entirely from the one that their victim had seen.

She drove through part of the city she had only seen in the maps, driving cautiously, making sure to follow all traffic laws and attract no attention. Every car, especially black SUVs which Razor had told her undercover police preferred, made her heart race even faster but she stayed calm and followed the route that had been planned for her.

Finally she reached a familiar street, the one where their lair was located. She activated the garage door opener and pulled in quickly, closing it back before shutting off the van and getting out.

Razor wasted no time and was already opening the door as she stepped out of the van. He dragged the brunette out, her limp form providing no resistance.

”She’s FBI, I recognize the tracker,” Razor said.

How he knew she had no idea but she didn’t care. She trusted him.

”What do I do, sir?” she asked.

”She gets some special treatment and then we’ll drop her somewhere out of the city. Hopefully I dropped the tracker close enough that they don’t even know she has left the club,” Razor said.

”So can I watch then?” she asked, her raw sexual needs overshadowing her nerves.

”Of course you can. And enjoy it because after this, we’re finished. They got too close,” he said, dragging the limp woman into his chair.

”What?” The air left her body at the thought.

”It’s not your fault. We’ve gone on long enough. But I have a reward for you when we’re done. You’ve been a good little whore and you’ve earned it. So like I said, enjoy this,” he said, strapping the woman’s arms, legs, and chest into the seat.

Ellie gulped but did as he commanded. She took her seat in the shadows but was surprised to see that Razor did not wake the woman up. It made sense though, if anybody would remember or notice something that would lead to their capture, it would be this FBI agent.

Razor gathered the hair from the crown of the woman’s head up and tied it off. He then took his clippers and expertly shaved it off, buzzing it down to the stubble. Ellie was somewhat disappointed that the woman wasn’t awake and struggling. She always enjoyed that part. What she did enjoy was what Razor did next.

Instead of doing anything with the rest of the woman’s long dark, highlighted hair, he took his razor and shaving cream and began to shave the top of the woman’s head smooth. This was clearly part of the special treatment he had for her. He had only ever seen him do something like this when they got revenge on the woman who had first brought Ellie in as a victim.

Ellie began to slide her fingers inside herself, fondling her clit with her thumb as she watch her master scrape away the stubble on the top of the agent’s head. She was already so wet from the excitement, already so aroused and sensitive. She reached her climax within seconds as she silently gasped.

It was fortunate that she was quick because Razor was soon done with his task of shaving her. He then turned away and moved into the darkness before returning with something Ellie had never seen. He began to coat the crown of the woman’s head with a white paste-like substance in a thick coat. He then wiped his hands clean.

Next he took two vibrators and, after wiping them with alcohol wipes down to remove any fingerprints or traces of DNA, he put one deep inside her vagina and the other up her ass. He activated them and then used gloved hands to duct tape them into her body, attaching it to her bare skin. Even in her drugged state, the woman moaned in pleasure. He then gagged her with a dirty rag and taped it into her mouth, leaving her moaning. He removed her bonds and taped her hands behind her back.

”Alright, it’s time to go. Say goodbye to this place, you will never see it again,” he said.

Tears formed in her eyes as she nodded and looked around for one last time. She then took the legs of the woman and helped her master load the woman into the back of the van.

”Take us to drop sight Echo. Then I will take you somewhere special for your ultimate reward,” Razor ordered her, climbing into the back of the van and closing the door before she even had a chance to reply.

Ellie stepped into the driver’s seat of the van. It was still early in the night, perhaps just 1am. She opened the garage door and drove out of it for the last time. Closing the door behind her, she flipped on her headlights and started driving. Drop sight Echo was a location outside the city that she had never been to, but just like the route she took to get to the lair, she had memorized the location and how to get there.

As she drove she thought back through the months that she had been working with Razor. The fall semester had already started back up and he had hand selected her schedule of classes to make sure she had time for everything he wanted from her. She pulled her wig off and rubbed her bald head. It was starting to get stubbly, having been shaved almost 20 hours before. 5 o’clock shadow was something she was accustomed to by now. Hopefully she would at least get to keep her bald head that she had grown to love.

She couldn’t believe how far she had come. Her body was fit and toned, her mind was sharper, she was more focused. She felt so strong, so sexy, so intoxicating after seducing so many men and women. It was a wonder that she still had no STDs after having so many partners but Razor had made sure she always used protection. He wanted his bitch to be clean.

She pulled off on the country road and stopped in the empty field that was drop sight Echo. Putting the vehicle in park, she stepped out and helped unload their cargo. The white paste was still on the woman’s head and she could hear the soft buzzing of the vibrators and she moaned.

”The stuff on her head is hair removal cream. I’m leaving it on because this bitch deserves to suffer after trying to catch us. In the van, I’m driving. And strip everything off. I want you naked back there,” he said.

”Yes, master,” she replied as she climbed into the back of the van.

Sitting in the back fully nude, she waited the short drive in anticipation. Before long, Razor parked the van and opened the door.

”It is time for your reward. You will carry my child and then raise it,” he said, stepping into the van and removing his pants.

She gasped, the thought equally terrifying and exciting her. To get to be the mother of his child was such a high honor. But what would everybody think? She would need to drop out of school, get a job. Work hard and be a single mother. She knew Razor wouldn’t stick around and she was scared of being alone.

”Don’t worry, you will be taken care of. I will make sure you never want for money. And I will arrange your housing, childcare, and anything else you need. You will still receive orders from me and your hair will be mine to control. Cameras will be placed in your residence so I can still watch you,” he said, easing her onto her back on the cold floor of the van.

She gasped at the cold and nodded, “Yes sir, it would be an honor. I am yours to control. I want to feel you inside me. I have waited for so long.”

They fucked on the floor of the van, Razor shoving his massive cock inside her. As it went in and out, she came over and over again at the ecstasy. He ran his hands over her head but never kissed her. His mask stayed on as he still kept his identity hidden from her. She didn’t care, she loved every moment. Finally, Razor came inside her. He dumped a full load inside her and left her laying on her back to make sure she would be impregnated.

”I have been tracking your cycle. I know you are fertile right now. This should take but I will leave you with some of my seed, you should implant it every night for the rest of this week. Get dressed while I drive you home. This is goodbye,” he said coldly.

”Yes master, thank you,” she said eagerly.

She was ready for this new life, ready to raise the child that would soon be growing inside her, ready to live the way he ordered her to. She dressed, holding as much of his seed inside her as she could, desiring so deeply to be impregnated by this love making.

As she exited his van for the last time, he pulled off, not even giving her the chance to wave goodbye. She walked to her apartment, bringing her bag of belongings with her including the wigs and extra clothes she had worn, reminders of this last night. Walking inside her apartment, she went to lay down, hoping to dream of the man who had changed her world so deeply.


Eight months. Eight months had passed since she had been taken. Eight months since her life had been ruined.

She had woken up in a field next to a country road. Her clothes were gone and her hands were taped behind her back. She remembered two things, the immense pleasure as the vibrators worked inside her vagina and her ass and the burning pain on her scalp. Her hands were taped so securely that she couldn’t do anything about either. As soon as she had been strong enough to stand, she started walking along the road, sobbing through her gag and naked.

The sun peeked over the horizon as she was picked up by a county deputy. The bashful young man had cut the tape from her hands and allowed her to remove the vibrators from her body. He wrapped her in a blanket and used a towel to wipe the burning paste from her head. He hadn’t had the heart to tell her that the hair was gone. She had discovered that later, in the hospital.

The forensic investigators found nothing as they examined her naked body with cold hands and little remorse. She had been left with no clothes on as a doctor coldly told her that she likely hadn’t been penetrated by anything other than the vibrators. As an afterthought, he mentioned that it was unlikely that the hair on her crown would ever grow again as the follicles had been killed by the solution left on her scalp. It was only then that she realized her hair on her crown was gone.

She had sobbed for days, rubbing the smooth part of her scalp in her hotel room. Her boyfriend had shown up and immediately dumped her, saying he couldn’t date somebody “with hair like an old man.” He was right to leave her. She was hideous. Wearing a hat when she finally went out of her room for the first time, she walked to a store and purchased clippers and a razor. In her room, she sobbed again as she took the rest of her pride and joy away. Her whole head was now fully removed of the hair she had loved so deeply and now would never have again.

The doctors had been right. The only hair that grew on her head was the hair on the sides and nape of her head. She shaved daily to prevent the stubble from being seen by others around her office with the FBI. It was a daily reminder of her biggest failure.

Austin’s Razor had gone silent after her capture and release. The involvement of the FBI had scared him into hiding, meaning he would never be caught. His assistant had not been located yet, either. There had been no information about the red haired woman that had led her outside. But she would not give up. Her mission had not ended eight months before. She would hunt them both down and pay them back for what they did for her.


Eight months. Eight months of living this new life. Eight months of carrying what was sure to be the most perfect baby inside of her belly.

Razor had taken care of her, just like he promised. Every week, $5000 was deposited into her account. And with that was a new message of her orders for the week and a schedule that was laid out for. Razor had gotten her in with the best doctors, had private tutors to help her keep up with her studies, and had found her the best barber in the city to keep up the looks that he chose for her.

For the last three months, Razor had been growing her hair out. She had an appointment on this day, the eight month anniversary of the night he had gotten her pregnant. Her hair was in a cropped pixie and had been bleached blonde. She missed her bald head but as she checked her outfit in the mirror, rubbing her belly, she was happy with what she saw.

Gone was the Ellie of before, replaced by the woman that had been broken down and rebuilt by the father of the child inside her. And she was proud.

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  1. I’m back with another story and the final installment of Ellie and Razor’s story! Hopefully it was a good one, even if I think it may have been a little longer than what I normally write. Let me know what you think and if you’ll miss this pair! Maybe we’ll see them again one day 😉

  2. I know you said this was going to be then end for the razor but I think a sequel could wrap things up a bit better. I think it would be nice if AJ tracked down Ellie and Razor and got them arrested. Even though they didn’t kill anyone in my opinion they do deserve to go to prison for what they did. Kit would either get arrested and thrown in jail too or she would have to go into hiding. If you ask me the way AJ could track them would be with the help of another officer who becomes a love interest for her (they can be either male or female) after AJ and her now boyfriend/girlfriend capture them AJ would decide to adopt Ellie’s and Razor’s baby because she doesn’t like the idea of just leaving it. The story would end with AJ getting married to the love interest and later applying permanent hair removal cream to the rest her head because now she sees her baldness as a constant reminder to never give up and she’s now proud of it. But that’s just how I would have done it! If you want to do this I don’t mind! If you just want to leave it here I don’t mind either! I just think what I’ve presented would feel more like a proper ending is all.

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