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This is a continuation of “Jan Finds Her True Self”.  It is set in the 80’s at UMass, Amherst.  It was the era of big hair, drinking and smoking.  The drinking age had just changed to 21 but the dorms did not enforce it.  You could smoke or drink anywhere in the dorms but if you smoked pot you had to close your door.  While I am an anti-smoker particularly these days, it seemed that all the hottest girls had perms and smoked especially when they would drink alcohol.  I was attracted to their badass looks and attitudes.


Jan finds her true self – The Hair Story Network

Jan could not have imagined the excitement she caused with her transformation.  Only Tiff and Randy had seen her Friday transformation because she had spent the whole night in her room with Randy.

Tiffany had not gotten back to the room yet, so Jan took a shower at about 10 am.   Jan was careful not to get her hair wet as Amber said it would relax the perm.  She made her way back to the room without any of her floormates noticing her.  Tiff was in the room and said, “So tell me about how things went last night.” as she winked her eye.

“I will tell you while you help me fix my hair and makeup.” said Jan. “Essentially, I fuck his brains out so well he will be my bitch for at least the rest of the semester.”, she said with a smile.  Jan took some hair mousse and massaged it into her curls bringing them back to life.  She removed her makeup and then sat down while Tiffany did her casual makeup.  “I could use a smoke.”, said Tiff as she did Jan’s mascara.  “Me too!”, said Jan.  “Let me finish your makeup first Jan.”  Tiff finished Jan’s face and they each had a smoke as Jan slipped into some skin-tight jeans and a tight-fitting long sleeve shirt.

“Time to go to eat.”, Tiff declared.  They both walked out of the room into the hallway.  Other students had woken up and the dorm floor was alive with chatter.  Jan stuck her head into the next room and yelled, “Hey Suzy, want to grab breakfast?”  Suzy was a good friend of Jan’s that was also an engineering major.  “Oh my God!”, Suzy screamed, “What did you do to your hair?  You look amazing.”  “Hey, everybody, look at Jan!”, Suzy yelled down the hall.  Soon Jan was surrounded be people all “ohhing” and “ahhing” over her.  Jan could not believe the attention from girls and guys alike.  Jan told everyone it was Tiffany’s inspiration.  Tiffany stood smiling like a proud mother.

Suzy joined Jan and Tiff for breakfast.  “Did they perm and highlight it?  You look so different”, questioned Suzy.  “Yeah, she was able to do both in one session this time but next time they will do just one or the other per session.”, Jan explained.  After grabbing their trays and getting food at the dining hall they sat down in the smoking section.  Suzy was okay sitting in the smoking section because her roommate Lynn smoked and she knew Tiffany smoked.  After Jan finished eating, she took out a cigarette, lit it, and took a long inhale before blowing the smoke in a sexy stream overhead.  “You started smoking too?”, asked Suzy.  “I taught her.” piped in Tiff, “Doesn’t she look sexy?”  “She looks amazing.”, said Suzy, “I wish I had the guts to make changes like that.”  “”You mean like my hair or the smoking?” Jan asked.  “Definitely the hair, I don’t know about the smoking.”, said Suzy, “Both my parents smoke so I don’t mind the smell, but I just don’t know if my mom would approve of me smoking too.  I tried it a couple of times and my throat felt hot and raw.”  “Your body has changed so much too, you are both so muscular and lean.”, Suzy sighed.  Suzy was about 5’3″ and weighed a chubby 150 pounds.  Her curly brown hair was down to her shoulders.   “Well,” said Tiff, “We can help you with your diet and exercise first.  From there we can figure out your hair.  Don’t worry about the smoking right now.”

Jan and Tiff started Suzy on their high protein diet and started taking her to the gym.  Suzy lost 10 pounds in the first 3 weeks but hit a plateau at that point.  She started getting cravings for sugar again and found herself cheating a little.  This really stressed her out and this only wanted to make her eat more sweets.  The next time Suzy talked to her mom she mentioned this to her. Her mom was always able to keep her figure slim.   Suzy’s mom said, “Honey, I ran into the same issue in college as well.  No matter what I did I could not keep my weight down.  The stress of college was very high; I was having a hard time controlling it.”, Suzy’s mom explained.  “What did you do Mom?”  “Well, what I did Suzy was start smoking.  It really helped my stress levels and controlled my appetite.”  “Are you saying that I should start smoking?’, Suzy asked.  After a long pause, her mom said, “Your Dad and I would be fine with it.  We always wondered when you might start smoking and we have enough of ashtrays in our house for another smoker.”   “Thanks Mom, I really appreciate your advice. Love you.”, Suzy said as she hung up the phone just as Jan walked in.

“I think it is time we took you to see Amber for your hair.  She does our hair and is a genius.”, said Jan.  “Hey, what’s up?  You look a little puzzled?”  “My mom thinks I should start smoking.  She said it would relax me and help me lose weight.”, Suzy said, “I am so shocked.”  “Wow, that is great news Suzy.  She is right.  It has helped me a lot and it will help you too.  I made you an appointment with Amber in 2 hours.  Let’s walk to the dining hall store to get you some cigarettes and a lighter.  We can come back to our room and get you started smoking while looking at some hairstyle books Tiff and I have.  This is going to be so much fun.”  “I am not sure I want to start right now Jan. I hate that burning in my throat.”, Suzy whined.  “Tiff already has the solution for you Suzy.  You just need to trust us.  Once you have smoked for a week you will wonder why you didn’t start years ago.  The guys find it so sexy!”

Tiff, Jan and Suzy walked over to the campus store.  Once there, Tiffany picked out a pink Bic lighter and asked the clerk for Marlboro Light Menthol 100’s.  Jan told Suzy that the first pack was one her as she paid for it.  After they got back to their room, Tiff and Jan both lit up cigarettes.  They opened up the new pack of Menthols and handed one to Suzy.  “I want you to watch us handle our cigarettes and just copy what we do.”, said Tiffany.  Jan and Tiff switched their cigarettes from hand to hand.  They demonstrated the holding of the cigarette with the wrist extended at all times and how to blow the smoke upwards with pursed lips.  They demonstrated how to flick the ash off the end of the cigarette.  Suzy copied all of this with an unlit cigarette.   After Jan and Tiff finished their cigarettes, Tiff said to Suzy, “Okay, now it is time to light yours.  Just inhale very lightly at first just taking it into your mouth and throat.  Try not to overdo it.  Hold the smoke in you for a couple of seconds and then blow it straight up in the air.”  Suzy held the Marlboro up to her lips as Jan lit the cigarette.  Suzy inhaled lightly taking the smoke into her mouth and then blowing it out.   She repeated this each time taking a little deeper inhale.  “I can feel it down my throat but it doesn’t burn.  It tastes pretty good too.”, Suzy said excitedly.  After she finished her cigarette, she put it out in the ashtray.  “So… what do you think?”, asked Jan.  “I loved it.  I can’t wait to try inhaling deeper.”, Suzy yelled.  “I get that you’re excited to smoke more but you need to limit how many you smoke at first or you will get a bad headache and be nauseous.  You can have another one in 30 minutes.”, said Tiff, “Let’s look at some hairstyles for you.”

“You have natural curl but your color is way too mousy.  I think some blonde highlights would work great.  I am also thinking of something much shorter and asymmetrical.”, Tiffany said, “How about something like this?”  The picture showed a girl with swept blonde bangs.  The right ear was fully exposed and the right side of her temple was shaved as was her nape.  The left ear was covered fully and the hair was heavily frosted.  “I don’t know if that is too extreme.”, said Suzy, “It does look so sexy though.  Let’s see what Amber says.”  “I agree.” said Jan, “She will know what looks best.  Let’s have a cigarette.”  Suzy inhaled a little deeper this time and could feel the nicotine buzz and told the two girls who giggled as they knew the feeling also.  She managed not to cough as she started to get the smoke deeper in her lungs.  She tilted up her head and blew a perfect stream up into the air.  “I think we have a natural here Tiff.”, quipped Jan, “Time to go see Amber.”

Before they left the dorm, Suzy had to show her roommate Lynn that she started smoking.  Lynn was a thin, tall girl with dirty blonde hair that went down to her shoulder blades.  “That is awesome, I hoped I would get a smoker for a roommate and now I have one.  How do you like it?”, asked Lynn.  “I really like it Lynn, the menthol really makes it less irritating to my throat.  The buzz is pretty cool too.”  “I am heading out to get a new hairstyle with Tiff and Jan’s hairdresser.  Do you want to come with us?’, asked Suzy.  “Funny you asked Suzy, but I wanted to talk to their hairdresser about my hair.” “Jan has inspired many of us on the floor to go with shorter hairstyles and perms.  Even some of the guys are going to get perms.”  “Evan is actually there now to get his hair permed.”  Evan was a guy that Suzy found really cute.

As they walked to “Short Cuts” salon Suzy told her roommate about what she was thinking of having done and how nervous she was to do it. “I think Evan is really cute.”, Suzy told all the girls, “I don’t want to look like a dork getting my hair colored in front of him.”  Tiffany responded, “Well, he is going to be sitting there with perm rods in his hair.  In comparison to him, you will be look as cool as an ice cube.”  When they got to the salon, Amber was just finishing up with someone.  Evan was with another stylist next to Amber’s chair; half his head was rolled in pink and blue perm rods.  Never the shy one, Tiffany yelled over to him.  His face lost all its color when he saw the 4 girls in the salon.  Amber finished up and called Suzy over to her chair along with her entourage.   As she sat down, Suzy summoned the courage to say, “I think you look really cute with curlers in your hair.  It takes a lot of confidence for a guy to get a perm so I am pretty impressed.  I love guys with curly hair.”  Evan smiled sheepishly.

“So…what are we doing today girls?”, asked Amber.  Tiff chimed in, “Suzy wanted something like this.”, she said as she showed Amber the picture of the asymmetrical cut.  “Suzy, you are going to look super cute with this haircut but you are going to lose a lot of length.  Your natural curl will allow you to wear it either curly or straight in this picture.”  Suzy nodded.  She pulled Suzy’s hair into a ponytail and secured it with a band. “Ready?” Amber asked.  Suzy again nodded.  Within 30 seconds Suzy had lost half her hair.  Amber pinned up the rest of Suzy’s hair and got out her clippers with a number 3 guard.  She worked them up her neck to Suzy’s occipital bone and around her right ear.  Then switching to a #2 guard she repeated the process.  Suzy’s hair was misted wet and Amber quickly went to work removing the bulk from the left side of her head.  The left side was cut to about lip length and the cut angled left to right; Suzy’s right ear was fully exposed.  Amber used clipper over comb to blend the top and the bottom of the cut.  Amber turned Suzy away from the mirror while she blow dried her hair and swept it right to left with feathery bangs.  “Time for some highlights.”, Amber chirped.  While Amber placed a highlighting cap over Suzy’s head, Evan’s stylist was covering his perm rods with a plastic cap for processing.  “Looking good Evan!”, shouted Tiffany.  Evan blushed.  “Don’t pay any attention to her Evan.”, whispered Suzy, ” I think you look adorable.”  Evan managed a little smile as he was led to the dryers to process.

“I am not going to do a lot of highlights but I am going to make them super light blonde.” said Amber as she pulled tufts of hair through the cap.  An assistant brought Amber the mixed bleach which she applied to Suzy’s hair and then covered it with a plastic cap.  “I am going to let this process at room temperature for 15 minutes but might put you under the dryer if we need more lift.  Jan and Tiff said you just started smoking.  Do you need an ashtray?”  “We have that covered.”, said Jan as she and the other girls brought over an ashtray.  Each girl including Suzy lit up.  Suzy was careful not to inhale too deeply so as not to cough and look stupid.  Looking in the mirror she noticed Evan staring at her intently.  She smiled at him and waved as she blew a thin stream of smoke into the air.  He waved and smiled back at her.  She noticed how intently he stared at her every time she took a drag.  Amber checked Suzy’s color and moved her under the dryer for another 10-15 minutes.

While Suzy processed Amber consulted with Suzy’s roommate Lynn about a new look.  They agreed on a permed bob with a shaved nape.  Amber booked Lynn for the following week and Lynn headed back to campus to get some studying done.  In the meantime, Evan was getting his perm solution rinsed off at the sink.  Amber checked Suzy’s color again and declared it was done; she brought Suzy over to the sink next to Evan.  As Evan had his perm rods blotted dry Suzy’s bleach was rinsed from her hair.  Toner was applied to Suzy’s hair and Evan’s perm was neutralized.  “Are you excited to see your new look?’, Suzy asked Evan.  “Nervous and excited”, said Evan, “How about you?”   “Same.”, said Suzy.  “I bet you are going to look great.  I love a girl with an edge to her.  I didn’t know you smoked?”.  “I just started Evan.”   “Well you really hot doing it Suzy.”  Suzy blushed and could feel her panties getting wet.  Amber rinsed the toner out of Suzy’s hair and pulled the cap off and washed her hair.  As Evan had his perm rods removed Suzy was led back to Amber’s chair.  The chair was turned around so she could not see herself.  Amber blew her hair dry and used mousse to get the style she was looking for.  She took the shaping trimmers and cleaned up Suzy’s neck and trimmed around her ear.  A quick shot of hairspray and she was done.

“Ready for the big reveal?”, asked Amber.  “Yes”, Suzy yelled as Amber swung her around to face the mirror.  “Holy shit!  Is that me?”, she said putting her hand to her mouth.  “Oh my God, you look hot!” said Jan.  Tiff was clapping.  The blonde was perfectly placed and accented her bangs beautifully.  Her cute right ear was exposed.  As Amber held the mirror behind her Suzy could see the shaved nape; she reached her hand up and rubbed it.  “It feels so good.”, she said.

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Suzy lit another cigarette while continuing to stare in the mirror wondering who was staring back at her.  Tiffany and Jan were rubbing her nape and telling her how good she looked.  As she took her first ever full inhale of a cigarette, she heard a voice behind her say, “You look so incredible.”   It was Evan.  His hair was super curly with just a slight taper shaved short in the back.  Suzy almost had an orgasm right then and there.  Thanks…ahh…you…ahh”, Suzy took another deep drag to calm her nerves and said, “You look amazing Evan.”  “Thanks, she styled it in the back of the salon so you could not see it until it was done.  It means a lot to me that you like it.  I always had a crush on you.”, Evan said quietly.  “I always liked you too.”, Suzy said.

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“Okay you two, I am getting disgusted with this high school puppy love shit!”, shouted Tiff, “Do you want me to puke?  You two need to pay for your hair and get the fuck out of here.  I don’t want to see any PDA’s.”, Tiffany laughed.  Jan said, “Evan, Suzy you both look great.  Suzy, take him back to the dorms and fuck his brains out already.  Now just get going!”.  Jan and Tiff high fived each other.

To be continued…


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