Lindsay Gives In: The Roommate

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The scent of basil swirled with garlic, and onions, pulling Lindsay by her nose into her cool
apartment. “Mmm, that smells fantastic!”

She placed her car’s dongle on it’s hook then knelt, in her pink scrubs, to pick up Daisy for
her late afternoon loving.

A ball of cookie dough rolled between Nicole’s palms. Her chocolate hair was twisted up, and
secured with a large claw clip. Tilting her head up to great Lindsay she dropped her dough ball.
“The lasagna should be out in – HOLY HANNAH!” Nearly tripping over Daisy she stumbled around the
kitchen table. “It’s so, so…”

Flour white hands brushed along Lindsay’s cheeks, as if to check that her hair had indeed
been cut. “Short?” She quite enjoyed her roommates shock.

“Cute!” Nicole wiped her dusty hands against her apron. “And it’s shaved in the back,” her hand
pet the roughness on Lindsay’s neck. “What made you do it?”

“Oh, you know, just that feeling you get when you need a change,” Lindsay giggled thinking of
the previous night. “Daisy, and Michelle helped me decide on the cut. You’d be surprised how
good this little one is with hair,” with a kiss on Daisy’s head she placed her on the floor.

Nicole picked up her dropped dough ball, and tossed it in the waste bin hidden in a lower cabinet.
“How did the girls at work take it?”

Stretching her neck with her feet up on the coffee table Lindsay turned on her Switch to play
some Zelda. “Britney loved it. Said she wished she had the balls to do it herself. Most of the
others said nice things too.”

“Oh, who was the hold out? No no, I know… it was Sam!” Nicole removed the lasagna from the oven
then place it on the stove. “She’s been growing her hair for a while now, right? Giving you all
those tips?”

Lindsay continued her save file, continuing her quest to fully complete the game. “She’d be the
one. You’d think I committed multiple acts of murder or something. She even offered me pills to
grow it out faster.”

“I think I’m with Britney on this. I mean, you do look great, and it did take A LOT of balls,”
Nicole shut the oven, and started the timer for the cookies. “More than I’ve got, that’s for sure,”
she took off her apron then sat next to Lindsay. Her claw clip clacked against the coffee table.
With a slight shake of her head chocolate locks cascade down her back in a waterfall that would
have made Willy Wonka blush.



Lindsay stared across a two lane street at a girl with hair halfway down her back getting a trim.

“One chicken sandwich for our local birdwatcher,” sliding the plate on to the table Michelle snuck
a peek out the window. “Looking like that bird’s not doing much, aye?”

Lindsay grinned at her new bird watching confidant. “Yep, this one hasn’t moved, but a couple of
inches,” she pushed her hair back behind her ear, then remembered it didn’t quite go that far anymore.
“Did I tell you Nicole showed interest in cutting her hair?”

Michelle turned her head on a swivel looking towards her other tables. “No… no you did not. Thinking
about getting a little fun out of it for yourself, are you?” She gave a look that hinted she would
possibly be up for some shenanigans.

“She said I had A LOT of balls,” Lindsay used her hair recall, which was always better than trying to
remember an event that didn’t involve hair. “Made about a dozen glowing comments about my bob before

Michelle’s eyes moved, betraying the machinations of her mind. “It would be wrong to make her do something
she didn’t want to do…” she took a french fry off Lindsay’s plate. “But, if she decided to do it herself,
maybe with a little guidance, that wouldn’t be bad…”

“Oh… like you did with me?” Lindsay took a bite of her sandwich.

“Hey!” Michelle admired her work. “You didn’t say no, now did you?”

Lindsay swallowed, “You made a good argument,” she took another bite, and checked if the occupant of the
salon chair had changed.

Michelle stole another fry. “Why, thank you! And what arguments do you have for Nicole?” She double-checked
her tables.

“It’s hot, umm… Short hair is so much easier. Maybe I convince her she’d look even better in a pixie?”
Lindsay swirled her fry in ketchup.

“Pixie? Shooting for the moon, I see,” Michelle stole one last fry before turning to leave. “Those arguments
would be better coming from her boyfriend, by the way.”




Lindsay placed a messy foot long bundle of light brown back in her shoe box. “We’re up to five Daisy,” she
pushed the shoe box into it’s spot. Daisy purred against her ankle. “You’re right. Maybe six in a little while,”
wearing a tight pink t-shirt, and short shorts Lindsay took a deep breath, opened her door, and walked into
the living room. “You make this place smell like heaven. How did I make it two weeks alone?”

“It’s just chicken for the salad. Thought we could do with something light tonight. Weather man says low of 76.”
Nicole flipped a half-cooked chicken breast. “I got some hard iced tea while I was out. Feel free to partake.”

Lindsay opened the fridge door, and took out an iced tea. With a twist the cap came off. “This heat wave makes
me glad I don’t have long hair anymore,” she hoped she wasn’t being to straight forward. “Not that a week of
this weather is worth losing that head of hair,” she took a long sip to quiet her rambling mouth.

“Don’t think I have thought about following you lead the past few days,” Nicole turned the burner off. “Mind
turning the AC up a bit?”

Daisy sat at the door, patiently waiting. To her delight the knob turned.

“Oh, thank god,” Michelle shut the door behind her as quick as she could. “It’s brutal outside. Can you believe
there’s five more days of this?”

“Ice tea in the fridge.” Nicole tossed the salad in a large bowl. “Did you see Rob out there? I remember telling
him seven.”

“He’s probably debating if he should stay in his car.” Michelle let the fridge cool her face.

Nicole’s phone vibrated next to Daisy’s bowls. “Speak of the devil,” she stuck a wooden spoon, and fork into the
salad bowl. “He says he had to stop off for a quick errand. Should be here any minute,” she placed the phone down
then opened a cabinet full of plates.

“Hey, Michelle. I was thinking about getting a bit of an undercut to help with the heat. Are you up for it after
dinner?” Lindsay sat on the couch, bringing her hand up the back of her neck deciding if something more drastic
was needed.

“Sure, as long as Nicole here isn’t against us using the kitchen as a salon, again.” Michelle put her feat up
next to Lindsay.

“Nope, might even ask you for a trim, myself.” Nicole placed four plates around the table. “Where did you learn
how to cut hair, anyway?”

Michelle fanned her chest with her lose fitting tank top. “I started on Barbie Dolls. Worked my way up to trimming
one of my sisters hair. Guess I did OK, because after that my other two sisters had me do theirs.” she sipped on
her ice tea.

“If Lindsay’s bob is anything to by, you learned well.” Nicole finished setting the table.

A knock at the door was quickly followed by it opening, and closing. “Sorry, I’m late, Nikki.” Rob rubbed his
freshly clipped scalp.

“You’re bald!” Nicole stared at her boyfriend who was missing a few inches of his thick black hair.

“Relax, it’s only a #1. It will grow back quick enough,” Rob sniffed the air. “Dinner’s ready?”



After dinner Lindsay cleared the table, and washed the dishes. While this was happening Rob, and Nicole sifted
through a small stack of board games that had accumulated for stay at home nights. Scrabble had been banned after
Lindsay showed a less than fun to play against aptitude for it. Monopoly could be fun for a bit, but at some point
Michelle was going to become hyper competitive. So, UNO it was. A purely random game to help forget about the warm,
humid night.

“Are you ready Linds?” Michelle offered to pull out a kitchen chair.

“Yah, I’ll get my things from the bathroom,” Lindsay dried her hands.

“Looking for a touch up Rob?” Michelle chuckled.

“No,” he rubbed his head. “It’s growing pretty slow.”

“Maybe you Nicole? A little something to beat the heat?” Michelle eyed the mound on top of Nicole’s head.

“As delightful as that sounds, I think Rob would object.” Nicole jokingly passed the buck to her boyfriend.

“Is this where I say something, and no matter what it’s the wrong thing? You know I’d love you even with
short hair,” he leaned in then pecked her on the lips. “Even if you were bald.”

“You win this round.” Nicole blushed, and kissed him back.

Lindsay walked into the kitchen holding her clippers, and shears. “Whatever you think is reasonable on the
undercut, is fine.” She placed the shears on the counter by Daisy’s bowl, and plugged the clippers in above
them. “OH, the sheet!”

Nicole dealt out a game of UNO for her, and Rob while they waited. “Did you learn to use those clippers on
your sisters, too?”

Michelle smiled. “No, they’ve always liked their hair long. I got the hang of these from buzzing an ex-boyfriend.
about as short as Rob over there.”

Lindsay flicked open a white sheet. “That should be everything,” she sat down, her head bobbing back, and forth
with excitement.

With a flourish of white Michelle wrapped the sheet around Lindsay. “Head down please.”

“Not taking Rob up on going short? I take it,” Lindsay looked up at Nicole. Her neck welcomed the return of the

“If it wouldn’t take years to grow back, I probably would.” Nicole played a Skip, and placed a blue 5.

The clippers pushed up behind Lindsay’s left ear, vibrating her ear drum. “I worried about that, too. Now, I
don’t think I could ever go back,” she used the clipper’s progress as a timer for how long she had to get Nicole
in the chair.

“I do need a trim,” Nicole kept drawing cards to find something playable. “But, it would be silly to cut my hair off
for a heat wave. Right, Rob?”

Rob stared at Nicole, waiting for her to remember his nearly bald head. “Yah, it would be silly,” with a flurry
of skips, reverses, and a draw 4 he was left with two cards. “Like I said, I love you no matter what. Even bald.

“Chair will be free in a moment, if you’re interested,” Michelle worked her way around Lindsay’s right side, moving
lip length locks out of the way to let the clippers at the underside.

Nicole used her overstuffed hand full of reverses, and skips, ending with a green two. “I’ll take you up on a trim.”

The white sheet shook in Michelle’s hands, sending Lindsay’s clipped hair falling. “Come on up!. I’ll get you sorted
in a jiff.”

Lindsay lifted her hair, and let it drop, over and over. “God, it feels so good!” she tried to hide her anticipation
as Nicole sat in the chair. “What do you think, Michelle? Maybe long bob? Or something better for the heat?”

“Hrmm, a pixie would definitely suit you, Nikki,” Michelle shook her head at forgetting the comb again. “Need a comb.
I’ll be right.”

“You guys do know I haven’t said I wanted to chop off my hair, right?” Nicole looked at Rob for help.

“Nope, I don’t want any part of your hair style,” Rob shuffled a third of the UNO deck.

“Fine Rob, then I’m going to do it,” she leaned forward to look around the corner. “You hear that Michelle, I’m chopping
it all off,” she looked back at Rob, who was busy shuffling more of the UNO deck.

Michelle held the comb up as she came out of the bathroom, “Wont be needing this for a few minutes, then.”

Lindsay unclipped Nicole’s hair with her heart pounding it’s way out of her chest. A torrent of chocolate covered the
entire back of the chair. “It’s amazing. You’re going to love it,” she started to move out of the way for Michelle when she
was handed a large hair-tie.

“Found this in the bathroom, you’ll need it to cut the bulk.” Michelle nodded Lindsay behind the chair.

“You’re letting Lindsay do it?” Nicole shifted uneasily in the chair.

“Just the first cut,” Michelle looked at Lindsay, prodding her onward. “She’s interested in learning to cut hair.

“OK…” Nicole straightened her back against the chair’s spindles.

Lindsay release the elastic without a single twist, binding the nearly six inch circumference of Nicole’s ponytail.
“Now would be the time to back out.”

Nicole eyed Rob “ROB?!” she waited, anxiously, for a response.

“I love you not matter what,” Rob stared back, anxiously, at Nicole.

Daisy batted at the imperiled ponytail dangling just above the seat of the chair.

“I didn’t hear a no. So, here we go!” Lindsay cornered Nicole’s ponytail between the blades of the shears, as close
as she could get to the back of her head. Her hands shaking, she sliced.

If Nicole’s jaw could have hit the floor, it would have shattered. “Rob! You were supposed to stop them!”

“I thought you wanted to get it cut!” Rob dropped the remaining few cards in his hands into the mess on the table.

Lindsay gave up on large cuts, instead slowly snipping her way through solid mass of dark brown strands. “A bit late now.”

Michelle put a calming hand on Nicole’s wrist. “You’re going to love it, I promise.”

With a final snip Lindsay freed her trophy from Nicole’s ownership. With great care she laid it out straight on the
counter, beside Nicole. “You’re up, Michelle,” she handed over the scissors, beaming with joy.

“Head down, please.” Michelle replaced the shears with clippers.

In shocked compliance Nicole moved her chin downward. She was startled back into reality when the clippers popped
to life, and immediately ran up the back of her head. “What are you doing?”

“I’m giving you a pixie. This is the only kind I’m confidant I can pull off.” Michelle turned the clippers over,
dumping a load of Nicole’s locks.

Lindsay sat in another kitchen chair, unable to stay standing on her weakened knees. Daisy slid beneath her, unable
to stop on a large clump of Nicole’s hair. To her left, on the couch, Rob had the look of a man who was accepting his

“Don’t worry. I’ll come back, and fade it in,” Michelle worked the clippers like a girl possessed. “And the top will
be long enough to style,” she winked at Lindsay.

“Do you think I could try the clippers?” Lindsay tested her legs.

“Sure. Just don’t go too high, and you can’t really mess anything up.” Michelle held out the now quiet clippers to

Lindsay took the clippers, and fiddled to turn them on. “Like this?” She moved the them next to what Michelle
had already clipped. The feeling of Nicole’s already shortened locks falling over her hands drove her insane.
“I think you should do the rest,” she handed the clippers back. “I need to go to the bathroom.”

The bathroom door locked behind Lindsay. “Holy fuck…” she barely whispered leaning back on the toilet. The sound
of the clippers on the other side of the wall drove her imagination into overdrive. Wetness greeted her right hand
as her left removed her shorts, and underwear. Little coaxing was needed for her to climax, causing the toilet seat
to be yanked forward. She enjoyed a few minutes of bliss before quietly rejoining her friends.

The clippers had been silenced. Michelle worked above Nicole’s head, shortening her severely undercut, angled bob
into pixie length. “It’s really coming together. Right Rob?”

“Yah, it’s really coming together,” Rob’s eyes were still locked with Nicole’s.

“You better really like this,” Nicole took in deep controlled breaths.

“I bet you’re feeling cooler,” Michelle combed, and measured the ever shortening strands.

“Much cooler. It just might enough to save Rob” an unexpected smile worked its way onto Nicole’s face.

Lindsay was lost in the pile of her, and her roommates intermingled hair when Daisy pounced on in the middle of it.
“I’ll get the broom.”

Rob got up as Michelle compared what could be called lengths of Nicole’s hair. “I think your hair looks short enough
to brave the ride to my place. What do you think?”

“I think I can do that,” Nicole’s smile took over her face.

“Don’t let me hold you back. Your pixie is as good as I’m going to get it.” Michelle removed the white sheet,
dropping the last of Nicole’s hair onto the floor.

Rob opened the door for Nicole. “We’ll see you girls later.”

Lindsay looked up from sweeping. “You don’t want to see your pixie?”

Nicole surveyed the mess on the floor. Her eye’s rose to the kitchen chair, and finally to the counter top where over
two feet of her hair was on display. “No, no I don’t think I do.”

“You two enjoy your night. We’ll get this cleaned up,” Michelle held the dustpan for Lindsay.

The door closed. A few seconds later Lindsay heard Nicole giggle at the end of the hall. “I don’t suppose you have
a new shoe box laying around.”

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  1. I think this is fantastically done! Love the aspect of her not really wanting to get her hair cut, yet it not being forced, either.

    On an aesthetic note, may I suggest you use “***” to separate your scenes, to make things a little more clear in that regard?

    Love this story, though. Really like how Michelle is getting into it.

    1. Thank you! I very much appreciate the feedback.

      I’ve gone back, and added “***” between the scene breaks in all my stories. It really does
      make them more pleasing to read. Always great to learn new things.

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