First Step into the Rainbow

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First Step into the Rainbow

This Story is a continuation of my previous Story You can check that out on this link.

The Routine Cycle Started

After my last visit to purple, I got mixed feelings but I kept my mind to visit again. Rest of the days of the week passed by without any events. No one even noticed that I got a haircut. And these things made me realized why I don’t have anything happening in my life.

I like to read a lot and The Secret by Rhonda Bryans is one of my favorite books. But sadly, none of the secret formulas has worked for me. Everything can be done if you work properly on it. Hope someday it’ll come true.

So, after no some week finally the day arrived. I had an appointment and a boy’s family was coming to meet me. So, I was excited.

The New Beginning

I reached early at the salon; at the reception, I saw a different girl who was around my age. I go there and Introduced myself.

Me – “Hello, I’m Karina. I’ve got a 10 o’clock appointment.”

Receptionist – “Hi, you can call me Rita. Let me just check out the schedule for today”

Me – “Ok.”

Rita – “So, Karina. You’re here for Eyebrows and waxing, Right?”

Me – “Yes. So, where I’ve to go?”

Rita – “just wait for five minutes.”

At waiting time, I saw a cute guy in front of me. His hair was curly and he looked like a typical Indian Guy. His hairline was reducing and the stomach line was increasing. But in my opinion, it can be worked on. He got inside and was getting his head shaved completely. I was mesmerized with the ongoing shaving and felt that my fetish kicked in again.

Someone tapped on my shoulder.

New Friend

I was so embarrassed that my cheeks turned red. And then I saw a girl a little bit younger than me.

Girl – “Hi, I’m Jagdishwari but people call me Jaggi. You must be Karina!”

Me – “Hi, Jaggi. Yes, I’m Karina. Where we have to go?”

Jaggi – “On the right-side miss.”

We entered a large room, equipped with so many emanates for beauty treatments. Jaggi told me to have seat and she started threading my eyebrows.

Jaggi – “You’ve got a nice growth, I would kill someone for eyebrows like you.

I said thank you with my face turned red. Jaggi was good looking girl tall around 5’8” with a brownish complexion and her most striking feature was her hair. Shiny Red-colored, slicked back, and below her shoulders no bands to hold them together. She might have used some styling products to make it that way.

Jaggi – “Done, what you were thinking? Did you like my hair? Or that guy’s?”

She was directly on the point and took me of graded. I stumbled a bit.

Me – “N-nothing, just wondering in my own thoughts!”

Jaggi – “I thought you liked the way his hair was being shaved and wanted to do that! I know the look. And then the way you checked my hair also made me think you might like my hair, too!”

Oh, God! She’s good, she got my nerves both times.

Me – “Y-y-yes, I liked your hair but I don’t want to do that now.”

Jaggi – “oh, means someday I might see you rocking Bald look! By the way that would look great on you. If you want, I can do it right now. In just a few minutes, You’ll be bald beauty!”

Me – “I don’t mean that. Please do the waxing so that I can go.”

I thought I was a bit Hard on her. But she pushed me direct out of my comfort zone.

Jaggi – “Don’t be angry! Let’s just finish your waxing.”

At the waxing station, she started talking again.

Jaggi – “Sorry for directly proposing of shaving your head. I just get excited when someone shows signs of hair fetish!”

How can she get that I got hair fetish? she’s just so good. I’m already liking her, maybe she’ll give me the push I need to be myself.

Jaggi – “I think you haven’t talked with anyone about it. I can assure you; you can tell me. I also have it. And it’s good to have it. We appreciate the things most people don’t. so, be proud of it.”

Me – “I just think I’m a weirdo.”

Jaggi – “Don’t think that! It’s great fun. You’ll see it soon. For now, I’ll just give you some layers keeping the length and that will be on me. You should embrace your fetish. That’s a healthy way to deal with it.”

Me – “Ok, Let’s try that, too.”

At the Styling Station

Me – “So, you do haircuts, too?”

Jaggi – “I can do all the stuff a woman needs to look more beautiful. Be it haircutting, Piercing, Threading, Waxing, Tattoo. Anything you name it; I can do it. It’s my passion since my teenage. that’s the reason I got your look and caught you” she laughed a bit. I was shocked and glad that I got someone to talk to.

Jaggi – “So, why you’re here today? Wanted to explore your fetish?”

Me – “No, I got a marriage proposal that’s why I’m here for a touch-up.”

Jaggi – “So, you want to look traditional, right?”

Me – “That would look nice.”

Jaggi framed my face with layers and kept my hair length around 4 ft. I was just loving it.

Jaggi – “If you don’t mind, we could add a nose ring. That would look traditional and will definitely suit you. Right now, we’ll use a clip-on ring, but after that, we might make it permanent by piercing your nose. “

Me – “Ok, let’s go with clip-on right now. I am not a big fan of piercing by the way.”

Jaggi – “You’ll love it, believe me!”

She gave me a clip-on and it looked beautiful. After my childhood it was the first time, I had a nose ring and I admired it. After some more chitchat we shared numbers.

At the counter, I paid and tipped Jaggi in wholesome. And also told that for my future appointments I would only like Jaggi as my stylist.

Finally, in the Cocoon.

At home, my mother was happy to see me with a nose ring and a new layered hairstyle. She complimented that I was looking like a perfect bride. That brought a pink glow on my face. When the boy’s family arrived, they also looked pleased to see me. And the boy was also cute, just like the guy at the salon also with the same Indian male features. If everything falls through, I would really like to caress his bald head. But for all that we first had to know each other better…

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  1. Krina,

    I’m really enjoying your stories! I like your writing style, and found the frank discussion of your fetish both refreshing and intriguing. It’s also fun to get the cultural angle from India, as I live in the States.

    Keep up the good work!


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