Smooth as soft butter (part 2 of “The blonde buzz is gone”)

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Hi guys, after a long time I wrote the second part of my first story The blonde buzz is gone! Please feel free to read the first part as well. I love to read the hair-cutting stories so I decided to try myself out. There you have it. This is the second part of my first ever story so this is my second story overall. I hope you will enjoy it as much as you can. Please please please leave a comment since every feedback is very welcome and it means a lot to me. Enjoy the story!

The months have passed since my last unintended visit to the barbershop for men, where I received an amazingly short buzzcut, with all the great sensation of the vibrating clippers on my head, taking the small pieces of my hair straight to the floor and reducing them to a tiny stuble.

The workload on the job was so intense I could barely visit my parents at the weekends for a couple of hours. It was really stressful and what considers my hair there was an even bigger disaster taking place.

Since my hair grows insanely fast and I did not manage to make my usual visit to the barber in months my hair got ultra messy. The hair on the sides got even over my ears and it really started to annoy me. I assume I look really like a girl who really let herself go.
And the hot weather was making the whole situation worse because I was sweating a lot.

One day I came home very tired. As usual, I threw my bag on the bed and sat on the couch barely able to keep my eyes open from the tiredness.
I was sitting on the couch asking myself: “Is all the money really worth the stress and struggle I have been going through?”

In the next moment, I’ve heard the sound of the notification on my phone. Firstly, I even did not want to stand up a take a look since I thought it is my boss asking if I can come early tomorrow.

When I finally gathered enough energy to face the situation and write him the negative response since I was feeling that I could barely breathe I took the phone and smile drew on my face.

It was not him, but it was a request on Instagram.

I used to follow a lot o pages on Instagram about females with short haircuts since I looked for an inspiration every so often.

When I opened the app there was a request from that one girl, which follows the same pages about the short haircuts as I do.

I opened the profile and I saw a profile picture of a girl with a short brown buzzcut posing in the mirror. She seemed somehow familiar to me.
I accepted the request and sent her one since her profile was private I could not see other pictures of her.

I locked the phone and went to the kitchen to pour myself a glass of water because I kinda felt a slight headrush.

A couple of seconds passed and I received another notification and the second after that two more.
My eyes opened widely since I am not very used to these sounds very much.

I opened the app and I saw her profile. I knew she seemed familiar to me because this was the girl from the barbershop where I received my last haircut a couple of months ago.

Last time I saw her she had this longish pixie haircut and now as I scrolled down her profile, which was filled with pictures by the way, on every single one of them, she was sporting this edgy neatly shorn buzzcut.

She was georgeus. I had not seen a girl like her. And that haircut suited her so well. I was mesmerized with her looks.

I instantly thought of that last experience from that barbershop and something started to tingle me in the stomach. In a blink of an eye the feeling of the sensation of the clippers running down my head became alive. It was just unreal.

With all my sensations calming down I checked the DM’s. There was a message from her: “Hey, I finally found you :)” and then there was another “What are you up to? Hmm… Do you want to hear something crazy?”

My eyes were wide open again. “This girl is texting me,” I thought to myself. This was something I have never experienced before and definitely something I have no clue about how to respond to.

“Okey, focus now,” I was saying to my self.

I started to type: “Hi, I think I know you. Are you the barberette from the men’s barbershop?”

I waited for the response which came almost instantly. She texted me back: “Yea, you’re right, I am the one. Still curious what the crazy thing is all about?”

I thought to myself: “Well I am always up to hearing something unusual”. So I texted her: “Well, yea sure, what is the big deal about it?”

And I was nervously waiting for her response in which she texted: “You know, ever since I have seen you walking into the shop with that short buzzcut of yours and feeling that bristles under my fingers when I washed your short hair I know immediately that I want to have it as well.”
The next message was: “I could not even wait for you to leave the shop when I already requested for one myself. And ever since I haven’t worn my hair longer than 1/4 of an inch.”

Wow, I never felt about my hairstyle to be an inspiration for someone else since it is not a very mainstream haircut, therefore this really came as a surprise.

Just when I wanted to text her back she started typing again. The message came the seconds after: “There is something that has been going on my mind for quite a while and I just could not hold it anymore and it is even more crazy. But firstly, I have I question for you. What are you up to tonight?”

“Wow, what is that for a question,” I thought to myself.
Even though this was far from my comfort zone I just responded casually: “Well, I am definitely very tired from work today, so I just want to relax tonight to be able to gather some energy. Why?”

I waited for a minute or so and then then the phone rang again. I opened it immediately and there was her message: “What kind of haircut are you wearing right now?”

Then I started thinking about my shaggy hair, which looked pretty much like an unattended garden honestly. Since I never lie to anybody I just naturally told her the truth: “Hmm, you know, the fact that you admire my haircut makes me feel special I must admit. However, I have to confess that in the last months I wasn’t really paying that much attention to my hair. And to be completely honest with you, my last haircut was actually at your barbershop. So I guess you can imagine, that my hair looks really bad at the moment and how things are looking at the moment there won’t be any opportunity to get them in shape any time soon. I know that it is not something I have to be specially proud of, but lately, it is something I cannot do much about.”

I felt like I really opened myself to her and it honestly made me feel kinda lighter in some sense since I kinda had this bad feeling inside me, that I just let myself go too much.

Well after my long text I waited for a couple of minutes to see what her response will be.

The wait lasted quite some time or at least in my head it seemed that long, but nevertheless the response came. She texted me: “You know, I kinda hopped you will text me something like that and I want to propose something. Do you want to get your hair sorted out at the barbershop again, but this time I will do it for you and I know exactly what you want…? And just so you know, we will be all alone… What do you say?”

That struck me like a lightning. “What, she wants to cut my hair,” I thought to myself.

But you know, I didn’t freak out. Really quite the opposite. The proposal seemed quite a good deal to me. It actually made really much sense.

Firstly it was obvious I needed the haircut one way or the other.

Secondly, the feeling of getting my hair shorn again with the clippers running all over my head was something I actually missed quite badly.

As my fingers would have been faster than my thoughts I replied to her instinctively: “Just send me a location and I’ll be there. But promise me one thing?”

She responded instantly: “I can promise you anything. Just name it..”

I started typing: “Well, I just want to make sure, we will be all alone there. Just you and me.”

She wrote to me in a second: “I would not do it if there was somebody else. No worries…”

After that, she sent me a location and the last message was: “I am waiting…”

Instantaneous I felt like I am so alive and full of energy again. Just a single thought of finally getting my hair cut was driving me crazy.

I jumped across the apartment to find some clothes to put on. I put the first sweater that I found on, took the keys and marched out of the apartment.

Full of energy I walked as fast as possible because I wanted to retain this hype that rose inside of me as long as possible.

After some walking, I saw the familiar street with all the shops I had encountered the last time I was there and this sensation just came alive again. I was soo excited.

I a minute or so, I was there. Familiar door, but this time they were open.

She was standing there. This familiar face, but now her hair short as mine were where I first came here and mine on the other hand as her last time I saw her, just wishing to get cut.

“Hi, there you are again, ” she said to me.

Quite honestly I was a bit nervous but I retained my posture and said: “Yes I am. Ready to fall into your hands. Show me what you got.”

She smiled and said: “Trust me, you won’t regret this one.”

She opened the door and she invited me into the shop.

When I entered the familiar smell met my nose. The smell of leather and cheap shampoo still hasn’t disappeared.

“Everything still the same as when I left the shop last time I was here,” I remarked.

She smiled again and responded seductively: “Hmm, everything except our hair.”

I glanced at her cute buzzcut and said: “Well, I suppose that is about to change shortly.”

She was smiling with her eyes and took a look at me and said: “I’m gonna make you enjoy this one as you never did. Trust me.”

Without any words, I took a seat in the old big well-worn leather chair, put my head up ready to get caped.

She slowly went to the drawer, pulled the cape out of it. She undid the velcro and flung it up in the air.

For the moment I couldn’t see myself in the mirror, but the cape was gently falling on my lap.

Quickly she wrapped the cape around me and whispered to my ear: “Are you ready for it?”

I just smiled and nodded lightly with my head as a sign of approval.

The next moment she stepped to the counter and took the big clippers with the red attachment from it. She looked at me in the mirror with a slight smile on her face.

I was so frenzied. I could not wait any longer for my trees to get shorn and buzzed from my head.

She flicked the switch on the big metal blades on and brought them to life. It felt like some turbojet was starting the engine.

She slowly placed them on my forehead and before I knew she drove them straight across my head.

“Oh my God.” I moaned to myself. This sensation brought me to the state of ecstasy. I just could not hold myself. I grabbed the handles on the chair and squeezed them hard.

In a moment the placed the clippers again and took another slow pass across my head leaving almost no hair on the place she made a pass with the metal blades.

I closed my eyes and I was just wishing for more. It was as I would have never experienced such a sensation.

Before I could even blink the clippers were brought to mute. I opened my eyes again and I saw all the “long” strands of hair either on my cape or on the floor and my head basically with no hair at all.

“Wow, you really are something else,” I said to her. “This was the most enjoyable haircut I could ever imagine,” I exhaled.

She smiled at me and walked back to the counter. I looked at her and I saw her taking the red plastic attachment of the blades.

She turned around, walked towards my back, leaned to me and whispered: “Well, it is not over yet…”

I shivered because it meant more sensations of the vibrating clippers on my head are about to take over my head.

And I was damn right.

Just as before she brought now bare clippers to my head, and the feeling of the hot metal vibrating on my head was driving me crazy down there.

I closed my eyes and sighed a small portion of air, struggling and gasping for breath.

I opened eyes and the pass straight down the middle of my already shortly buzzed head has basically reduced the stuble to virtually nothing.

Pure bald.

I closed my eyes again and in a moment I realized I am actually going to end up totally bald. But the feeling in my body was in control of my decisions and I really could not care less about the output.
I just wanted this feeling to last as long as possible.

But as the old saying, all the nice things don’t last long so was the second dance of the clippers on my head rather a short one.

I opened my eyes again and I could clearly see the skin on my head, with almost no length of hair whatsoever.

I was overly amazed and I just told her: “Well, you really know how to please your customers, don’t you..”

As she already knew what was coming she stepped from the counter and whispered to my ear: “I will make you come.. just relax” and licked my ear.

Caught a bit off guard but still, under the effect of the amazing head-shaving experience I bit my lips thought to myself: “Well she is indeed very close..”

In the next moment, something extremely hot touched my freshly clipped scalp. This was unbelievable, I could not perceive what was going on. The hot towel placed on my bald head felt like I’m in heaven.

Again too soon, she took the towel off my head and put it away. I felt like I was actually drunk from all these pleasures she was offering me.

In the next moment, she started applying the shaving cream on my head and started whispering to me and looking at me in the mirror at the same time: “I will make your head smooth as the softest butter…”

Still in delirium and high from the pleasures the thought crossed my mind: “Damn she was right and I just couldn’t wait to fell the razor on my bald scalp.”

After she lathered me up she took a straight razor from the shelf and she started with small movements on my forehead.
With tiny scraping movements she moved across my head.

This was the most amazing experience I have ever received.

I lost any sense of where I am at the moment, I just knew I want to feel it more and more.

And before I knew she made a long pass across my scalp and I almost screamed out loud since down there I was about to come.

The sensations of her touching my scalp and moving the razor was just too much.

I couldn’t hold it anymore. As she would know what was happening down there she made another, even longer pass with the razor and instantly I felt the explosion between my legs.
I started shivering and moaning with my closed eyes. I was grabbing the handles and squeezing them tightly.
I felt like I was about to pass out. I struggled to catch a breath, but nevertheless the feeling was amazing.

She continued with shaving and with every pass I shook in the chair like a rattle. It felt like the best sex of all times, the ultimate climax.

After I caught my breath again she finished with the shaving I, more or less breathless said to her: “You really know how to keep your word.”

I admitted to her still trying to catch some breath: “This was the best climax I have ever experienced and that was thx to you.”

After that, we were just staying still as she took a bottle and she started applying the oil to make my newly bald head shiny as a bowling ball.

However, somehow I had this sense I owe her something.

I said to myself: “I have to give or at least offer her something in return…”

So I asked her slowly and quietly: “I want to do something for you, is there anything I can do to make it up for this amazing thing you did back there?”

She turned the chair around, pressed her soft and mellow lips against mine and responded quietly to me: “I think you know exactly, what would make me really happy now… don’t you?”

I kissed her back, stood up from the chair and said: “Sweetie, I think I know very well.. just hop in the chair…”

to be continued…

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    1. Thank you Dragonfly. I really did not manage to publish this story earlier so sorry about that, but I enjoy the fact that you like it. I will do my best to make the part three available way sooner, so you can enjoy the next part of this story. In fact, I’ve already drafted some ideas, so hopefully, I will publish the next one in near future. Thx again, and I am glad you enjoyed it.

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