The Cue Ball Club (part 2)

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Part 1

Some days had passed by since I left the club. My boss really liked my article on hair fetishism, and I tried to do normal life, but the club kept coming back to my head. I really wanted to be back there, but I hesitated about shaving my head. One day, brushing my hair in front of the mirror, I realized that it had outgrown the shoulder-length where I usually kept it. It’s not that I didn’t like my hair, but I wasn’t really attached to it lately: it was greasy, with too many cowlicks and not especially beautiful. I didn’t like what I saw and I decided it was time for a change. I thought of Celia and her beautiful hair. If she had the courage to go bald, why couldn’t I? I decided to phone Theresa.

“Naomi? Long time no talk, girl. How are you?”

“I’m fine. Listen, I think I want to join the club again. There’s a barbershop near my apartment, so…”

“I love to hear that, we’d love to have you back. Would you mind waiting till next Sunday? This weekend I have the kids and next week they’ll be with my ex”

“I don’t mind.”

“Great, let’s meet that day in my house. I’ll send you my address.”

That Sunday, I went to Theresa’s house. She was wearing a baggy t-shirt and leggings. Of course, she was still bald.

“Glad to see you, Naomi. You look great”

“Same goes for you. How are we doing this?”

“Now you’ll see. Come to the living room and sit down while I prepare everything.”

I felt impatient. Looking around the living room, I noticed photos of a young Theresa. Her hair caught my eye: lush auburn curls cascaded down to her mid-back. I also noticed a more recent photo: her hair reached her breasts. I asked myself if she missed her locks. Then, Theresa came into the room.

“Come to the bathroom, it’s all set there. Oh, I see you’re interested in my photos. Look, this is my last photo with hair. Three days after taking it, I shaved my head. Yes, that entire mop went off.”

“Yes, they caught my eye. Girl, your hair was gorgeous. Don’t you miss it?”

“Thanks Naomi, but I don’t miss it at all. I feel great like this”, she said pointing at her scalp.

Theresa had set up a whole salon in her bathroom: there was a chair in front of the mirror and I saw shaving material and a pair of clippers in the cabinet. I sat down and she put a towel over my body.

“You are going to do it yourself, right?”

“Jackpot. I first thought of taking you to a barbershop, but then I realized I have the material at home, so I’ll do it myself. You OK with that?”

“Yep, I’m OK. Go on.”

My whole body was shaking. Theresa turned on the clippers and passed them from my forehead to my crown. She kept passing them all over my head; meanwhile, I watched my hair fall. My head felt lighter and cooler, and I also started to feel a tingling sensation between my legs. Theresa turned off the clippers. I touched my head, covered only with stubble. I still couldn’t believe I was doing this. Theresa smiled and rubbed my head.

“Here comes the best part.”

She took a small towel, soaked it on hot water and left it on my head for a minute. After that, she lathered my head up, took a safety razor and started to shave me. All I did was moving my head in order to facilitate her work. The tingling sensation in my crotch grew. Could it be that this was arousing me? Before I could realize it, Theresa was done shaving me. When I looked at the mirror, I didn’t recognize myself. There was no hair left in my head, only white skin. I rubbed it: the touch felt almost orgasmic.

“Well girl, welcome back to the club. How do you see yourself bald?” Theresa rubbed my head with a smile on her face.

“I barely recognize myself, but I like it. And I love the touch.”

“You look gorgeous, girl. Trust me, you’ll never want to grow it back.” She picked a can and poured its content in her hand. “This is aftershave lotion; it will make your head feel even smoother.”

She spread it all over my head, massaging me. Her smile got broader.

“You really like this, don’t ya?” I asked.

“Of course I do. I’ve enjoyed every minute of it. You’re the first girl I shave”, she said almost in a whisper. It seemed as if she was horny. I remembered she told me she was a fetishist. “Do you know how much I enjoyed watching Celia’s hair fall? I would have loved to shave her myself. Oh, that gorgeous blonde mane… I think she’s like me. Didn’t you see her smile? She fucking loved it. That girl is not growing her hair ever again.” The tone of her voice felt lewd. I was getting turned on and when I saw Theresa so close to me, I couldn’t help but kissing her.

Suddenly, we were on a sofa, making out and getting naked. Theresa spread my legs and started to lick my pussy. I kept rubbing her smooth head while her tongue stimulated my clitoris. She only stopped when I came among moans. After that, I spread her legs and I did the same thing. This was my first time with a woman, so I tried to imitate what she had done. Theresa moaned every time I licked her vagina. I didn’t stop until Theresa had an orgasm. We stayed in the sofa for a while, hugging naked under a blanket.

“Wow, that was fucking awesome. This must’ve been the best sex I’ve ever had. You know? I’d never done it with a woman”, I told her while we made out.

“You had never done it with a woman? Believe me, it’s a whole new experience. We should do it again soon.”

We got dressed and said our goodbyes. In the way back home, everybody stared at my freshly shaven head, which made me feel a little uncomfortable. I got into my apartment: my roommates’ jaws dropped the moment they saw my new look.


“I just wanted to change my look. Do you like it?”

“I actually like it, girl. You look good bald.”

The following week was the strangest of all my life. When I showed up to class bald on Monday, it was on everyone’s lips. All of my classmates asked me why I had done that. However, the hardest part was showing it to my parents on a Skype call: my mother almost fainted when she saw me without hair. Despite all of these happenings, I was determined to stay bald. I followed Theresa’s advice and practiced how to shave myself. I found out I was good at shaving myself and I son stopped going to barbershops, which allowed me to save more money. Of course, I kept seeing Theresa and we soon started a kind of relationship.

Some weeks later, Theresa talked to me. She told she had a discovered a barbershop that specialized in military-style shavings –that was, the closest possible shave- and she wanted us to go there together. I accepted without hesitation. We went to the barbershop: the barber was a completely bald middle-aged man. I was the first to go into the chair.

“We’d like to get one of those close shavings you do.”

The barber soaked a towel in hot water, put it in my head for a minute and after retiring it, lathered me up and started to shave me with a straight razor. He shaved as close as he could, going around the same area again and again. As he passed the razor over my head, I got more turned on. After that first shave, he lathered me up again and shaved me against the grain. When he was done, he spread an aftershave lotion on my head. It shined intensely and it felt smoother than ever. It was Theresa’s turn. I could hear some of her conversation with the barber.

“Yes, I’m getting tired of having to shave my head every day. I don’t like the feel of my hair growing.”

“Well, I’ve got something for you, but it’s a bit extreme. Nobody has yet asked me for it. I’ll tell you…” Just in that moment, I got a phone call and lost track of the conversation.

I could see him spreading a gel in Theresa’s head. After that, he turned on a hair dryer and aimed it at the areas with gel until it dried. When it was dry, he peeled it off as if it was a big wax strip.

“And you say I won’t have to shave again?”

“Exactly. Hair won’t bother you anymore”. What the hell was that?

We set the bill and we left. On our way home, I asked Theresa what was that thing.

“It’s called a definitive depilator. It’s applied on an area with hair and after heating it, it sticks to the follicle. Then, you peel it off and it takes away the follicle, so hair never grows again. It’s like waxing, but stronger.”

“What do you mean “again”? You’re going to be bald forever?!” I was shocked.

“Yep, that’s what I want. See, I was starting to hate to see my hair grow, and I was getting tired of having to shave every day. So when he told me about the depilator I accepted without hesitation. Besides, I didn’t miss my hair at all. And you don’t know how I love the idea of having a shiny, smooth head for the rest of my life” she said with an ear to ear smile.

The following days went by as usual, but I couldn’t stop thinking about Theresa and her decision. How could she do that to herself? However, I actually understood that she wanted to be bald without shaving: I was also getting tired of having to shave. An idea came to my head, but I ruled it out. It was too radical, there would be no way back if I did it.

It was Saturday night and my roommates and I were going out. I shaved my head and I put on a special lotion I had borrowed from Theresa: it made my head extra shiny. As for the clothes, I went for a short, tight dress: normally I wouldn’t dare to wear that kind of clothes, but since I got rid of my hair, I have less hang-up about my body. I could say being bald had made me more confident. I accompanied the dress with high heels and large hoop earrings that matched my chrome-dome.

In the club, I attracted the looks of all. Both boys and girls told me that they loved how I looked like, and some of them tried to flirt with me or asked me if they could touch my head. I think I even convinced a couple of girls of shaving their heads. After that night, I took a final decision.

Days later, I met with Theresa at the barbershop where she went perma-bald, but I didn’t tell her about my plan.

“I want to get the depilator”, I told the barber before I got on the chair.

“Are you positively sure? Remember it has permanent effects.”

“Naomi, are you sure you wanna do this? You’re very young and you could regret it at some point…” said Theresa.

“I’m absolutely sure. I don’t ever wanna worry about my hair again.”

The man started to spread the depilator all over my head. Meanwhile, I started to think of what my life had become: just because of an article, I had shaved my head to join a club of bald women, I was in a relationship with a woman who could be my mother and now I was getting rid of my hair for good. When I came back to Earth, he was peeling off the gel. He showed me its underside: it had millions of tiny hairs glued to it.

“Well girl, how does it feel to be bald forever?”

“It feels awesome. I don’t think I’ll ever regret it. How do you think the club girls will react to it?”

“I don’t know. Maybe they like it and do the same.”

“Let’s go home. All of this is turning me on…”

“Let’s go.”


A couple weeks had gone by since I got the depilator and my hair hadn’t grown a single inch. Days after that happened, we had a club meeting, in which we told the rest of the girls what we had done. Their jaws dropped when we told them: some of them showed an interest and asked us about the barbershop, although they said they just wanted to try the military-style shave.

Theresa and I decided to go to a dermatologist in order to confirm that our hair would never grow back. We went separately but we would tell the same excuse: a severe alopecia.

“Well Naomi, you’ve suffered a severe case of alopecia and you will never have hair again. It seems as if someone had pulled up your hair from its root. It’s interesting; a couple of women have come here with the same condition as you.”

“Really? Just out of curiosity, how were those women like?”

“Well, the first ones to come were two middle-aged women. One of them had alopecia long time before, so it must have accelerated. A couple days later other two women came: an elder woman accompanied by a young one, who said she was her niece. The four of them had the same case of alopecia as you. It’s really interesting.”

“Yeah, really interesting indeed…”

When I got out of the dermatologist’s office, I couldn’t help but laugh.


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