The Start of Something New: Volume II Chapter 3 — Girls’ Trip

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Well, it’s time to check in on our favorite cheerleaders again.  This installment is a bit different as some of the girls decide they need to get away for a long weekend.  There’s lots of fun developments & big changes in store.


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Let’s Get Away

The team was coming off its first loss of the season.  It was also the first game the cheerleaders didn’t attend.  It was an away game, and it was far.  Now they had a short turn around as they hosted a Thursday night game.  Evan came over Wednesday night and helped all the girls.  Having the previous week off the girls needed a bit more attention than usual.  With his new assistant, Heather, by his side, Evan was just as much of a teacher as a barber.  Having fully committed to the shaved hair, Heather was ready to branch out and experiment a bit.  With a week and a half of hair growth from her full head shave, she decided to leave a little length on top but enjoyed the feel of a fresh shave.  She decided to get the back and sides shaved down and blended into the top which was mostly left as is.


Playing a Thursday night game going into a holiday weekend gave the team some extra time off.  A few of the girls decided it was time for a mini getaway.  Emma, Katie and Betty rented a small cottage with a pool a few hours away.  It was a chance to really decompress and just hang out without any other responsibilities.  It was intended to just be the three of them but decided to invite Heather along.  Betty had been really impressed and proud of all her progress.  She felt a weekend away would be really good for her and the other two quickly agreed.


Heather was honored, as a freshman, to be included on this trip with upperclassmen and vowed to do whatever was needed so that they wouldn’t regret it.  She was really so lucky to have found them.  They had really taken her under their wing, and she didn’t know where she’d be without them.  They told her how amazing a person she was, and they were lucky to have found her and wouldn’t want to take this trip without including her.  There was no real agenda for this trip, they just want to get away for a few days, lay out/work on their tan, decompress for a bit and then help make the final push towards the end of the season.  Betty helped Heather pack, she wanted to make sure Heather only brought items from her new wardrobe with her and leave everything else behind.  She made especially sure to pack multiple bikinis for her.  Obviously, she included that string bikini, she picked up on their first shopping trip.  She knew it was unlikely Heather would wear it, but better to provide the option than not.  She also included a few others, that were still very revealing, but a bit more modest and probably more in line with what Heather would be comfortable in.  She didn’t provide any non-bikini options.  It’s time for her to take the next big step, and this would help her along.


Additionally, Emma had kept after Heather and the two of them have gone running every morning.  Heather hated the early mornings and the actual aspect of running herself, but she had come around to the bonding it offered and had been getting better.  She still lagged behind Emma, but Emma no longer felt the need to stop or back track waiting for Heather to catch up.


Friday morning, Emma and Heather had just come back from their run.  They went to their rooms and got themselves ready. A half hour later they met Katie and Betty, packed up the car and off they went.  Katie had borrowed Evan’s convertible for the trip, and they all piled in.  All were dressed casually and comfortable.  Emma, Katie and Betty were all in crop tops and shorts of varying colors and either flip flops or sandals.  Heather had on a tank top and capris but was prepared to wear less as the weekend called for it.


After a few hours’ drive the girls arrived at their destination.  After a few minutes of unpacking the car and exploring their home for the weekend the girls all gathered in the living room.


“Alright girls, who’s ready to get this weekend started?”  Emma asked.  They all nodded in agreement.  “Ok, then let’s go hit up that pool.”


Katie, Emma, and Betty all immediately stripped down to their tiny string bikinis, while Heather kind of stayed still and looked away.


“You go on ahead, I’ll be right out.”  Heather encouraged.  As the other girls headed towards the backyard area she went to her room and opened her bag.  She looked at her options.  She picked up the ‘dental floss’ and gave a chuckle.


“Yeah, definitely not that” She looked over the rest, well, it looks like she’s putting on a bikini, she thought.  At least, some of the options weren’t that bad.


A Revealing Good Time

The other girls headed out to the backyard. Katie grabbed a lounger and laid her towel out and laid down.  Emma grabbed a chair and sat down with her book.  Betty sat on the side of the pool with her feet in the water.  They tried to relax and remark how much they needed this.  After a few minutes, they heard the sliding door open and shut behind them, they looked up as Heather walked towards them.  Betty smiled.


“Hey kiddo, you look amazing!” Betty shouted out to Heather.  Katie and Emma were quick to agree.


“Damn, girl, where you been hiding?  Katie asked.


Heather blushed.  It’s not like she was given much choice.  She was wearing a blue and orange polka dot sporty bikini top with matching Hipster bottoms.


“By the way, only for you.”  Heather replied.


“We figured as much,” Emma stated, “which is why we planned the trip as we did.”


As Heather reached the poolside she sat down next to Betty.


“So, what’s the plan?”  Heather asked.


“There isn’t really one, just lay out and unwind.”


“Cool,” Heather looked at the water and then dove in.  She swam and splashed around.  She dunked her head a few times and came up with the biggest smile on her face.


Heather liked the water, she enjoyed swimming, but she was always the One-piece with a T shirt and shorts over it kind of person.  Then of course, there was her hair.  As much as she loved swimming, she didn’t do it often.  It was hard finding a cap big enough to contain all her hair, occasionally she’d swim without, but the chorine in pools was not her friend.  It was the feeling of exposure and dealing with her hair that often kept her out of a pool and water in general way more than she probably would prefer otherwise.


For the first time in her life, she could truly enjoy herself in the pool.  This was certainly very freeing, and by that she didn’t just mean her lack of hair.  Perhaps a bikini wasn’t so bad after all, she could definitely get used to this.  She continued to laugh and splash around like a 5-year-old.


“Having fun, are we?”  Betty remarked.


“You have no idea how amazing this is.”  Heather responded.


“Oh, we’re aware.”  Katie replied.


“No, I mean really.  I’ve always loved the pool and I like to swim, but I’ve always been encumbered from doing it more,” Heather grabbed her head for inference.  “You have no idea how freeing it is and how great this feels, to truly enjoy myself and not have to worry about anything, and I really do mean anything,” grabbing her chest, to indicate the bikini.


“First time?” Emma asked.


“Does that really surprise you?”  Heather answered.


They all shook their heads, but it definitely wouldn’t be the last.


“Honestly, I’m only wearing it because it’s you and I’m not sure how I’d feel around others, but also can’t see ever wearing anything else again, moving forward.”


“That was the goal” Betty said, then inquired about what she wasn’t wearing.


“You mean the ‘dental floss’ that you’re wearing?  Not yet,” Heather responded, “isn’t this already a big enough step?”  Maybe someday.  The truth was, she had already thought about it, and did have a plan in place.


A Deal Is Struck

The weekend went fast, and it was the final afternoon.  They had had fun, but it was mostly uneventful.  As they were preparing lunch, Heather announced her biggest surprise.


“So how badly do you want to see me in the dental floss?”  Heather inquired.


Betty and Katie both looked up.


“It’s up to you, kiddo but I wouldn’t have packed it for you if I didn’t think you’d look good in it.”  Betty answered.


“Oh, I know.  I honestly, can’t believe I’m even saying this, but it’s you guys. If it was anyone else, definitely not.”  Heather said.


“Well, hun, I think that’s great, but we’re leaving tomorrow so it’s now or never.”  Katie reminded.


“After lunch then, but Betty, I have a condition.”  Heather declared.


“Oh? What’s up kiddo?”  Betty asked.


Heather pulls something from behind her back.


“You’ve never done a full shave.  You’re starting to grow your hair back.  This feels like a missed opportunity.  You completely shave, I’ll wear the dental floss the rest of the afternoon.”  Heather explained.


“Oh dear, kiddo, you do what you need to do, but Shandra’s getting her full shave next week.  I want to have some hair on my head when she loses the rest of hers.”  Betty insisted.


“I’ll do it,” a voice from behind spoke up.  They turned to find Emma entering the kitchen.  “But you’re wearing that Bandeau top out to dinner” she told Heather.


“No way, ugh uh, just forget it, then.”  Heather retorted.


“Heather, do you want to put on the String Bikini?”  Katie asked point blank.  “You don’t need a bet or permission; you know we all fully support you.”


“I—I—I can’t, I just.  It’s too much.  I’ve never even worn a bikini at all before this trip.”  Heather stumbled.


“Yeah and look how amazing you look.  You’ve barely been out of one since you put it on.  It’s your choice, it’s not going anywhere, if you’re not ready that’s ok, we’re all already very proud of you.” Betty enthused.


“Only, because it’s you guys.”


“Do what you want, kiddo, but I’m not shaving my head right now.  I promise you some day, and I’ll even let you do it, if that’s what you’re hoping but not now.”  Betty promised.


Heather turns towards Emma.


“Hey, I told you.  You need to be ok, around more than just us, besides you’ll never see these people again.  You have an amazing body; you don’t need to hide it and nobody else knows any of your other history or that you would normally dress any different.  Here’s the deal, Katie’s going to buzz my head after lunch, we’re all going to enjoy the rest of our afternoon.  Then, we’re going out for a special dinner tonight.  The three of us dressed to the nines.  We’ll all be there with you.  You can do whatever you want, wear whatever you’d like.  If you want to dress and match us, we fully support you, if not, it’s ok, you can still come out with us, but if you do, and you can go the whole evening and be comfortable and not feel self-conscious or draw any undue attention your way by your feelings.  When we get back here after dinner, I’ll let you finish Katie’s job.  We’ll get out the cream and the razor and you can go to town.”


Everyone’s mouths all dropped.


“Does that work for everyone?  Also, if you keep it up when we get back home, I may let you keep it up.”  Emma doubled down.  She looked over at Katie, she knew this was a bit of a change from what they discussed, Katie nodded in approval.  Katie understood there were bigger longer-term effects in play.


“Hey, kiddo I’ll get in on that too.  You start wearing those clothes, I got you on a more regular basis outside the house and cheer activities, I’ll let you shave me too.”  Betty told her diminutive friend.


“Um, I don’t know, I really need to think about it.”


“OK, no big deal.  That’s the offer, take it or leave it.”  Katie declared.


“Well, what about the dental floss?”


“What about it?”  Katie asked.


“Well, am I wearing it or not.”


“Heather that’s up to you.”  Emma responded.




“Do you want to?”  Katie inquired.




“Hey, kiddo come with me for a minute.”  Betty took Heather out of the room.


“Hey, I know I promised you’d get to shave my head, but I saw an opportunity, I hope you’re ok.”  Emma turned to Katie.


“No, I get it, it’s fine I just didn’t think –.”


“Yeah, I know, well things change.  Anyway, anything I can do to help?”


“We’re actually almost finished.  I guess maybe help set the table?”


“Sure, no problem.”


Betty came back into the kitchen.


“Everything good?”  Katie asked.


“Yeah, everything is great, Heather will be along in a minute.”


As the girls sat down to enjoy their meal, Heather entered the room.  She was in a pair of shorts and had on a shirt that was mostly unbuttoned and tied off a couple of inches above her waist.


“Hi” Heather said as she sat down.


“Hey” the other girls all said in unison.


Heather started to fill her plate while the girls continued to look at her.  Heather looked up and noticed the other girls staring at her.


“What?”  Heather asked, suddenly feeling self-conscious.  “Is something in my teeth?”


The other girls all looked away and started eating.


“What?” Heather cracked a smile.  “Come on, what’s going on?”


“Um, nothing.”  Betty began “How you doing, kiddo?”


“I’m good.”  Hether answered between bites.  “Looking forward to the rest of the day.”


“Ok” Betty smirked.


Time For A Change

After lunch, Katie got out her clippers and Emma pulled out a chair.  Betty and Heather looked on.  Emma sat down and looked up at Katie.


“So, I’ve been thinking.  Can you make us match?”  Emma asked.


“Match?”  Katie echoed clearly unsure what was being asked.


“Our hair.”  Emma stated.


“Well, I figured as much.”  Katie smirked.


“Yeah, a mohawk.”  Emma smiled.


“Really?”  Katie started to get excited.


“Honestly, Katie, I’ve always kind of admired you.”  Emma explained.  “I’ve been thinking about it ever since that first day when you came home with one.”


“Wow, Emma, I had no idea!”  Katie squealed.  “I can absolutely do that for you!”


“Yeah, well, I guess I’m good at keeping secrets.”  Emma grinned.  “Now how long it lasts, I guess will be up to Heather.”


They all turned and looked at Heather, who blushed.


“I, Um, Well, I guess you can keep it if you want.”


“We made a deal and I’d rather not go home with the mohawk.  No offense Katie.”


“None taken.”


“Ok, enough chit chat, let’s get it on.”  Emma sat back and looked up at Katie.


Taking direction, Katie turned the clippers on, and plunged them into the side of Emma’s head and slowly dragged them back through her hair.  As tufts of hair fell a clear, bare path was left behind.  Then Katie picked up the clippers and placed them next to the bare patch and slowly pulled them back marking another clear path right next to the previous one.  This process continued as Katie methodically worked her way over one side of Emma’s hair.  Then she did the same on the other side, leaving nothing but a pale patch of stubble behind.  It was only a matter of moments until Emma’s head was bare, minus the 2-inch-wide strip of hair left behind on top of her head.  Katie put the clippers down.


“Thanks Katie, Let’s leave it like this for now.”  Emma declared as her hands immediately reached up to feel her bare scalp.  She smiled as she got up from the chair and headed toward the back door.  “I’m going for a swim.  Anyone else coming?”


Heather bound behind her eager to follow the captain into the water.  Katie and Betty stayed behind to clean up, before heading out themselves.


A Night Out and A New Friend

A few hours later, the girls were all in their respective rooms, getting all dolled up and ready for their night out on the town.  Heather sat on her bed, trying to decide what she wanted to do.  On the one hand, she idolized these girls and really wanted to fit in with them.  On the other hand, she just wasn’t sure she was ready to expose herself in such a way.  It had only been about a month since she completely transformed her life when she sat down in Evan’s chair and had all her hair shaved off.  Since then, her life had changed dramatically in just about every aspect.  It had been a whirlwind, and she was trying to catch up.  There was a knock on the door.


“Come In!”


“Hey, Kiddo, how’s it going?”  Betty walked in, she was dressed in a black bandeau top and a short black mini skirt.  She had on 3-inch heels that laced halfway up her calf.  She wore big, dangling Hoop earring and a headband to complete the look.


“Oh, Betty, I don’t know what to do.”  Heather’s eyes were starting to well up, as she desperately fought back tears.  She looked up.  “Wow, Betty.  You look great.”  Heather lowered her head “I can’t compete with that.”


“Really?”  Betty crouched down in front of Heather and picked up her head to look Heather directly in the eye. “You kidding?  Heather, I’ve got nothing on you, none of us do.”  She grabbed Heather’s hands and stood up pulling Heather with her.  “You are absolutely gorgeous, and your body is stunning.  I’m not going to tell you what to do but if you come with us tonight, I know who’s getting all the attention.”


Heather blushed.  “You say such nice things.  I honestly don’t know where I’d be without you.”


“I think I know the perfect outfit for you.”  Betty headed over to Heather’s suitcase and started going through it.  “You trust me, right?”


“Always” Heather confirmed nervously.


Betty continued rummaging through Heather’s suitcase and then stopped.  “Ah here we go.  Here” Betty tossed Heather a top “Put that on” she tossed Heather the skirt.  “And this.  Meet us downstairs in 5 minutes.”  Betty got up and walked out of the room.


Katie and Emma were waiting.  Both were dressed similar to Betty, and Katie was helping Emma style her new hair.


“She’s coming.  She’ll be right down.”  Betty said as she walked down the stairs.


“Did you tell her?”  Emma asked.


“No, not yet I figure, it’s Katie’s news to share.”


“Aw, girl that’s sweet.” Katie smiled.  “I just hope we’re right and they fit her.”


“Me too, and I found her the perfect outfit to accompany them.”


A moment later Heather was at the top of the stairs.  She was wearing the same tiny red crop top with spaghetti straps that ended about two inches above her belly button and a black mini skirt that also fell about two inches above her knee that she tried on at the Boutique when she went shopping with Betty.  She was a bit uncomfortable but tried not to let it show.  The three girls all looked up and liked what they saw.


“Hey,” Heather greeted the trio, “Do I look ok?”  she asked genuinely.  “Um, I don’t have any fancy shoes or anything, I hope these are ok.”  She indicated the sandals she was wearing as she headed down the stairs.


“Don’t worry about that.”  Katie recovered “We got you covered.”


Heather reached the bottom of the stairs and looked at them confused.


“Katie found these pair of boots in a closet that don’t fit any of us but should be perfect for you.”  Emma explained.


“So much for being my news to tell” Katie remarked as she handed the boots to Heather.  They all sat down.


“Betty said that not me.”  Emma grinned.


“I’ve never worn anything like this before.”  Heather said softly, as she examined the boots.  She looked at them closely.  “I don’t even know how to get them on.”


The boots were black leather knee-high “hooker boots” with a two-inch heel that laced all the way up.  Katie reached over and took the boots.


“I can probably help with that.”  Katie started unlacing the boots, like she had done it many times before. “Foot.”


Heather extended her leg as Katie directed the Boot onto her foot, which fit snugly inside.  Katie started lacing up the boot and then did the same for the other foot.  Betty and Emma helped Heather up.  She wobbled a bit but otherwise walked fine.


“Perfect Fit!”  Betty exclaimed.  “Oh my God, Heather! They complement your look perfectly.”


“I guess” Heather turned and walked back, still stumbling a bit.  “I’m just not used to heels.”


Betty and Emma helped Heather steady herself and the quartet all made their way to the car and headed off to the restaurant and a night out on the town.  Katie drove the short distance to the restaurant and parked the car in the lot about a block away and walked the rest of the way.


Betty and Emma continued to help Heather walk, but she was getting more stable and more confident the further she went.  Along the way they heard several whistles and shouts.  A man walked past them and tipped his hat towards them.


“Lookin’ mighty fine, ladies.”  He remarked.


Heather turned toward him to thank him, while the other girls pulled her back and said to ignore him.


“Stop, Heather.”  Betty warned.


“I was just thanking him.  That was so nice.”


“No, Heather, don’t pay him any attention.”  Emma stated.  “It’s not what you think.”


“I know this whole thing is probably new to you, but we have to deal with men like him all the time.”  Katie explained.  “He wasn’t being nice; he was looking for action.”


“What kind of action?” Heather asked innocently.


“He wants to get in your pants.”  Emma said point blank.


“But I’m not wearing any –” suddenly it hits Heather what they are trying to say.  “Oh… EWW, that’s disgusting.”


“Welcome to our life.”  The others all said.


“What about all that whistling and the shouting?”


“Yup, same thing.”  Betty confirmed.  “Better get used to it, I have a feeling you’ll be dealing with it a lot more going forward.”  She squeezed Heather “An unfortunate downside to being such a hottie.  Hopefully you’ll find it worth it.”


“I-I-I don’t know.  I guess” Heather stated softly unsure exactly what to think.  “This is a lot.”


They arrived at the restaurant and after a short wait were shown to a table and seated.


Heather and Betty sat at the booth on one side, while Emma and Katie sat across from them on the other.  Less than a minute later, their server walked over to the table.


“Heya, name’s Amber.  I’ll be takin’ care of you tonight.”  The girls all looked over and saw a very tall woman.  She had on a black pleated skirt, fishnet stockings and short heels.  Her black T shirt yielded into a full sleeve of tattoos on her left arm.  Her bright pink hair styled in an asymmetrical bob contrasted the otherwise dark gothic look.  “May I just say, I LOVE ya’alls look.”


“Thanks.  This one just did this to me a few hours ago.”  Emma took the lead as she indicated Katie.  “And this one will be finishing the job and taking the rest off later tonight.”  She pointed to Heather and gave her a wink.


“Oh, wow, you shavin’ yer head?”  Amber bounced back.  “That’s amazing, ya’all hairdresser or sumthing?”


“Or something” Betty smiled.  “We’re actually cheerleaders.”


“Cheerleaders?  No kiddin’” Amber questioned clearly impressed.  “You ain’t look like no cheerleaders I’ve ever seen.”


“Yeah, we know.”  Katie giggled.  “I actually started this trend last year.  It’s how I met my Boyfriend.  He’s a stylist and has since taken care of most of the team.”


“Well, he did that” Emma pointed to Heather, and then pointing to Katie “but she did that about a month ago.”


“Yeah, this is a grow out from a head shave.” Betty confirmed as she rubbed her head.  “I haven’t really figured out what I’m doing”


“Aww, Hun, I bet that head shave looked great.”  Amber said.  “Anyway, I have to go check in with some of my other tables, but I’ll definitely be back.  If you know your drink orders I’ll take them, otherwise I’ll give you a few minutes.”


“Can we have a few? Thanks” Emma asked for the group.


“Sure, No problem.”  Amber said as she walked away.


“Ok girls, listen up, I’m not your cheer captain right now.”  Emma started.  “You know I don’t normally allow alcohol during the season; but I also know it happens anyway.  You all get ONE drink.  If it ever gets back to the rest of the team, I’ll deny it and I’ll never allow it again.  Any questions?  Yes, Heather, this includes you as well.  Nothing hard though.”


“Hard?  What does that mean?  It’s ok, though, I’ll just have a coke.”  Heather started softly. “I do have another question though.  How come you were all just so open with that waitress?”  she asked.  “Didn’t you just say –”


“We were talking about the guys, kiddo.”  Betty interjected. “The women are perfectly fine.  I’m sure she knows exactly what we go through and was being genuine.”


“Or working for extra tips.”  Katie added on “but either way, Betty is right.”


Heather had a lot to learn, and the girls took advantage of the opportunity to educate her.  Amber came back and took their orders and then continued to check in with them as much as she could.  It was a very busy night at the restaurant and Amber was one of the top servers there, so she was often called away, but she liked these girls and felt a connection to them, and they liked her and enjoyed her company.


Amber was in her late twenties and a single mother.  She got pregnant in college and the father is not in the picture.  She liked working at the restaurant and made surprisingly good tips.  The owner is really friendly and accommodating of her schedule, so she’s been loyal to him.


The girls told Amber they were cheerleaders on a getaway weekend.  They had rented a small cottage a few towns over and were headed back to campus the next day.  They explained Katie’s mohawk and how her look infiltrated the entire team.  When they pointed out that Heather was the last to get in on the fun, and how she used to be super covered up and her hair went past her butt, Amber couldn’t picture it, and said she looked 1000 times better this way and hoped she never went back.  Heather said it was unlikely and she was really starting to like the changes.


As it turned out, Amber had been contemplating a new hairdo.  She gets bored easily and was ready for something different.  She asked for the girls’ opinion of what they thought she should do.  She wouldn’t shave it, but admired them all for doing so, but was open to most other ideas, both stye and color.  Katie told her she could stop by the house when she got off but warned her they really were inexperienced and understood her desire to seek a professional.  Amber told them it was just hair and would grow back and would be fun to get a haircut from them.  She would stop by after her shift, but it was very late and didn’t want to keep them up.


As the girls finished up dinner and dessert, they paid their bill and left a very large tip.  They said goodbye to Amber and indicated that if she wanted to stop by after work, someone would probably be up and left a phone number and address.  They headed back to the car and drove off.


“So, you’re really going to let me shave your head?”  Heather questioned.


“That was the deal, wasn’t it?”  Emma confirmed.  “You still want to?”


“Oh, yes, absolutely!”  Heather exclaimed, then got really soft. “It’s just, well, I’ve never done it before.  I don’t want to screw up.”


“Aww,” Emma started.  “You’re shaving my head, dear.  I don’t know how you screw it up.  Besides, Katie is always available to step in if needed.”


“OK” Heather replied softly.  “If you’re sure.”


(Yet) A(nother) New Look

The car pulled up to the cottage and they all got out and ready for the night’s activity.  Heather had gotten quite good at walking around in the boots and was fully mobile on her own, however, she wasn’t used to wearing them and her feet were starting to hurt a bit and she couldn’t wait to get them off.  Betty and Katie helped her out of them, while Emma went off to change, and then the other girls followed.


Emma was the first one back downstairs.  She had on very short shorts, that were almost completely covered by a simple tank top.  She was joined a few minutes later by Katie and Betty who were both dressed similarly.  They were all finally joined by Heather, who wore a dark blue Sports bra, and matching gym shorts.  This had become her standard “haircut outfit.” and when she felt most comfortable.  She had decided it would work just as well, when she was giving the haircut as it did when she was receiving one.


A towel was placed on the floor, with a chair placed on top of it, not unlike what was done earlier in the day for Emma’s first haircut.  Emma sat down and a towel was placed over her shoulders.


“One full headshave please.”  Emma grinned and looked up at Heather.


Heather picked up the clippers and removed all the guards.  She extended the blades to get them as short as possible.  She stood behind Emma and froze.


“Nervous?”  Katie, noticing Heather asked.  Heather nodded.  “Would you like some help?”  Katie started to walk over towards Heather.


“It’s ok, Katie.  I want Heather to do it.” Emma looked up at Heather “I trust you.  I want you to do this.  There’s no rush and we have all night.”  She tried to reassure Heather.  “This is what you wanted isn’t it?  You earned this girl.  You went beyond expectations and soared with flying colors.  Plus, and perhaps more importantly, I WANT this.  I’ve been very jealous of you and have wanted to do this for a long time.”


“Uhm, ok.”  Heather, still very clearly nervous but started to proceed.


“Consider this your warmup for me, kiddo.”


Heather smiled wide, turned the clippers on and took a deep breath.  She then plunged the clippers into the mohawk.  She slowly pushed the clippers back and removed the lone strip of hair that Emma had left.  She repeated the motion a few more times and really made sure nothing was left behind on Emma’s head.


Heather put down the clippers.  Katie grabbed the shaving cream and squirted some into Heather’s hand.  Heather rubbed her hands together and then massaged Emma’s head.  Emma tried to stifle a giggle. Heather smiled.  After another moment, Heather rinsed her hands and picked up the razor.  She slowly and carefully placed the razor at Emma’s hairline.  “Ready?”


“Go for it.”  Emma closed her eyes and prepared to soak in every minute.


Heather scraped the razor back across Emma’s head, wiping away the cream and anything else in its path, leaving nothing behind but a bare path of skin.  Heather rinsed the razor and proceeded to take a second swipe across Emma’s Scalp.  Then another.  Then another.  With each swipe, Heather went quicker as her confidence grew.  Before long, Emma’s completely bare scalp was exposed.  Heather moved around to the bottom and carefully scraped around Emma’s ears and the back of her head.


“Ok, uhm, I think that’s it.”  Heather started to put down the razor.  “Unless you want me to do it again.  I understand it’s supposed to be done twice.”


“Oh, ABSOLUTLY!” Emma managed to get out about as breathy as possible.  “You can even do it three times if you want.”


Heather held out her hands and Katie squirted the cream into them.  Heather rubbed her hands together and began the process again.  Emma was enjoying the experience more than she wanted to let on.  Without seeing herself or even feeling her head, Emma already knew she was going to like this look and probably want to keep it up going forward.


After completing her second pass, Heather took the towel around Emma’s shoulders and rubbed it all over Emma’s head.  Emma laughed.  She could definitely get used to this.


“Hey, Hey, take it easy.” Emma chuckled.


“Oh sorry.”  Heather apologized and stopped.


“No, Heather.  Relax, I was kidding, definitely don’t stop.”  Emma explained as she got up and wiped herself off.  “I’m gonna go clean myself up, but I’ll be back, so enjoy yourself.”  Emma dashed off and the other girls started to clean up.


“Wow, I can’t believe our cheer captain is bald.”  Betty exclaimed.


“It’s not to late, you can join her.”  Heather teased waving the clippers in her hand.


No, Heather.  I told you I’m waiting until after Shandra, but I promised you I would.”  Betty firmly stated.


Emma The Explorer

Emma looked at herself in the mirror.  She turned her head back and forth.  She liked what she saw.  She tentatively touched her bare head.  Then she gave it a gentle rub and then more methodically.  Soon, she was ferociously rubbing her head and exploring the rest of her now completely hairless body.  She let out a soft moan.  Then it got more intense, and she grew louder.  Not loud enough that anyone else could hear, but just barely.  She got in the shower and let the water fall all over her body.  She just stood there fully allowing the water to rush over her body as she continued exploring herself.  Never had she quite felt this way before.  After a few more minutes, she managed to compose herself and finish cleaning off.  Then she got herself dressed and was about to send herself back downstairs when her phone rang.


The Activities Continue

Betty, Katie, and Heather were all in the living room chatting and engrossed in conversation that they didn’t even hear Emma come back downstairs.


“Anber said she’d be over in about a half hour.”  Emma, now dressed in a long camisole and sleep shorts informed as she hit the bottom stair.  “I hope you didn’t put everything away.”


“No, we just cleaned up, but left most of the equipment out.”  Katie told Emma.  “How are you feeling?” she asked as she turned to face her captain.


“Amazing” Emma grinned from ear to ear and consciously rubbed her head.  “So, Heather, how often can I get you to do this for me?  There’s no way once a week when Evan is here will be enough.”


“Uhm, I don’t know, whenever you want, I guess?”  Heather answered softly and unsure.


“How about every day after our run?”  Emma sat down next to Heather.


“Every day?”  Heather really wasn’t sure how she should react.


“Well, at least every other day.”  Emma wrapped her arm around Heather playfully and rubbed her head.


“Uhm, ok…”  Heather agreed not wanting to cause any waves.  Would Betty be this into it as well?


“Wow, Emma” Katie cut in.  “So should we call you Baldy, from now on?”


“I suppose.”  Emma let out a deep guffaw.  “I mean it would be accurate.”  Rubbing her head with vigor.


“So, I guess you’re a fan.”  Betty chimed in “Are you hoping to start a new trend?”


“Hey, I know what I like, but there’s no pressure on anyone else.”  Emma answered.


“Ok, True, but between you and Heather, Then Shandra next week, and Betty shortly thereafter.” Katie said.  “Plus, I heard Anna is contemplating it again, that’s almost half the team.”


“Well, you would make it exactly half, if that were the case.”  Emma replied.


“It was already pretty magical having an entire team with all short hair, imagine we all went bald?”  Betty joked.


“Are you willing?  You kind of ended up how you are by default.  I know you told Heather she can shave your head, but would you really keep it up?”  Katie asked.


“I don’t know.  I mean if the entire rest of the team…”


“I’ll do it!”  Heather cut in.  “I mean, Emma already told me I’m doing hers, I can do yours as well.”  Heather, who had been quiet for most of the conversation suddenly got very excited.


“Oh, I don’t know, kiddo.”  Betty said.  “Let’s get through the first one and then we’ll see.”


Before anyone else had the chance to say anything the doorbell rang.  Emma hoped up and went to answer the door.


“Hey!  Wow! That looks fabulous!  You are quite the Cue Ball, aren’t you?”


“Hi, Amber.  Come on in.  Glad you like it.  Yeah, it feels great.  How are you doing?”  Katie responded as she escorted their new friend into the living room.


“Hello all! Thanks fer waitin’ up for me.  Whoever just did that” she pointed to Emma’s head “Hi, I’m your next client!”


Betty and Katie both pointed to Heather.


“That’s your girl.”  Katie said impressed by how fast Heather had adapted to everything and excited to see how she handles this.


Heather blushed.


“Y-y-you want your head shaved?”  Heather asked meekly.


“Nah, not quite.”  Amber started “But I do want a lot of this bulk gone.”  She continued grabbing for a handful of her hair.  “I’m thinking we’ll buzz down the bottom and then cut the top a little.  I like the asymmetrical style.  So, we’ll keep that, but it needs to be shorter and thinned out.”  Amber noticed Heather’s horrified expression.  “Ya think you can handle that.”


“Uhm, Er, I-I-I don’t know.”  Heather stammered.  “I’ve never tried anything like that.”


“Come on, Heather.  I’ll help you.”  Katie stood up.  “You got this.”  Katie walked over to Heather and grabbed her arm and pulled her up.  She whispered in her ear, “Don’t pass this opportunity up.”


“OK” Heather allowed herself to be dragged back over to where everything was set up.  Amber followed close behind.  Heather gathered her equipment and set everything up, while Amber sat down in the chair.  Katie gathered Amber’s hair and started pinning the top layers up.


“So how short do you want the buzz?”  Heather asked, trying to show interest.


“How about – can we start with a #4, that’s half an inch, right?  and then maybe take it shorter depending on how it feels.”  Amber replied.


“Fine” Heather let out a deep breath and looked for the proper guard.  Katie gently poked her and gave her a stern look.


Heather turned the clippers on and thrust them into Amber’s hair.  She glided the clippers up the back of her head and watched chucks of pink hair fall to the ground.  She continued pass after pass as more hair fell.


“Oh, this is most excellent.”  Amber stated with a huge smile on her face.  “Ok, ladies, so what are we thinking for color?”  she continued addressing everyone.  “I’ve got a few options.  I’m open to all ideas.”  She pointed to the bag she came in with, which she had placed down earlier.  Emma walked over to it and pulled out several different coloring kits.


“Wow, that’s quite the assortment.”  Emma declared as she spread out the colors for the others to see.


“I like the bright green” Katie commented.


“Blue and White are our school colors” Betty chimed in.


Heather continued to clipper off Amber’s hair and otherwise remained quiet.


Amber laughed.  “I tell you what.  Whatever you girls decide is good wit’ me.  Put it to a vote.  One color, two colors.  More.  Whatever you have there is eligible for my head.”


“Are you sure?  That’s a pretty big responsibility.”  Emma subconsciously, rubbed her bare head, knowing color would not be an option for her, but liked the fun their new friend brought with her.  “We aren’t exactly experts in this area.”


“Sure thing.  I trust ya’all.  Let’s even take it up a notch.  Don’t tell me what you decide.  I don’t want to know nothing.  Just tell me when yer done, and I can see the whole thing.”  Amber said boldly.


“I’ll take care of your color.”  Katie offered.  “Looks like Heather, here, is almost done with your cut.  Or at least this part of it.”  She playfully ribbed Heather.


“I’ll help, as well.”  Betty eagerly added.


Heather gently bit her lower lip.  “Um, yeah, well.  I think I’m done.  Well, this part.  I haven’t touched the top yet.”  Heather put down the clippers.


Amber looked up at the ceiling contemplating.  After a moment she turned back towards the group and smiled.  “Let’s leave that up to you as well.”


“Me?”  Heather responded softly.


“Yes, well, you or the group as a whole.”  Amber clarified.  “OK, how’s this?  My hair is your canvas.  You guys get free choice.  I want ya’ll to decide whatever you think looks good.  My only requests, I still want some length on top.  So, no shavin me bald or a buzzcut.  And I want something new with the color, at least one but as many of what I have that ya’ll want to use.  I did a rainbow once, it wasn’t bad.”  She paused.  “My hair was quite a bit longer then, though.”


The girls all looked at themselves in shocked giddiness.  This could be a lot of fun.  Emma walked over towards Betty and singled Katie and Heather to join them.


“Ok, so any thoughts?  I think we should use at least two colors, but I think she’s got up to five here.”  Emma began.


“Well, I think we need to get an idea of how much hair she’ll have left.”  Katie answered.  They all looked at Heather.


“Um, I don’t know.”  Heather said softly, looking down.  “I guess whatever.”


“No, Heather, not whatever.”  Katie scolded.  “We need a plan.  I’ll help you through the cut, but it’s up to you.  Betty and I will take care of the color, but don’t pass this opportunity up.  What would you feel comfortable with?”


‘I’ve never done anything besides clipper shaves.”  Heather whined.


“You’ve got this kiddo.  We believe in you, and Amber seems like the perfect person to experiment on.  You’re getting a golden opportunity here.”  Betty encouraged.


Katie looked over at Amber and then looked back at the group.  She turned to Heather.  “What do you think of Jessie’s new hair?”


Heather looked up at Katie “I like it.”  After a minute of thinking “Ok, I think I can do that.”


“Great!” Emma declared.  “I think I’ve got a fun idea for the color as well.”  She looked over at Katie.  “How much knowledge has soaked in from Evan?”


“Hopefully, enough” Katie looked at her watch.  “It’s getting late, but I could give him a call if needed.  What did you have in mind?”


“Let’s alternate green and orange on the top and lavender on the bottom.”  Emma laughed.


The other three all looked at each other and then back at Emma.  Then over to Amber who smiled and waved at them, and then back at Emma.


“Are you sure?”  Betty was the first to speak.


“Did Heather take your brain along with your hair?”  Katie asked.


“No.”  Emma gave Katie a dirty look.  “Come on, you don’t think it would be fun?  She gave us free reign, and I’m sure she’s expecting something totally outrageous, anyway.”


Betty and Katie exchanged looks.  “You’re taking full responsibility for this.”  Katie informed Emma.  “I’d better give Evan a call.”  She looked over to Heather.  “Can you handle finishing the cut on your own?”


Before Heather could answer, Bettey interjected “Why don’t we deal with her hair color first, that’s gonna take a while, then Heather can finish the cut when the color is done.”  She looked over to Heather “How does that sound?  Work for you?”


“Uh, I guess.”  Heather replied.  “I’m starting to get a little tired though.  I may want to go to bed soon.”


Katie went off to go call Evan.  Betty and Emma went back to talk with Amber.


“Ok, we have a fun plan for you.”  Emma grinned.  “Katie just went off to give her boyfriend a quick call.  He’s the professional.”


“You’re sure, you’re ok with anything?”  Betty asked.  “You know none of us are professionals at this.”


“No worries.  You’ll be fine.  It’s just hair.  I promise ya’ll do whatever and it will be fine.”  Amber assured.  “I look at the four of you.  Ya’ll seem such fun, I know I’m in good hands.”


A few minutes later Katie walked back to the group.  “Evan suggested bleaching her whole hair first, and then adding the color.  I told him I didn’t think we had that.”


“Actually, there should be a kit in that bag along with all the dyes.”  Amber chimed in.


“You’ve done this before, have you.” Katie joked, heading over to the bag.


“Just a few times.”  Amber replied.


“OK, then.”  Katie picked up the bag and brought it back towards Amber and put it on the table next to her.  “I guess we’re all set then.”


Katie began the coloring process with Betty’s assistance and some advice from Evan.  Emma and Heather looked on and also offered help anyway they were needed.  Before long the coloring process was finishing up and Katie warned Heather to get ready, because she was on deck to finish off the cut.


“So, is the rest of your team all as into hair as ya’ll are?”  Amber asked.


“Actually, that’s an interesting story.”  Emma started.  “Do you want the long version or the short?”


“I got time.  Not going anywhere.”  Amber showed a great deal of interest.


Emma proceeded to relay the entire story.  Starting with Katie’s mohawk.  Even though they had discussed some of it earlier at the restaurant, Emma was able to get into more detail and Amber was better able to listen and focus this time.


“Ok, Heather, You’re up.”  Katie informed as she finalized Amber’s color.


“Oh, I think – Should I close my eyes, for this?”  Amber asked, “I don’t want to know how much is getting cut, plus I don’t want any hints of the color.”  Amber closed her eyes as she squealed.  “I’m so excited for this.  Ya’ll showing up tonight is the best thing to happen to me in a long time.”


“I hope you still think so after you see your new look.”  Betty cautioned.


“I’m sure it will look amazing.  I trust ya’ll.”  Amber reassured.


Heather stood behind Amber and picked up the scissors.  She looked at them; opening and closing them a few times.  She took her fingers and combed up through Amber’s hair.


“Do you like easy or are you ok with a little work?”  Katie asked Amber, trying to help Heather and hoping to make sure she didn’t get any negative feedback if the cut didn’t go well.


“Oh, definitely easy.  It doesn’t need to quite be ‘wash and go’ and I don’t mind a little effort, but anything more than say about 5 minutes or so, is probably more then I’d prefer.”


“Well, I think this is probably the ultimate ‘wash and go’” Emma massaged her freshly shaved head with both her hands.  She could not stop rubbing her head.  Not only did she love the look and feel, but she felt transformed in other ways.


“Aside from the upkeep involved in the daily shaves, that is.”  Betty stated matter-of-factly.  Emma for a moment paused and reflected.  Why did Betty have to go bring her down like that.  No matter, it was a small price to pay and would be totally worth it.


“Nah, You girls all look amazing, but I’m not there yet.  Maybe someday, but for now I’d still like to keep some of this.”  Amber answered.


“Don’t worry, we’ll take good care of you.”  Katie assured, from behind.  She helped guide Heather as they continued to work Amber’s hair.  They were working on getting it to stand up and wanted to get it as high as possible before chopping it.


“No worries at all dear.  I’m sure you have something fabulous in mind.”  Amber shifted in her seat.  “But I’ve been sitting here for several minutes with my eyes closed and I haven’t heard or felt any cutting yet.  Is everything ok?”


“Sure, it’s all fine, we’re just prepping your hair.  Got something dramatic and different in mind.”  Katie grabbed a section of her hair and pulled it up.  She then directed Heather to start cutting right about her fingers.  Heather confidently complied.


“Can’t wait!” Amber smiled as she heard the sound of the scissors and felt the locks of hair fall to the floor.


Heather continued to snip away, with Katie’s guidance.  The two worked in tandem, with Heather yielding the scissors and Katie showing her where to cut.  Betty and Emma looked on in awe and admiration.


“Wow, can you believe our girl?”  Betty said.  “Hard to believe this is the same girl that just a few weeks ago completely covered herself up and had hair down past her ass.”


Emma looked over at Betty, “And we have the distinction of having the only major hair changes not done by Evan.”  Once again rubbing her head, while also reaching over to Betty and rubbing her head.  “You know you can’t let her down.”  Taking her hand back “Don’t worry, I’m sure you won’t regret it.”  She smiled, “and I think you’ll have PLENTY of company.”


“I know, I know.”  Betty acknowledged.  “I will.  I promised.”  She looked over at Emma.  “You certainly seem to be enjoying yourself.”


“Oh, I am.”  Emma grinning goofily.  They both turned their attention back to Katie and Heather making quick work of Amber’s hair.  With each snip Heather seemed to gain more and more confidence and moved quickly.


“Hey, Heather, you’re doing amazing.  You got this?”  Katie asked.  “I’ll be right back.”


“Um, yeah, I guess so.”  Heather replied but Katie had already taken off up the stairs and headed to her bedroom.  Heather proceeded to make the final few snips of Amber’s hair and did her best to get the hair to stand up.  After a few moments, Heather put the scissors down satisfied with the results.

“Oh, are you done?”  Amber said excitedly.  “I can’t wait to see.”


“Hold up, one final step.”  Katie said as she returned down the stairs.  She hurried back over to Heather and Amber.  She had a small tube in her hand.  She stood behind Amber and opened the bottle and squeezed its contents into her hand.  She then proceeded to rub it through Amber’s hair and work the gel over every part of her head.  This gave her hair the extra height Amber’s new style would need.  Another minute and Katie stepped back.  It was the best she was able to do, but hoped Amber would approve.  “Ok, you’re done.”


Amber stood up, still with her eyes closed.  Betty and Emma came over and helped guide her into the bathroom.  Katie and Heather followed close behind.  Once Amber was carefully positioned in front of the mirror, Katie turned the light on, as Betty and Emma stood back.  Amber slowly opened her eyes and stared at the image in front of her.  Her jaw dropped as she reached her hand up and slowly felt the buzzed hair as she slid her hand up the back of her head.  Then, reached her other hand over the top of her head and felt the short spiky locks that now adorned her head.  After what felt like an eternity but was really only about a minute Amber screamed.  The other girls all looked at each other dejected and horrified.  Before any of them had the chance to say anything Amber turned around to face the girls, with the biggest smile on her face.


“Ya’ll outdid Yeselves.”  Amber said.  “This is truly amazing.  Ya know, I never would have done anything like this on my own, but this is fabulous.”  She leaned down to give Heather a hug and whispered in her ear “You have a real talent.  Never doubt Yaself.  I hope I get to have you do my hair again someday.”  Heather blushed.


“Say Thank You.”  Katie poked Heather.


“Th-Thank, um, Thank You.” Heather stammered ok.  “I’m glad you like it.”


“Ya know, I needed an update, I wasn’t planning on going this short, but I’m glad I did.”  Amber continued.


“I gave you some of my gel to keep it spiky.  It really finishes the look.  You don’t have to always style it that way, but if you want to, I can show you what I use and where you can get some.”  Katie chimed in.  “But you shouldn’t need much else beyond that.”


“Oh, I can totally handle that.  Yes, that would be great, and this color, WOW!  Ya’ll really went for it, eh?”  Amber grinned.  “Not sure about the upkeep on this, but damn, I’m gonna give it a shot.”


“The color was all this one’s idea” Betty pointed to Emma, “which of course is a tad ironic given –”


“Yes, I’m bald now.”  Emma cut her off, laughing.  “Yeah, it’s probably going to be this way for a while.  Someone has to have fun with color in my steed.”


“OK, well, this has been a blast.  I’ve had a great night, but I probably should get going.  It’s late and I’ve kept you all up long enough.”  Amber made her way out of the bathroom followed by everyone else.  “Just tell me how much I owe ya’ll and I’ll be on my way.”


“Oh, we could never accept any payment from you.  It was our pleasure.”  Emma cut in before anyone else could answer.  “Your happiness is payment enough.”


“I can’t accept that.  Please let me offer you all something.”  Amber insisted.  “Ya’ll saved me so much time and money already, had I gone elsewhere.”  Amber continued.  “And I guaranteed this was way more fun.”  She turned towards Katie, “I must at least reimburse you for this gel.”  Dragging her hands through her hair.


As Amber said goodbye, she slipped Katie a twenty-dollar bill and called Heather over.  She once again expressed her gratitude and made sure Heather knew it.  She had a real talent and hoped that Heather would continue to engage.  As she reached down for one final hug, she also gave Heather a fifty-dollar bill and whispered “our secret” into her ear.  Then Amber walked down the path, got into her car and drove away while the girls all waved from the door.


One Last Step

“Well, that certainly was an exciting evening.”  Emma declared as she closed the front door.  “Amber was fun.  I’m glad we met her.”


“Heather, looks like you really have a future in hairstyling.”  Betty wrapped her arm around her shorter teammate’s shoulders.  “You’re already building up a clientele.”


“She can definitely count on me.”  Emma confirmed, turning to Katie “Sorry, Katie, looks like you boyfriend lost another client.”


“It’s ok Emma, I’m sure he’ll understand” Katie smiled “and Heather, I’m, sure Evan would be happy to train you and help perfect your skills.  Although, you seem to be a very quick learner and a natural talent.”


“Thanks,” Heather smiled “it ended up being way more fun than I thought.”  She let out a sigh “I never would have imagined that I’d ever do this and have any sort of interest in cutting hair, but I have to admit, I do have to give it some serious consideration.”


“So, Heather, do you still miss your hair at all.”  Betty couldn’t help but ask.


“What hair?”  Heather grinned, winking.


“Well, I guess that answers that then.”  Emma declared, rubbing Heather’s head.  “Ok, everyone, let’s clean up and head to bed.  Unfortunately, we have an early morning and have to head back to campus in the morning.”


“One last swim?”  Heather pleaded.  “It doesn’t have to be long, but it’s been my favorite part of this trip.”  She looked over at Emma, “Well, maybe second favorite.”  She smiled “Besides, you haven’t gone in since –” she pointed towards Emma’s head.


“Since you shaved my head?”  Emma finished Heather’s sentence.  “Well, it’s not like I’ve had the chance.”


“Heather…” Betty called out.  Heather turned to look at Betty.  “Heather, is there any other particular reason why you want to use the pool so bad?”  Betty was fishing, but she also suspected Heather might be up to something.


“Um… Well,” Heather looked up at the ceiling.  “Maybe?”  She looked down at the floor.  Betty, Katie and Emma all looked at each other.


“I suppose you’d like all of us to join you?”  Katie inferred.


“Ideally.”  Heather started to get excited.  “Most of you didn’t even spend that much time IN the pool just BY the pool.  It’s nighttime, there’s no sun, so no point in any of you lounging.”


“OK” Emma answered for the group.  “Ok, Heather.  We’ll all go for one last swim.”  She sighed.  “But it’s not going to be for long and everybody better get up willingly in the morning.”


They all agreed and went off to their respective bedrooms to change.  Heather got to her room and dug through her suitcase.  She was looking for something specific.  It was time.  She felt closer than ever to these girls and wanted to remember the special weekend.  After the night she had, she felt more comfortable and confident than ever.  She had spent the past few hours in just her Sports bra around a virtual stranger and didn’t even think about it.  This was after spending the previous few hours in a short crop top and miniskirt while out in public and while she was very aware of it at first as the night went on, she adjusted and grew less and less self-conscious as the evening went on.  After wearing a bikini for the first time just a few days ago, she truly felt like “one of the girls” and it was time for her take that final step.  Finally, after a few minutes’ search she found what she was looking for.  She held the bathing suit up, staring at it for a moment and let out a deep sigh.  “OK, ‘dental floss’ it’s now or never” she said.


“She’s the one who wanted this and we’re all waiting around for her.”  Katie remarked to Betty and Emma as they stood by the pool waiting for Heather to show up.


“Just give her a moment.”  Betty scolded.  “I think we all know what’s going on.   She needs this.”


“It’s why I agreed” Emma agreed, diving into the pool.  “Wow, that feels so amazing.”  Emma declared when she came back up to the surface.  “You two might as well get in, you know we’ll all end up in here anyway.”


Betty and Katie both looked at each other.  Emma made a fair point.  Betty sat down on the side of the pool and eased her way in, while Katie dipped her toe and then jumped.  Emma splashed both girls and they splashed back.  Heather was right; while all three had spent the majority of the weekend in their bikinis and lounged around the pool, they each spent very little time actually in the pool, and it was fun.  In fact, they were all having such a good time that they missed the sound of the sliding door open and shut and the approaching footsteps.


“Hi,” came the voice from behind them “sorry, I took so long.  Glad you didn’t wait for me.”  The three turned around and looked up.  Their mouths all dropped.  What they saw before them was not unexpected yet still shocking to actually see.


“Hey, kiddo.  I told you you’d look stunning.  How do you feel?”  Betty was the first to recover and say something.


“Good” Heather smiled as she joined her friends in the pool.  “Better than I expected actually.  I have to admit you were right.  When I first saw this, I thought, there was no way I’d be caught dead wearing something like this.  Even when we first arrived, and I saw this I thought you were nuts to expect that I’d wear it.  Yet here I am.”


“Here you certainly are.”  Betty smiled.  She felt good.  The growth in Heather over the past few weeks was remarkable and she couldn’t help but feel some responsibility towards that.  Sure, she might have pushed a little far at first but, ultimately it seemed to pay off.  Not only was Heather willingly wearing the string bikini, but she seemed happy and confident to be doing so, without a bit of self-awareness or doubt in her.


“Betty’s right, Heather.”  Katie chimed in “You look stunning.  We need to take you out more often.”


“I don’t know yet.” Heather blushed.  She was getting better, and she was starting to recognize that she looked good, but still wasn’t used to all the extra attention it was bringing her.  “I’m just comfortable around you three.  I don’t even know how I feel around the rest of the team, let alone anyone else.”  She dove under the water and swam around before coming back up at the other end of the pool.  “I’m sure I’ll get there, and I do enjoy this more than I ever thought possible, but I don’t know, I think I still need some more time.”


“So, does this mean, I can get you a few more of those?”  Betty asked.


“Would it make you happy if I said ‘Yes’?”  Heather smiled and splashed Betty with a large wave of water.


“What do you think?”  Betty splashed back, as all the girls splashed around and engaged in a water fight.


After a few more minutes of fun, it was time to exit the pool.  The girls all said their goodnights and headed to their separate rooms and got ready for bed.


All Good Things Must Come To An End

Morning came early, but everyone was up and ready when they were supposed to be.  After a quick breakfast, they started cleaning the house and packing the car.  All too soon, it was time to leave.  Once again, the girls all dressed casually and comfortably, in crop tops and shorts.  Heather decided to take it a step further and decided to wear one of her bikini tops.  Not the “dental floss” from the night before, but a tie-dyed bandeau style one.


“Wow, Heather.  You really want to put us to shame, huh.”  Katie ribbed.


“Oh, I’m sorry.  I can change.”  Heather replied softly.


“No, No, no, absolutely not!”  Emma interjected.  “Heather you’re fine, Katie was only joking.  If you’re comfortable we’re all fine.”  She continued.  “We’re just impressed, that’s all.”


As Heather and Betty slid into the back seat, Betty whispered to Heather.  “I’m very proud of you, kiddo.” She wrapped her arm around Heather and pulled her close.  Heather smiled.  She was proud of herself as well.  She liked Betty, she liked all the girls but especially felt a tight bond with Betty.  She had previously idolized Shandra, but she discovered how nice it was to get the respect reciprocated.


“I just want to thank you all for including me on this trip.”  Heather began.  “I am eternally grateful and will remember it forever.”


“We’re glad you came.”  Emma, from the front passenger seat turned around to face Heather.  “We’re glad you came, and” She reached up and rubbed her head, “I want to PERSONALLY thank you for this.”  Emma grinned.  “But damn if it isn’t already starting to feel a bit rough.”


“The rest of the team certainly will be shocked.”  Katie cautioned.


“Yeah, probably.”  Emma replied, turning back around.  “But not as much as if it was 6 months ago.”


“No, that was me.”  Katie confessed.  “But it is when your journey started.”


“True and I suppose this is where it ends.”  Emma declared.  “You may not have kept your bald head for long, but I will.”  Turning back towards Heather as she winked “As long as I can count on my barber to keep it up.”


“I already said I would.”  Heather huffed.


“So, is this going to be the new divide?” Betty wondered.


“What!?” Emma snapped at Betty.  “What divide?”


“Well, When the season started, before I had all my hair hacked off, there was an even split between the long hair and short hair.”  Betty explained.  “After this one,” nudging Heather “We, now, all have short hair, but with us, plus Anna, after Shandra’s shave next week, half the team will be bald or will have been bald at one point.”


“You’re not there yet.” Heather looked up at Betty.


“OK, Kiddo.”  Betty rubbed Heather’s head.  “You just won’t let that go, will you?”


“Nope” Heather grinned.


“Guess I’ll get to be the scale tipper, again.”  Betty sighed.


“Hopefully, that ‘division’ you’re concerned about lasts just as long” Emma replied.


Katie slammed on the breaks and turned to face Emma “You want the whole team to be bald!”


“Well, I’m definitely not opposed to it, but I wouldn’t force anyone.” Emma chuckled.  “Does that surprise you?”


Katie could only shake her head, as she stepped back on the gas and continued along.  She brushed her hand through her mohawk.  She certainly had no issue shaving her head again, especially if the rest of the team was doing it.  However, she had serious doubts about getting the entire team on board, especially Melissa, but she certainly enjoyed this new side to her captain.


“So, what are you gonna tell Anna?”  Betty once again challenging Emma.


“Betty, I love you, but you’re just determined to ruin this car ride for me, aren’t you?”  Emma gritted.


“Sorry.”  Betty apologized.


Emma had been thinking about Anna, though.  Emma had been thinking about a lot of things.  The team was going to need a new fundraiser.  No more of the team of cheerleaders with the long flowing locks to be bid on.  Anna using her social media influence to host her own fundraiser by shaving her head almost raised more money than the rest of the team combined.  In fact, taking out Evan’s very generous contribution for both her and Katie’s hair and it’s not even close.  It wasn’t fair to rely on Anna to fund the entire team.  It especially wouldn’t be right to deny her the opportunity to do what she wishes when no one else on the team is.  However, if Anna could raise that much by herself, how much could the rest of the team contribute?  She rubbed her head.  Definity would need to schedule a meeting with Anna when they got home.

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