The Start of Something New: Volume II Chapter 4 — New Developments & Expectations

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Time for the next chapter in the adventures of our favorite cheerleaders.  Emma & the rest of the girls are back from their weekend getaway.  What does the rest of the team think of Emma’s new look?  What else is going on that has the team excited? 


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Now that you’re all caught up:




Welcome Home

It was mid-afternoon.  Katie pulled up to the house and parked the car.  The girls all sat for a moment and took a deep breath.  The mini vacation was over, and it was time to get back to reality.  After they unpacked the car, Katie was going to go see Evan and exchange cars.  As they headed up the stairs to the house, the door opened.


“Hey, welcome back did you all have a good – WOW EMMA! Your hair! Or rather lack thereof.”


“Hi Janie.”  Emma replied. “Yes, this was Heather’s work.  Do you like it?”


“Wow, I don’t think like is a strong enough word.”  Janie answered, stroking her own hair.  As she looked past Emma and noticed Heather, she really noticed Heather.  “Oh, Heather, looks like you had a good time.”


“I had a great time, Janie.”  Heather, still in her bikini top, smiled as she walked up the steps behind Emma.  When she got to the door, she took off her sunglasses and greeted her fellow freshman.  “How is everything going with you?”


“Well, I thought things were great,” Janie took a step back and looked over Heather “but apparently, I’ve got nothing compared to you.  Wow, Heather, you look amazing.  I never really noticed before.”  She took Heather’s bag from her.  “I also understand you’re responsible for Emma’s new look.  I just may have to schedule a visit with you myself.”


“Thanks, Janie.  So I’ve been told, and sure, I’d be happy to help you out.”  Heather was trying to reflect a new more outgoing personality and confidence to go along with her adopted new look.  Despite the conversation with Janie, it wasn’t easy, but she was determined to find a way to make it work.  She was so thankful to Emma, Betty and Katie and had such a fun time, she didn’t want to let them down.


“Oh, no! Not you too!  You’re multiplying!”  Melissa exclaimed tearfully as she made her way down the stairs.  Janie, Emma, Heather, and Betty, who had just entered the house, all looked up.  Melissa, who rarely ever wore more clothes then absolutely necessary was in a tiny orange bralette and matching booty short, her white-blonde hair pulled back in a half ponytail.  “Emma! I can’t believe this.”  As she reached the bottom step, she was on the verge of tears.  “As if all the short hair wasn’t bad enough!  Are we all supposed to shave our heads now, too?”  Unable to hold them back any longer Melissa started bawling.  Emma walked over to Melissa and tried to offer a comforting hug.


“Only if we want to.”  Betty cheerfully chimed in, trying to be of help, but as was often the case misread the room, as she got glaring looks back from those present.


“No, dear.  It’s everyone’s personal choice.  I know this is a big change.  It’s actually something I’ve wanted to do for a while.  I really like it and will probably keep it like this.  I hope that’s ok with you but even if it isn’t I hope for the spirit of the team, you can understand.”  Emma looked Melissa in the eyes and gently stroked her hair.  “You’re a very valuable and important member of the team, and you can do whatever you want with your hair.”


“Damn Emma, I can’t stay upset.” Melissa smiled.  “I have to say as much as I hate the overall idea, you look absolutely stunning.  If anyone could pull the look off, it’s you.”


“Thank You, Melissa.”  Emma smiled back.  “That really means a lot, coming from you.”


“What’s going on?”  Katie walked into the house.


“Melissa approves of Emma’s new look.”  Betty stated matter-of-factly.


“Wow, who saw that coming.”  Katie remarked as she dropped her bags.


“Yeah, she hates the overall idea of it but thinks Emma at least pulls it off well.”  Betty informed.


“Ok, well, it’s something anyway.”  Katie started to turn back towards the door.  “Anyway, I’m off to see Evan.  I’ll be back later; you can fill me in.”  With that, Katie headed back out the door and towards the car.


“I need to find Anna and talk with her.”  Emma said after a moment.


“I’m guessing she’ll be going bald soon, then.”  Melissa moaned.


“And Shandra’s next up!”  Betty reminded everyone excitedly.


“UUGGGHHH!!!!” Melissa stormed off.


A Mutual Understanding

Anna was hanging out in her bedroom editing some content for her many Social Media accounts.  She was lounging in her Pajama pants and a T Shirt.  Anna was a bit of a minor celebrity online and had hundreds of thousands of followers.  The team made occasional “guest appearance” cameos depending on what content she was posting and who was around or available.  She heard a knock on her door.


“Come In!”  Anna shouted from her desk chair.  Emma, now sporting a baseball cap, front facing, entered.  Anna turned and faced her.  “Hey, Emma.  Did you have a good trip?”


“Yes.  It was very fun.  We all enjoyed the break. But it’s also nice to be back.  I hope I haven’t disturbed you.  Have you got a minute?”  Emma talked fast trying to get everything out.  Anna was one of the sweetest and most understanding people on the team, but she was still a bit nervous, which was also very unusual for her.


“Sure, absolutely.  Anything for you Emma.”  She gestured towards her bed so Emma could sit.  “I’m just editing some new content to post later, but nothing urgent.  What’s up?”


“Hi, Anna.  I’ve been meaning to talk with you for a while.  I wanted to get back to you on a comment you made a few weeks back.”  Emma began.  “So, right after Heather shaved her head that first time, we were in the hallway with Melissa and you made a comment about needing to update your look.”


“Yeah, I remember, you told me to hold off.”  Anna scratched the back of her head.  “So, I haven’t done anything.”


‘Right, and I appreciate that, but it’s only fair I tell you my thinking when I said that.”  Emma took a deep breath.  “OK, so as you’re aware the team has always done a ‘makeover day’ as a fundraiser with all the local salons bidding on our hair.  Obviously, we won’t be doing that anymore.  So, we need a new fundraiser.  I have a few ideas, but I’ll be opening up suggestions to the team.  Anyway, because of your big social media presence we gave you your own space and had your own hugely successful auction.”


“So, you want me to hold off, so I can do that again?”  Anna started.  “Sure, Em, no problem.  Anything for the team.  Do you need me to wait until Spring break again?”


“Woah, hold off, there.”  Emma was relieved but not done.  “First off, Thank You.  You’re a great team player.  That was my thinking originally, but I’ve, let’s say ‘evolved,’ on that.  This team is certainly unique and our hair is constantly changing and keeps getting shorter and shorter.  You’re well aware of this, as you were one of the first adapters.”


“I remember when there was talk of Katie and I wearing wigs all season.”  Anna remembered.  “Glad that didn’t happen.”


“Yeah, me to actually.”  Emma took another deep breath and reached up to remove her cap.  “Because I’d definitely be wearing one as well.”  Anna gasped.  “Yeah.  So…”  Anna got up and gestured towards Emma’s head.  “Go ahead.”


“I’m impressed Emma.”  Anna reached over and stroked Emma’s bare head.  “I didn’t see this coming.”  She stepped back.  “Katie did a really good job though.”


“Actually, it was Heather.”  Emma corrected.


“Heather?  Wow, I DEFINITELY wouldn’t have guessed that.”  Anna responded shocked.


“I know, Katie was going to do it, but Heather expressed interest, so I let her.”  Emma smiled “I think I’m hooked though, and she’s agreed to be my personal stylist.”


“It is pretty amazing isn’t in.”  Anna leaned forward in her chair grinning.


“It is.  So, anyway, it’s not fair of me to do this and deny you the opportunity.”  Emma paused.  ‘If you want it, of course.  Please there’s no pressure either way.”  She paused again.  “Oh, and you can do it any time you want, no need to wait.”


“Thanks, Emma.  That’s nice to hear.  I can still plan it out and do it as a fundraiser.”  Anna stood up.  “You think anyone else on the team wants to join in?”


“I don’t know, there may be a few.  We can ask around.”  Emma let out a sigh of relief.  This went better than she hoped.


“OK!  You’ve given me something new to tease!”  Anna got excited.  “Oh, and Emma, I have to get you on here.  My followers will go NUTS!”


“Alright, Anna.”  Emma started to get up.  “I’m glad you’re so excited about this.  Yes, I will pop on, at some point.  Just not right now.  I’ve just been in a car all day and need to unpack and unwind for a bit.”  Emma headed for the door and left.  Anna went back to editing, her mind already racing, coming up with new ideas.


Information Overload

The week was an interesting one.  While there was much settling into routine, there was a lot of excitement and anticipation building.  Emma and Heather would get up early every morning and go for their run.  Heather no longer questioned it and while she still wasn’t a fan of doing it, she started to enjoy it and looked forward to the time together.  She embraced the time and was quickly improving.  Tuesday morning, she greeted Emma with a new bandana.  She advised Emma it was better than the baseball cap on her now bald head, as it would capture the sweat better and not itch as much.  Heather also got more into the part and no longer felt any need to cover up as she now matched Emma’s outfit.  When they returned to the house, they would go into Emma’s room where Heather would give her a fresh shave, before leaving and both going about their day.


The twins still had a problem dressing the same, but it was no longer a constant.  However, any time they did, they used Katie’s trick where one would change her top and the other the bottom.  They alternated to keep things fair.


Betty was probably in the best spirits.  She knew what was coming at the end of the week and was looking forward to it.  Every time she saw Shandra all week, she made sure she was aware of it as well, by making a fist and moving it back over the top of her head while making a buzzing sound.  For her part, Shandra took it in stride.  While she was not looking forward to being bald, she was really over the mohawk and beyond ready to get rid of it.


Melissa had begun to accept that her hair was no longer long.  By far still the longest on the team, but she wasn’t a fan, while she knew she couldn’t bear to go short like her teammates, she accepted the trend on the team and desperately tried to find ways to make her situation better and figure out how much she could tolerate.


Janie started spending her free time with Heather and Anna.  She wanted to shave her head.  It’s not a desire she’d had for a long time.  She thought the Mily cut she had was a big jump, but if it was ever something she would do, now, with this team, would be the time to do it.  In her mind it was already decided and not a matter of if, but when.


Anna was hitting the social accounts hard and teasing a big announcement coming soon.  Her subscribers were growing and gaining new followers daily. She tried to get her teammates involved but met a lot of resistance.  She hoped her “plan” might help inspire them and also help her out, but only time would tell.


Friday night arrived and the entire team was gathered in the living room.  Coach Beth was there as well.  It was the perfect time for Emma to make a few announcements and then let everyone proceed with their night.  Of course, Evan was there ready to do everyone’s hair after the meeting.  He was joined by his new assistant, Heather, who had taken on an even greater interest over the past week and was ready for whatever the night had in store.  Dressed in her now typical Sport bra and shorts, which not only had long been her “unofficial official” haircut outfit but was quickly becoming her regular everyday casual look around the house.  The rest of the team was dressed similarly, with a few tank tops, T Shirts and capris mixed in.


“Alright, ladies, thanks for gathering.”  Emma stood at the front of the room, waving her hands back and forth in a clapping motion, her bare head glistening in the light.  The team was still getting used to their bald captain, but all admitted she looked fantastic and if anyone could ever serve as a spokesperson for the look, it was her.  “As usual, I’ll try to keep this brief and let us all get on with our evening.  Evan is here as usual, and Heather is here as well, to help out.”  Emma subconsciously rubbed her own head.  “She’ll be taking care of a few of us, to move things along.  We have another away game to go to so it will be another early morning.  Before, I go any further, Coach has a quick announcement that hopefully will excite you all as much as it excited me.”


Coach Beth stood up and walked over to Emma.  “Thanks, Emma.”  Emma smiled and went back to her seat on the couch.  Coach Beth faced the group and cleared her throat.  She was dressed in a track suit, with her typical team branded tank top cover by the jacket zipped halfway up.  Her long bleached blonde hair was up in its usual ponytail, which provided a stark contrast to the rest of the team’s short and missing locks.  She loved these girls, and they were like family.  While she had seen them plenty of times during practices and at games, they certainly were a site to be seen.  “Hi, everyone.  I’m going to keep this brief.  I want to start off by saying I’m very proud of all of you and we’ve had an amazing season so far.  We’ve got one final away game tomorrow and then two more home games coming up in a few weeks, and then that’s it.  The Football team is doing really well, so a postseason or bowl game is not out of the question, but nothing is guaranteed at this point.”  She paused while the team cheered and applauded.  “However, OUR season isn’t over, and we have an amazing opportunity on the horizon which I hope you all are as excited about as Emma and I are.”  She gestured to Emma who stood back up and they switched spots.


“Thanks, Coach.  So, I guess it’s on me.”  She looked over at Coach Beth who had sat back down.


“It’s you’re team.”  Coach replied.


“Ok, as coach just said an amazing opportunity has presented itself.  We’ve been selected to participate in the National Cheering Competition.  Only the top schools in the country get selected.  We’ve applied many times before, but we’ve finally been selected.”  Emma paused as the team erupted into more cheers and applause.  “We’ll have more to say on this later, but for now, just understand, it will be A LOT of work and you’re all expected to help each other out.  However, it should be well worth it.  Especially if we do well.”


“Emma!”  Melissa’s hand shot up.


Emma turned towards her.  “I’ll take questions and address all your concerns later.  The last thing I’ll say, for now, is that there is a HUGE cost involved, which leads to my second topic:  FUNDRAISING.  Now, as most of you know every year the team would put on a “makeover” fundraiser with the local Beauty salons bidding on us.”  She paused and took a deep breath.  “Unfortunately, I’m sure you would all agree, that would not be very viable for us anymore.”  Emma rubbed her head as she looked around the room.  “So, we need a new idea, or even multiple ideas.  So, I hope everyone can brainstorm a bit and get back to me with some ideas so we can discuss them and plan some out.  That being said – Anna, the floor is yours.”


Anna stood up and walked to the front of the room and faced the group. “You all know I’m big on social media.  I post a lot and have a lot of followers.  Some of you have even made guest appearances on any of my various posts.  Last year, while you guys were all off doing your fundraiser, I had my own special one for the opportunity to shave my head.  So, we’re gonna do it again.  It’s also open to –”


“I’m in” Janie’s hand shot up interrupting Anna.


“I haven’t even –” Anna started again.


“I don’t care, I’m in.”  Janie held firm.  “Whatever you want, I’m all in.”


“Ok, Janie.  That’s great” Anna continued “so, as I was saying.  It’s open to any of you. We’re not going to wait until Spring break.  While an exact date hasn’t been set, it will probably be sometime around the last regular season game.  Either right before or shortly after.  No decision needs to be made now, but once you decide, let me know and I can start promoting you on my accounts.”  Anna looked around to see how the team was reacting.  “Janie, I’ll talk with you later, after this meeting wraps up.”


Janie had a huge smile on her face, both because she was excited to shave her head, something she never would have ever dreamed of just a short time ago, but lately hasn’t been able to get out of her head and doing it in a way that was sure to help the team out, which she was also looking forward to.


Katie listened carefully, playing with her mohawk and looked over at Evan, who nodded.  She looked around the room, she saw Heather, and Emma, made note of Shandra and Betty.  She added Anna and now Janie.  She’d done it before and figured it was only a matter of time until it happened again.  She lifted her hand.  “Ok, I’m in as well.”  Betty and Heather, who were both next to her on the couch, looked over at her.  She just shrugged.


“Thanks, Katie.”  Anna looked to see if anyone else showed interest and then headed back to the couch.


Emma stood back up and walked back to the center of the room.  “By the way, for those interested, I will be keeping my head shaved going forward, but would consider stopping it for a short time, to participate.  We’ll see who else signs up.”  She stopped and then pivoted.  “If anyone else has any ideas, I’m all for them.  Otherwise, let’s move on to our main event.”  She turned toward Shandra.  “Ok, are you ready?”


Shandra, wearing a bright red and blue polka dot Sports bra and black leggings, looked at Emma and then around the room.  The truth is she was terrified, but she’d never let the team know.  She hated the mohawk and couldn’t wait for it to be gone, but then she’d be bald, and she knew she’d have to maintain it through the end of the season.  That season just got extended.  While it was exciting thinking about the competition, she definitely had mixed feelings about it.  She slowly got up and made her way over to the chair.  She exhaled and sat down tentatively.



Don’t Look At It As Revenge

Heather got up and walked over towards Shandra and Evan.  It certainly was a switch from last time.  She had idolized Shandra and looked up to her.  She was horrified at the thought of what the team was doing to Shandra.  Having her sit in front of the entire team as she had all her hair cut off into a mohawk.  Shandra handled it like a trooper though and that impressed Heather even more.  It helped inspire her to cut her own hair.  It ended up not working out and Heather was devastated.  However, now, Heather was nearly bald and loving it.  Shandra was about to join her, and Heather couldn’t have been happier to be the one to get her there.  Of course, it was only right that she got an assist from her new best friend and ‘mentor’ Betty.  Evan handed her the clippers.


“Betty,” Heather called out.  “I think it’s only fair that you join me up here.”


Betty, who was in a bright green crop top and jeans, stood up and made her way over.  Shandra looked up at Heather.  It was not often someone could actually look UP to Heather given her short stature.  Shandra stayed strong and refused to let anyone see her so vulnerable.  As Betty approached, Heather passed her the clippers.


“Thanks Heather.  I’ve been looking forward to this!”  Betty smiled and stared directly at Shandra.


“Ok, Betty.  So just –” Evan began to explain.


“OH, I know EXACTLY what to do.”  Betty interrupted.  She turned the clippers on and plunged them into the thin strip of hair that remained of Shandra’s hair and started laughing.  As Betty guided the clippers back along Shandra’s head tufts of curly teal hair fell all around Shandra.  She remained strong and refused to let anyone, especially Betty, see her squirm.  “You look better already.”  Betty continued passing the clippers over Shandra’s head, just for the fun of it.  After a few more passes, Evan stepped in.


“Ok, Betty, I think you’ve got it all.”  Evan chuckled as he took the clippers from Betty.


“Yeah, leave something for me.” Heather asserted herself, as she playfully ribbed Betty.


“Hey, you still get to finish her off, don’t worry.”  Betty shot back as she headed back to her seat.


Heather had shaved off her incredibly long hair because of Shandra.  It was misguided and Heather was filled with instant regret.  This was ‘revenge’ for Heather as much as it was for Betty.  She had to admit though, in hindsight, it was the best thing that ever happened to her.  Once getting over the initial trauma, she had really discovered herself and come into her own.  She found her lack of hair freeing and enjoyed not always being so covered up.  Her confidence was growing, and she was getting closer and more popular with, not just her teammates but classmates as well.


“Ok, Heather, so do you want to finish Shandra off?”  Evan asked, getting out the shaving cream.


“Wait!”  Suddenly, Shandra bolted up.  “Evan, you’re not doing it?”  This started to cause minor panic in her mind.


“It’s OK, Shandra.  I’m right here to step in if needed, but I think you’ll be fine.”  Evan tried to reassure the frightened cheerleader.


“Yeah, Shandra, you’ll be fine.  Heather’s been shaving my head all week.”  Emma chimed in.  “I trust her completely and I know you’re in good hands.”


“OK” Shandra sighed.  She had long accepted her fate and knew she needed to go along with whatever the team decided anyway, with no objection.  Besides, she had to admit, Emma did look really good, and she could only hope to pull off the look as well.  Especially, since she’ll be keeping it for a lot longer than she originally thought.  “Let’s get this over with.”


Evan squirted the shaving cream into Heather’s hand as she began to lather her hands.  Then she began to meticulously spread the cream all over Shandra’s head.  The rest of the team looked on and were glued to the sight.  Most looked on in keen interest.  Not that any of them had any ill will towards Shandra and she was a solid teammate, but there would also be very few objections to her being brought down a peg.  Heather wiped her hands and picked up the razor.  She placed the blade in the middle of the top of Shandra’s head and slowly dragged it back over her head.


Melissa squirmed uncomfortably in her seat.  Of everyone on the team she was struggling the most.  While most of the team seemed to be embracing all the hair changes and one upping each other going shorter and shorter, or like Shandra at least tolerating and going along with it for the good of the team, Melissa was not a fan, and it was making her sick.  It pained her to even cut her hair as much as she did and yet her hair was by far still the longest and it wasn’t close.  Now, following Emma, Shandra who had an amazing full head of hair just a few months ago, was about to be BALD.  After the earlier announcement at least 3 more would be following suit, and that’s not counting Betty.  She was sure they wouldn’t be the last.  Should she just do it now and get it over with?  Wait? What? Did she just think that?  What was happening?


Heather was working quickly, but efficiently and carefully.  Finishing up the top of Shandra’s head, she was moving on to the back and sides.  Shandra was doing all she could to keep her composure, but it wasn’t working.  Her lower lip began to quiver.  She absolutely refused to cry and remained stoned face.  Heather continued working her way through Shandra’s head.  It was mostly bare and with just a few more swipes the last of the shaving cream was gone, along with her hair.  As soon as she finished, she put her hand out towards Evan, ready for the shaving cream again.  It was important that Shandra be totally smooth, and any remnants of her hair be totally gone.  Although Heather may be relatively new to this head shaving game, she was a quick study and the one thing she knew for sure was to always make a second pass.  Especially, on the first time.


While all of this was going on, the entire team sat watching every second.  While Heather started lathering up Shandra’s head for the second pass, some on the team started murmuring and talking with each other.  Janie got up and walked over to Anna and sat down between her and Melissa.


“I’m so excited, Anna” Janie started.  “You’re amazing and I can’t wait to shave my head.”


“That’s great, Janie, to be honest I wasn’t expecting any volunteers so quickly.  It’s ok if you end up changing your mind.”  Anna cautioned Janie, making sure she knew there was no pressure.


“No way, I’m 100% in.”  Janie assured her.  “Ever since Heather shaved her head, I’ve admired her guts.  I thought it was a big deal when I first cut my hair, but she showed me this was nothing.”


“Well, my hair used to be a lot longer than it is now.  I had a bob, similar to how Melissa’s hair is now.  I wanted to shave my head but did this instead.  I only shaved it for the fundraiser last year but ended up keeping it that way for a bit because of my subscribers, but this has become my signature look.  Just like Katie’s mohawk has.”  Anna explained.  She looked up over at Emma.  “I have a feeling we’re looking at Emma’s new signature look, though.”


“I wonder if it will be mine as well.”  Janie pondered.


“UUGGHGH” Melissa looked over with disgust.  “I can’t believe this team.  What’s happening?”  Melissa got up and stormed off.


Betty looked over at Heather, who was about halfway through her second pass of Shandra’s head.  Evan was standing by her side and being very encouraging and reassuring, but otherwise wasn’t needed.


“Wow, Katie, not used to seeing your boyfriend playing the role of assistant.”  Betty began.  “I thought that was your job.”


“It’s ok Betty, he’s just helping Heather.  He’ll still be doing most of our hair later.”  Katie replied.  “Although, I guess I should enjoy my mohawk, while I still have it.”


“Yeah, did you just agree to shave your head?”  Betty inquired.  “Again”


“Well, it was last year’s fundraiser when I did it last time.  At least this time I know about it ahead of time.”  Katie answered.


“Heather really is becoming quite adept.  Her transformation has been amazing.”  Betty said gazing off.


“I think you can take a lot of credit for that.  You’ve worked wonders on her.   You’ll be in good hands with her.”  Katie said.


“Yeah, I guess.” Betty scratched her head.  She looked over at Heather who was nearly done.


Heather was making the last few passes over Shandra’s head.  There really was no hair left.  Heather just didn’t want it to end.  As she took the last stroke and put done the razor.  She reached for the hair waxing polish.  She pumped a small amount into her hand and then gently massaged it into Shandra’s head.  Shandra hated to admit it, as much as she hated the overall idea of being bald and had no idea how she looked, she didn’t actually mind this part, and Heather had been quite gentle with her.


“Ok, you’re done.”  Heather wiped her hands on a towel and Evan got the mirror out for Shandra to see.  Everyone turned their attention back towards Shandra to see her reaction.  As Shandra slowly turned to face the mirror, her eyes began to well up.  She needed to remain strong and refused to let anyone see her cry.  She hated the mohawk and was glad to see it gone, but this wasn’t any better.  She took a deep breath and acknowledged it would be a long time before her long flowing, curls would return, if ever.


“Well, this will certainly take some getting used to.”  Shandra began.  “But given all the other shavings coming up, I guess I’m ahead of the game this time.”  This was the most positive thing she could say and not completely break down, but even this was too much and not wanting anyone to know how she truly felt, she slowly turned and walked out of the room.  As she got to the stairs, her pace became faster and then after another minute there was the sound of a door opening and then slamming shut.


“She hates it doesn’t she.”  Betty grinned from ear to ear as Heather sat back down next to her.  “You were amazing, though, kiddo.”  Betty wrapped her arms around Heather and gave her a good shake.  “You have a real knack for this.”


“You’re next” Heather turned towards Betty and stated matter-of-factly.


‘Yes, I know” Betty sighed.  “Just give me at least a few days to enjoy this and soak it all in.”


Year Round Co-Eds

Emma got up and returned to the center of the room.  “Ok, well, Evan is still here.”  She turned to face Heather “As is Heather, to address all your hair needs.  Anna” she turned to look at Anna to confirm what she was about to say, “will be sticking around for a bit for anyone who wants to talk with her and don’t forget other fundraising ideas.  I’ll be around if anyone needs to discuss anything.  Otherwise –”


“Emma?” Jenny’s hand shot up.  “Emma, sorry to interrupt, but I have an idea.”


“OK, Jenny, that’s great.  I’d love to hear it.  Come see me as soon as we wrap up.”  Emma informed.


“Can I just say it now?  I want to get the group’s input.  I really think we’ll all like it.”  Jenny challenged.


“Ok, sure.  Go ahead.”  Emma nodded, scanning the room to see if there were any objections.


“Well, there’s 12 of us.  There’s also 12 months in a year.”  Jenny began.  “What about a calendar?  We each take a different month.  We can get all kinds of fun props and dress in a sexy and revealing but appropriate way.”  Jenny looked around to see how the others were reacting.  “I’ve actually had this idea for a while, and I have a friend that might be willing to help out.”


“That’s a really neat idea, Jenny.”  Emma complimented.  “We can put it to a vote and get it scheduled.”


“Yeah, and I had even thought, Heather would be perfect for December, and it could allow her to be more covered up and still participate.”  She looked over at Heather, in her Sports Bra and booty shorts, looking every bit the modern Aphrodite that the team had come to realize she was “Although, I suppose that’s not really much of a concern anymore.”


The entire team turned to look at Heather.  She blushed at all the attention.  She was getting there and definitely felt more comfortable and confident than she ever did before, but this was a big step and still wasn’t entirely used to all the attention, but also wanted to be a team player.  Sensing Heather’s uneasiness and not wanting to draw attention to it, Emma brought the focus back to her and moved on.


“OK, so as I was saying.  It’s starting to get late, and we have an early morning.”  Emma reiterated.  “So, make sure you all stop by and see Evan at some point and get to bed early, but the official part of this meeting is over.”  Emma clapped her hands to break up the meeting.  “Can someone check on Shandra?  I’m going to go find Melissa and then I’ll be back.”


Business As Usual?

Emma turned and exited the room, followed closely by Elsa.  After another moment, the rest of the team began to disperse.  Annie headed over to Evan and sat down in the chair.  Anna and Janie continued to talk about their upcoming head shaves.  Jenny and Jessie both left and headed towards the kitchen to grab a snack.


“The calendar idea seems pretty cool.”  Betty commented.  “I’d vote for it.”


“Which month would you want?”  Katie asked.


“Oh, I don’t know.  It doesn’t really matter.”  Betty declared.  “Maybe November?  I like Thanksgiving.”


“That’s cool.  I think it would be fun, as well.”  Katie smiled.  “It’s like we’ll get to be models and fawned over.”


“What do you think kiddo?” Betty asked.


“Um, I don’t know.  I guess it could be fun.”  Heather answered softly.  She stood up.  “We should probably go over and help Evan.”


“Aww, Heather.  We’ll make it work for you.  Whatever month you want.”  Katie stood up to join Heather.  “No one should be hiding ANY of this though.”  Highlighting Heather’s body which was now getting shown off on the regular.  “But we can discuss it later.  Let’s go.”  They both headed off to help out Evan who was deep into Annie’s hair when they arrived.


“So, we’re shaving you bald, again, huh?”  Evan greeted Katie as she and Heather arrived.


“Well, I looked over and I thought you indicated, you’re OK.”  Katie explained.


“No, I did.  I’m just teasing.  You already know I’ll be your highest bidder.”  Evan retorted.


“It’s too bad I’m graduating.”  Annie chimed in from the chair.  “I’d consider it otherwise.”  Everyone looked at her.  She looked up at them.  “Hey, I was an early adapter to this whole thing.  It seems like at least more than half of the team is going that way.  Hell, I’m still not TOTALLY against it.”  She shrugged.  “It doesn’t seem to be bothering Emma at all.”


It Really Is Free Will

“I love this team.  I love you and all my teammates.”  Melissa explained.  “I’m just really not a fan of what’s going on right now.”


“I know, Melissa.”  Emma consoled.  “I promise, you are well liked and we all back whatever you want.  I know things have gotten a bit crazy with our hair, but it REALLY is your choice.”


“I just hate this look so much.  I would have been better off, just leaving my hair as it was.”  Melissa was on the verge of tears.  “At least, then I liked how I looked.”


“Nobody told you to cut it, but I do understand.”  Emma really was trying to figure out how to make things better.  “We can’t magically grow your hair back.  So, what do you think would be best for you.”


“I don’t know.  I honestly don’t know.” Melissa looked up at Emma and twirled her shoulder grazing white, blonde bob mindlessly around her fingers.  “I can’t believe you shaved your head.”


“Honestly,” Emma chuckled and ran her hand over her bare dome, “Sometimes, neither can I.”  Emma looked at Melissa “But I really do love it and have ZERO regrets.”  Melissa rolled her eyes.  “This is not in any way putting pressure on you or encouraging you to do it.  I understand it’s definitely not for everyone and I never would have dreamed of this even just a few months ago.”


“I not shaving my head!” Melissa declared.  “No way, no how.”


“I know, let’s just do what we can to make you happy.”  Emma tried to find a way to cheer Melissa up.  “Whatever you want to do with your hair is totally fine with me, and if ANYONE gives you any flack or trouble, you let me know and I’ll take care of it.”


“Thanks, Emma.”  Melissa tried to smile.  “I’ll try to figure this out and be more positive.  Give me some time.  I’ll go down and talk with Evan and hopefully we can come up with a plan.”


“Sounds good.”  Emma said.  “I’m here if you need me.”


Everything Is Going To Be OK

Elsa knocked on Shandra’s bedroom door.  Shandra was polarizing to many of her teams.  She was an amazing cheerleader, and everyone knew it, but she was not a particularly nice person.  Elsa often played peacekeeper and often was the one keeping Shandra in check.


“Shandra?  It’s Elsa.  May I come in?”  Elsa asked, though the door.


“Just a minute.”  Shandra answered.  After a minute there was a clicking of the door unlocking and then it swung open.  “Hi, Elsa.”  Shandra sniffled.  She tried to hide it, but Shandra has been crying.  Her newly shaved head glistened, and her eyes were red.  “Come in.”


“Shandra, are you ok?”  Elsa asked as she stepped into the room.


“I’ve been better.”  Shandra admitted.  “it’s just been a lot.”  Elsa went over and gave Shandra a hug.  “I knew it was coming and tried to prepare and honestly, I’m just as happy to not have that mohawk anymore, but this is still a big adjustment.”  She rubbed her bare head.


“Yes, I know, and you’ve handled it well.”  Elsa agreed.  “The good news is it’s over now.”


“Is it though?  The season was supposed to go a few more weeks.  I was prepared to deal with that, then I’d have the freedom to do as I choose, and I could start regrowing my hair again.”  Shandra started, trying to keep her composure.  “Except, well, you heard Emma.  Our season is extending via the competition.  Normally, I’d be thrilled.  A Competition?  That’s what we dream of.”  Shandra reached up and rubbed her head “But that just means keeping this longer.  I don’t know, Elsa” Shandra sat down on her bed.  “I don’t know if I can handle this.”


Elsa sat down next to Shandra and tried to console her.  “You should definitely talk to Emma and Coach.  See what they say.  You’ve taken on everything they’ve asked of you.  This competition, while great was not part of the original deal.”


“The deal was actually, as long as I wanted to be a part of the team.  I just assumed when we weren’t actively cheering, I might have a little more freedom, but I might have been wrong about that.”  Shandra clarified.  “I’ll be ok, though.  It’s just an adjustment.”  She stood up.  “I think I’m going to call it an early night, though.  I’ll see you in the morning.”  Elsa stood up and headed for the door.  “Thanks for stopping by, though.”  Elsa left and Shandra shut the door behind her.



Heather’s Double Dip

After Annie, Evan continued cycling through the rest of the team.  There were no major updates planned or expected, just maintenance and clean up for what everyone already had.  That didn’t mean the action around the chair was uneventful.


“I just hope you’re not offended.” Janie apologized.  “I love this look and it’s been a dream, but I’m ready for the next step.”


“Not at all Janie, and you’ll definitely pull it off.”  Evan assured her as he trimmed up her hair “I’m just happy for any small part I’ve played.”


“Oh, most definitely.”  Janie enthused “I’d never even be doing that if it wasn’t for this team, and you giving me this initial cut.”


“Well, I will make sure to keep it looking sharp, for as long as you still have it.”


When Janie finished Jenny sat down.  She seemed nervous but also comfortable.


“Should I shave my head?”  She asked.  Evan, Katie and Heather all stared at her.  “Well, I mean I don’t really want to, but if I do Jessie won’t.”


“Does she want to?”  Katie asked.


“Not that I’m aware of, but I never know with her anymore.”  Jenny replied.


“So, why does you shaving your head mean Jessie won’t?”  Heather inquired, innocently enough.


“We’ve worked so hard, recently to be different, so if I shaved my head she won’t because then we’d look the same again.”  Jenny explained.


“But you don’t want to.”  Katie clarified.


“Not really, I like this look and I think it really suits me, but I don’t want my sister to either, and I feel like she might, so I kinda want to beat her to it, so she can’t.”


“That seems kind of….” Katie found herself searching for the right word.


“Vindictive?”  Jenny said.  “Yeah, I know.  Who knew I had it in me.”  She turned towards Heather.  “By the way I need a new Workout partner.  Are you interested?”


“Um, I-I-I Don’t Know.”  Heather stammered.  “I guess?”


“My sister and I used to go to the gym together all the time, but we want to do things separately now, so I need someone new to go with.” Jenny explained.  “It’s not a lot.  We’ve kept it pretty light, but it definitely helps having a partner.”


“OK.” Heather agreed.  She wasn’t very good and wasn’t a fan of the idea of working out, but then the same could be said about running and she had adapted to that and was starting to get better, so how bad could this be?


“Cool, I’ll look for you later so we can work out a schedule.”  Jenny said, getting up from the chair.  “Thanks, Evan.  Great job as always.”


Anna was next followed by Elsa.  Then Jessie, in a white tank top and blue athletic shorts, showed up.


“Hello, Jessie.” Evan greeted the other twin.  “How are you doing?”


“Great!”  Jessie answered, sitting down in the chair.  “This team is so amazing!”


“Well, you’re certainly in good spirits.”  Katie amused “What’s got you in such a good mood?”


“I love the individuality that this team promotes.”  Jessie answered “So often, on cheer squads, we are all encouraged to be uniform and the same.  Even this team, last year was like that.  Then, you cut your hair, and everything changed.”  She continued “It’s enough being a twin, I know we’ll always have that link, but it’s been nice being my own person as well.  For the first time in my life really.”


“That’s really great, Jessie.”  Katie replied.  “I like the changes to the team as well.”


“I’m finally starting to feel like my own person.  She’s my sister and I love her, but we both are enjoying the separate lives.”  Jessie continued.  “There’s only two problems we have to work out” Jessie paused, then chuckled slightly, “which is actually one of the issues.”  She turned to Heather, “Jenny and I used to exercise together but we agreed to do things separately now, so I could use a new buddy.  I thought of you immediately.  I hope you’re willing.”


“Uh, I’m not sure.”  Heather stammered, knowing she had just agreed to the same with Jenny.


“Please, Heather, I’m so impressed with all you’ve got going on lately.”  Jessie pleaded “I promise it will be fun and easy.”


“Err, alright.” Heather reluctantly agreed.


“Ok, Jessie.  You’re all set.”  Evan cut in.


“Thanks, Evan.  Perfection as always.”  Jessie stood up and turned to Heather, “Thanks, Heather, I’ll be in touch, and we can come up with some kind of schedule.”  She walked away.


“Heather, didn’t you just agree to workout with Jenny?”  Katie inquired.


“Yeah” Heather said softly.


“And also, now the same with Jessie?”  Katie continued.


“Uh, huh.”  Heather confirmed.


“So, you’re going to work out with both of them?”  Katie looked right at Heather “Plus, your daily runs with Emma?”


“I know!”  Heather let out a deep sigh.  “I can’t say no, and I don’t like confrontation.”  She tried to fight back tears.  “This is all new to me.  I don’t know what I’m doing.”


At this point, Mellisa walked over and sat down.  She and Evan engaged in a deep conversation.  Katie pulled Heather aside so they could talk.  Heather was certainly stepping up and making huge improvements, but it was overwhelming, and perhaps just a touch fast.  She was embracing it and gaining confidence, but it was still a lot.  She liked who she was becoming but there was still a lot to navigate.


Melissa got up after a quick chat and left satisfied.  Katie turned back towards Evan and took her turn.  Heather headed back over toward Betty who was still on the couch waiting for her.  Heather sat down and started teasing Betty.


“OK, Betty, I guess it’s your turn next.”  Heather teased.


“Oh, kiddo.  You can’t even give me the night.”  Betty joked.  “I know, I know. Hey, I’m a woman of my word.  I promise you.  Just give me a few days and I’m all yours.”


“It’s ok, Betty.  I trust you.”  Heather affirmed.  “You’re my best friend and I know you’d never let me down.”

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