This is not me- Cherry’s turn

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Disclaimer: my natural language is not English so it can be a bit confusing
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It had been a few months since Kate’s long curly golden hair transitioned into a short pixie cut with adorable bangs. As Cherry said, she not only got used to her new hair but ended up liking it, she thinks about growing it out again but says it’s not something that will happen soon nor does she say she’ll grow it out as long as before, but a bit to try a new style.

Cherry couldn’t be happier for her not to mention that she liked her hair, especially on nights when she rubbed her short neck.

But her pixie had grown and looked unkempt, Kate tried to comb it as best she could but it wasn’t enough but well she was new to the world of short hair so it was logical that she would try to fix it the way long hair is usually fixed.

And that’s what she was doing now, combing and styling her hair to go to work while Cherry waits for her while twirling a reddish strand of her ponytail on her finger.

-“Honey, hurry up, or we’ll be late”- Cherry says as she throws and catches the car keys.

-“If we weren’t late when my hair was long we won’t be late now red”- giggles and she walks out of the room with her hair combed just enough not to look too unkempt but still she looked a bit long and shapeless.

-” Everything is possible these days”- she laughs and kisses her and they both get in the car heading to their work.

Along the way, Kate tries to comb some strands that were coming out of her place, looking frustrated when she didn’t achieve her goal.

-“Oh come on stay still” -she says as she keeps trying

-” They won’t do that  believe me, your hair has grown enough to lose the shape of the pixie and be unkempt”

-” But I take care of my hair and style it as best I can, what else should I do?”

-“What did you do when your curls looked dull and unruly?”- Cherry asks with a small smile. She had discovered a few months ago that the best way to help her girlfriend with her new hair was by reminding her what she used to do with long hair in the same or similar situation.

-“Well, I trimmed the ends…..oooooh”- Kate says looking like a child who has just learned something new and amazing.

-” And there it is, you understood what I meant”- Cherry laughs while she sees from the corner of her eye her adorable reaction.

-” You could have just said you need a trim you know?”-she rolls her eyes

-” And miss that reaction? no thanks” -she jokes only to see the blush that appears on Kate’s cheeks and that now she couldn’t hide behind a golden hair but it’s something she got used to

-” Well anyway, I’ll ask Rose when she’s free and fix this that is driving me crazy” -she says to try again to fix small hairs

-” Who knows maybe you’ll be lucky and she can today” – a flower appears in Kate’s hands to relax her

-” I hope so” -she smiles at her and blush as they continue on their way to work

The day passed normally, well everything normal that a day can be for people with powers like them, tired and needing at least one glass of wine, the couple is once again in their car on the way home or so Cherry thought until that Kate spoke

-” Oh hun I forgot, can you take me to Rose’s salon please?” -says she after remembering her hair appointment seeing small hair out of place again

-” Oh is she free? But how lucky you are, I would have had to wait a week to have an appointment” – she laughs and changes the way to the salon

-” Well, advantages of having a hairdresser friend, besides, a fire sorceress like me deserves special attention” -she laughs and small flames appear on her fingers

-hahaha someone feels sassy and confident today huh?” – giggles and smirks at the attitude Kate used to joke around

-” Always” – winks and both laugh.

Minutes later they were in front of a big and beautiful beauty salon and something luxurious like in the movies, nothing strange knowing that Kate is the one who usually goes there.

-” I’ll go buy some things and then I’ll come for you, okay?” -Cherry says when she parks the car

-” I don’t think it will take long, why don’t you wait inside with me?”-she looks at her and takes off her seat belt

-“I don’t know, don’t you want some time alone to talk about the romantic and cheesy movies that you and the girls there?” -she rolls her eyes and sighs playfully knowing the obsession that she and her friends may have with those movies

-“Okay first it will be just the three of us, Rose made room after closing for me, secondly don’t deny me that you like to listen to us, you may hate movies but you like gossip and drama and third I want my girlfriend there to give her opinion, come on come and I’ll tell Rose to give you cookies” – she gives puppy ​​eyes

-“Cheater! you know I can’t say no when you look at me like that”-she laughs and sighs defeated turning off the car- “Okay I’ll come in with you honey, you better give me cookies”

-” I promise I’ll” -kisses her and both get out of the car and stood in front of the dark salon. Kate knocks on the door and in one minute a tall tanned girl with overalls, dark eyes, and an asymmetrical pink bob opens the door.

-“Hey girls, nice to see you again”-Rose smiled and let them head into the salon.  

-“Nice to see you again Rose, oh new haircut?”- says Cherry as heads in with Kate. Even though the salon looked dark outside, inside have soft light on, enough to see the reception and behind some hair stations and wash stations

-“Well is new for you, If you came to visit me more often you would know I’ve had it for a while” – she laughs and hugs them both as you walk to the stations.

-Ok ok I admit it’s my fault, but hey it looks great on you”.

– “Thanks Kate, I can give you the same style if you want” -smirks and nudges the copper-haired girl who turned pale at the idea but try to act normal

– “Thanks but I’m fine like this, today just Kate needs your magic” – rubs Kate’s back who just smirks and blushes a little bit

-“Well that’s fine if you change your mind just tell me” – she winks and offers them to sit down, Kate sits in the station chair and Cherry in the one next. Rose gives them each a cup of tea and cookies which Cherry doesn’t wait for a second to try.

-“So Kate, you admit I was right all those years I said something short would look great on you?” – giggles as she brushes Kate’s short hair remembering all the times she tried to convince her without success.

-“Okay, you were right, and now I’ll take your suggestions to heart”  -she says smiling and sipping her tea.

-I’m glad to hear that, I can give you some suggestions for the future while we trim this pixie, ok? – Rose suggests and Kate just nods and then is led to the washing station. Cherry listened as they talked but couldn’t understand much because they were a bit far away and Rose had put on some music for them so she let them talk and started browsing on her phone while playing with her ponytail.

Her hair was no different from the rest. It falls to her mid-back like a red waterfall with soft waves like the oceans. Of course very healthy, soft, and shiny and the only thing special about it was its coppery color. Since she was a little girl she remembered receiving compliments as well as astonished looks as if they had never seen a redhead before and of course, they also asked her the typical question “is it natural?” something that bothered her before but now she is used to it.

Like Kate, she had long hair most of her life, though not so much by choice as by her mother, a very feminine woman who grew up with the stereotypes of what a man should look like and what a woman should be like. And of course, she raised her daughter the same way, Kate can’t remember a single time when her mother didn’t scold her for not wanting to wear makeup, for hiding the skirts she bought her, or for breaking her heels. It’s not that Cherry didn’t like to dress like that, she just didn’t want to be a prisoner of stereotypes and society’s prejudices, if she wanted to, she would dress in flowy and tight dresses and if not a baggy t-shirt and jeans that she stole from her brother.

The one thing Cherry never took issue with her mother was her hair. She always kept it long and perfect as her mother wanted it, if she ever wanted to change it she would ask her mother if she agreed or not, and of course, her mother only accepted the longest hairstyles for her. Even if Cherry wanted to try something new she usually resigned herself and listened to her mother, she never took her mother’s advice regarding her hair, well, almost never.

– “What do you think red?”- Kate’s question brought Cherry back to reality- “Should I cut it a little shorter?”

– “Oh if you want to, it wouldn’t make much difference how you look now, would it? Well maybe just maybe even more adorable”- she winks to her girlfriend who was already capped by Rose who just rolls her eyes and smiles at Cherry’s attempt to give her a compliment whenever she could.

– “Oh yes more adorable and you would have your forehead a little more free by solving your bangs problem” – says Rose combing Kate’s hair again having her sharp scissors ready at her side.

– “Well then it’s settled Rose, cut it a little more” -Smiles and looks at the hairdresser from the mirror.

– “I never thought I’d hear that from you, so I’d better get started before you change your mind” -and so she did, she lowered Kate’s head, took the scissors, and started with her work. With the comb, she takes the lock of hair and then cuts it to one or half an inch and so on. Tiny hairs fell over Kate’s shoulders and then slid into her lap or to the floor. Cherry watched her couple paying attention to her conversation with Rose until they started talking about the romantic show they were both watching and then Cherry tuned out and got lost in her thoughts playing with her ponytail. She inadvertently started playing with some plants Rose has in the salon, good thing her friend knew about her powers or she would have had to find a good explanation on how the flowers grew so fast and how they were creating different shapes.

Kate who noticed that chuckled softly knowing that the redhead was in a different world at the moment playing with the plants and her hair. That gave her a little idea.

– “Hey red?”- she calls out to her regaining the plant handler’s attention.

– “Hmm?”- she says being a little surprised at how much hair Rose had already cut, she had been disconnected longer than she thought because there were several hairs forming a small blanket on the floor and Kate’s pixie already seemed to be back.

– “Why don’t you trim your hair too? It’s been a long time since the last time.”

– “Oh I don’t want to bother Rose and keep her away from home any longer, I can wait for another day.”

– “Nonsense, you don’t bother me at all and I have the night off, you don’t want to risk those split ends ruining your beautiful hair do you?” – Rose looks at her as she cuts Kate’s bangs which go from being half an inch above her eyes to being just over an inch from her scalp.

– “That’s a good point hun, after me you trim your hair ok?” – Kate sees her out of the corner of her eye sounding more like an order than a suggestion, but Cherry didn’t notice.

– “Well I will, I’m already here so I’ll save myself the trip after” – she smiles eating the cookies. She wasn’t expecting to trim her hair today but it’s not something that’s going to take time or affect her.

– “Great! I’ll be with you in a few minutes”- Rose states to put the finishing touches on Kate’s hair, including cleaning her neck with the clippers. It was weird for Cherry to see Kate as calm as she was on a day at the beach while Rose used the clippers on her, but at the same time, she was glad to see her less worried about having her hair this short.

As Rose finished up with Kate, Cherry undid her ponytail letting her red waves fall down her back and shoulders, and then ran her hands through it to untangle it and make Rose’s job easier.

Said and done, Rose was done in a few minutes with Kate leaving her with a nice pixie slightly shorter than the one she had. She removes her cape, tossing more of her cut hair to the floor, allowing Kate to feel and observe her cut freely with a big smile.

– “I love it! I feel like I’m me again” – she giggles as she runs her hands over her adorable pixie, inspecting every detail.

– “I’m glad to hear that, you couldn’t be lovelier” – Rose smiles back letting the cheerful girl see her reflection to approach Cherry – “Now it’s your turn, Cherry, you have the chance to ask for this style one more time” -she references her own hair wanting to encourage the girl to try that style

– “I’ll leave it for another day, today just a trim please”- she replies smiling not feeling the mood for a change to which the hairdresser agrees for the moment but doesn’t seem to stop insisting later.

With a towel on her head after a wash, Rose puts the black cape over Cherry covering her and part of the chair as well. She gently takes the towel from her, letting the wet copper waves fall, and brushes them free of knots with great ease. Kate remains in the chair next to her rubbing her freshly cut back and browsing her cell phone and Cherry is once again lost in thought.

With Cherry’s hair sectioned and ready, Rose takes the scissors and begins to trim off less than an inch of hair, hard enough to notice a change in the coppery waves. Kate who had put her cell phone aside and Cherry kept an eye on the conversation the three ladies had started.

– “Hmmm you know Cherry, you’ve kept the same style for a long time maybe..” – the blonde starts to say but is interrupted by her partner.

– “I’m not in the mood for a change Kate so don’t suggest anything.” sentences the redhead receiving a crossing of arms and rolling of eyes in response.

-I’m just saying it would be nice if you try something different every once in a while” 

– “I don’t have any ideas that catch my eye at the moment.”

– “If I may suggest…”¬” Rose speaks without losing focus on what she is doing – “You don’t need a big change to look different, a few inches less would make a change, a small one but a change”-stop for a moment waiting for an answer as to whether she should go on or change her plan.

– “You two seem to think alike today, why do you insist so much?”-she asks, surprised by the desire of both girls for her to change her current hairstyle.

-“Because a change never hurts, you’ll like it later believe me now say yes and let Rose do her job” -says staring at her and sounding again as if it was an order.

-Well ok you can cut more Rose” -says Cherry sighing and receiving a smile from the pink hair who wastes no time and starts to cut again, this time placing the scissors 2 to 3 inches at the shoulder blades.

Cherry feels her hair being combed and she tenses up a bit and then hears the sound of the scissors and ends up with her hair being released from the tension. This cycle is repeated several times over a few minutes with the back of her head, when finished, Rose moves to Cherry’s right and that’s when the redhead realizes how much her friend is actually cutting, but decides not to make a big deal out of it as it would take a short time to grow back. She continues to talk to Kate and Rose normally until Kate makes a thoughtful face and then comments:

– “Rose couldn’t you, I don’t know,  give her hair a sparkle? It looks boring”- she says to Rose directly this time instead of asking Cherry first if she would agree.

– “Kate don’t go on” – she looks sideways at the blonde but the blonde doesn’t seem to pay any attention to her and I kept waiting for Rose’s answer.

– “Well some layers can make it more interesting without making it shorter, do you want me to do that?” – again waiting for a response from the couple

-Yes, I think that would be great, let’s do it” -says the girl with pixie hair with a smile, Cherry just sighs and nods knowing that it wasn’t worth opposing just for a few inches less, although she still felt stranged about Kate’s attitude. She looks at herself in the mirror observing her hair which now is a little shorter and the small hairs that fall to the floor and on the cape to join the ones that were already there.

Her eyes went from Rose’s scissors to the cape where the lifeless hair was falling, sliding into her lap and some sliding to the floor. It wasn’t a massive amount of hair to go into shock but it was quite a lot compared to how little she had cut her hair in the last few years.

Rose worked quickly and carefully giving it delicate layers, even though her hair was wet, she could see a little of the final result. The reddish hair between the shoulder blades and the bra strap with the layers falling all over like soft waves and framing her face along with the long bangs Rose had given her. This was very familiar to Cherry, she had seen that same cut on someone close to her and could tell it looked like her.

-” I look just like my mother”- she finally says remembering seeing her mother most of her life with those delicate layers and long bangs with the difference that her hair was a shade lighter than Cherry’s. 

– “I was just about to say that honey, although you look good and your mother would surely adore it, I don’t think this is something you want” – Kate puts a hand to her chin as if thinking – “Maybe we should try another style, like shoulder length” -she says placing her hand on Cherry’s shoulder. 

-What? Not at all” – she says defensively, she had had shoulder-length hair before but that’s not why she wants it that way now, she was hoping to have longer hair for a longer period of time.

-“Yes I think it’s better to cut it to shoulder length, we don’t want you to be a copy of your mother, Rose can you do it?” – Cherry couldn’t believe what was earing and was already getting a bit nervous. Kate kept asking for her hair to be cut more and more and ignored her opinion. She looked at Rose and asked her to say no but the hairdresser actually seemed to agree with Kate.

-Well you swore not to be like your mother Cherry, so you’ll agree with us that the best thing to do is to try another haircut” -Cherry was very confused about what was going on and tried to say something as she watched Rose wet her hair a little more with the hairspray as it was starting to dry.

-” H-having the same cut won’t make me like her”- she said defensively, trying to keep her hair as long as it was or at least be able to tell herself if she cut it any shorter

-We don’t know, it’s better to be safe, right? You just relax and trust” – she gives her a soothing yet mischievous smile that makes Cherry feel nervous enough to hush and just look at her reflection.

Rose decided to start this time with her right side instead of the back, combing a strand making sure is knot-free before placing the comb on the girl’s shoulder holding the strand to finally take her scissor and placing them under de comb. 

-” Oh god” – says Cherry when sees that and immediately takes her hands out from the cape and covers her eyes not wanting to see the cut. 

-” You will look really cute Cherry trust me, now puts your hands down and look at yourself” – says Kate softly as takes her hands and lower them gently, that only confuse Cherry more, she is like forcing her haircut but keeps being sweet?

 Looking in the mirror she sees on her right side how the scissors close, sending at least 4 inches of hair fall into her lap, with her heart that feels stop beating she looks up her shoulder, opening her mouth a little to see her hair now touching her shoulders when minutes ago it was falling down her back like a waterfall of fire.

-Shut your mouth babe or a fly will get in”- Kate says smirking and touching her chin and Cherry, out of instinct perhaps, closes her mouth but continues to watch in amazement as her hair is nimbly cut by Rose.

She kept watching the hair being sent to the ground feeling lighter and lighter and filling her head with more and more questions: How did it come to this? Why is Kate doing this? Was she going to stop or was she going to tell Rose to cut more of her hair? How can she stop this? Those and more questions bounced around in her head every time she heard the sound of the scissors sending her copper-colored hair all over the place. 

The layers Rose had given her were gone, now, everything was back to the same length and the only thing slightly shorter was her long bangs. Cherry couldn’t say it didn’t look bad, it looked pretty good on her, to be honest, but she was still confused and could barely think of anything but stopping this.

-“Oh this looks really good on you red” -smiled Kate as she ran a hand through her hair “finally!” thought Cherry, she could get up from that chair and go home- “But…”

– “But?”- she broke down again, what else was she going to say?

-“It’s summer and you always talk about how hateful it is to have hair stuck to your neck because of sweat, why not solve that problem now and give you a bob? if that’s bob and a nice fringe, I’ve never seen you with one so it’s a nice change” -smiled proud of her idea while Kate lost all hope of getting out of there with as much hair as she wanted. Still, she tried to persuade Kate but Kate, as before, just said relax while smiling at her and then whispered something to Rose, although she could have heard at that moment she wasn’t in condition to understand almost anything.

About Rose, she did not ask Cherry’s opinion or comment on anything, she just nodded and began. Sectioning Cherry’s hair and starting at the back, she lowered the confused girl’s head and then placed the scissors on her neck. Cherry gets goosebumps at the feeling of the sharp scissors, was about to say something when heard the sharp tool crunch as it closed over her hair. 

And so the cycle started with Rose sectioning off a red lock of hair, placing the scissors in the wanting length to then close them without mercy, sending more of Cherry’s glory to the floor with the rest victims of her sharp friend, now there was enough hair fill a cushion or make a reddish carpet. Kate watches this with a big smile like a kid looking at a mountain of candies to then eating all of them.

 Cherry’s hair is the candies and they been cut is the kid eating those candies.

For a moment, Cherry didn’t hear the scissors and through Rose has finished, was starting to breathe normally again when heard the peculiar roar of clippers. Lift her head hoping is just an illusion, but sadly sees the hungry clippers on Rose’s hand who was approaching them to her neck, was about to say something but Kate put a hand on her shoulder and looked her through the mirror like if saying relax and keep silent and that’s what Cherry did, not knowing why or how but she listened to her and hush.

Shivers when feels the cool clippers on her neck, Rose holds her head before pulling the tool up. The clipper’s roar change when shears the hair, with the hand Rose swipe the hair to have a free space to work. Fast and concentrated pass the clippers over and over through Cherry’s neck leaving it a quarter-inch red fuzz, once happy with the result, turn off the clippers and grab her scissors and comb again to continue with the bob. 

At this time, Cherry was pretty nervous and did not even know why, many things are happening at the same time that make her confused and get dizzy enough to not think right or just think, breathe and keep cool. A mix of feelings hit her like a truck crashing with a small car.

She stops looking at her reflection and keeps looking down at the pile of hair on her lap that only gets bigger same as the pile of the same hair on the floor. Can feel her hair pulling softly to be killed for Rose and the next second fall to a length that almost touch her chin. The time passes fast for the girls who aren’t Cherry, for the redhead girl Rose took an eternity to cut and shape her bob, having a red curtain covering her eyes was a sign that she was almost ready.

Doesn’t know how was able to understand the hairdresser when she told her to close her eyes but she did, as soon as Cherry close her eyes Rose cuts the curtain, exposing again the small eyes that didn’t look small anymore. When opens her eyes the first thing Cherry sees are those adorable blunt eyebrow bangs, exactly like the bangs she has a kid and hated but weren’t something that matters now. The second thing she sees is the wavy bob she has now that looks wavier than her long hair and fits her perfectly. Was that kind of hair that can look adorable on normal days but that can look daring and sexy with just red lipstick and eyeliner.

-” This so so adorable but hot at the same time! I feel like a black widow is in front of me”- says Kate cheerfully, Cherry has a little fate this was the end but didn’t want to celebrate so soon. 

-” That’s a good way to see it, so you like this?”- asks Rose to Kate as if she is the one who’s getting the haircut.

-” I do, I could enjoy this hairstyle for me too” – smiles and feels Cherry’s bob, Rose was about to take out the cape but was interrupted by Cherry – “But is enough for summer? I wouldn’t like Red to come again because is still hot, maybe prevent and be sure her hair is fresh enough” 

-” well how about a long pixie? is not so short but let her neck free of hair and with that undercut will look even better” – suggest Rose but knows what Kate is going to say.

-” Worth a try, do your magic Rose” – Cherry feels her heart shrink, doesn’t understand exactly why they say it because her mind is dealing with many things but got the feeling she will get a shorter haircut.

– “Kate can we talk?” – try one last time to convince the fire sorcerers to stop whatever she’s doing now.

-” Later at home hun, Rose is about to start and we can’t interrupt her” – says broking the small fate Cherry had.

Losing all hope, Cherry accepts her destiny ad let Kate do whatever, it doesn’t matter anymore. Rose lowered her head again making Cherry unable to see the mirror. With her eyes on the memories of her reddish glory, her eyes get wet as she tries to not cry and behave like an adult but was something difficult to do while seeing all the mane that was in her head dead on the floor and on her lap.

-” although maybe we can take a break, Rose? While you get some energy back” – says Kate who notices Cherry was tear-eyed, Rose understands what she really means so just nodded and leaves the couple alone. Kate hugs Cherry and rubs her back as the girl let some tears run free through her cheeks.

-” You will look stunning honey I promise” – says as wipes her tears and tries to calm her down – “ I know it’s hard but will get used to and like your new look after some weeks, and if not I promise I’ll get you a very long wig plus do everything to help your hair grow faster” – looks into her eyes as says this, Cherry’s head was a mess right now and barely understand what she said but even so, she felt Kate mean what was been honest and supportive and could never hurt her on purpose. That also confuse her more about what are Kate’s real intentions,

A few minutes later Rose comes back and starts her work again,  Cherry tries to regain control of her mind; it keeps spinning but she finds it impossible. The sounds of the scissors so close to her head, how light she feels each time she loses more hair, the mass in her lap that only grows as the trimmed hairs slide into her lap, some falling halfway out leaving the cape full of her former fiery mane, her girlfriend taking control of the situation overruling her opinion but also been sweet and caring; altogether, it was an explosion inside the young girl that could be seen as the plants in the place grew like vines; forming knots and with peculiar colors, nothing like the beautiful flowers Cherry played with more than two hours ago, or at least for Cherry it had been two hours.

Kate didn’t seem to notice the soup of emotions that Cherry was now, or if she did she chose not to mention it. She looked happy and curious watching Rose work with Cherry’s hair, it was like watching an artist painting what would be her best painting yet. Rose cut and cut without stopping, without fear of making a mistake or pity for the red beauty that many a girl once envied.

With the neck more and more exposed and the undercut becoming easier to see, Cherry’s long pixie was taking shape: with layers falling all over Cherry’s head giving it a messy but very sweet and cute look even more with the natural waves that the girl in the chair has, her ears are almost entirely visible with only a few hairs covering them. Had she been looking her best, Cherry would have admitted that this haircut suited her too well, with no hair covering her face other than the bangs that were now a little thicker to match her new layers, her delicate features were visible to anyone who wanted to admire them, especially highlighting her big eyelashes and freckles that no one would have noticed before. Kate blushed as she watched her girlfriend’s beauty bloom like a flower in spring, the shorter her hair got the more beautiful she looked, hell why didn’t she do this before? she almost hated Cherry’s long hair now, those long coppery waves would always be beautiful in her mind but she definitely wasn’t going to miss them.

 Finishing her creation, Rose swept the hair that was stuck on Cherry’s shoulders and neck with her hand and then took a step back, examining her work and also allowing Kate to observe the new hair her couple has, for her smiles it could be guesses she would like to keep that but the blonde could have unexpected comments.

At this point, Cherry wasn’t able to understand anything as if she is in a trance or in another universe. Just could see Kate’s and Rose’s mouths move but couldn’t hear them, just a few words could be heard by the redhead “Beautiful…..undercut feels great…… want feel more……shorter…..all her back and sides”; then, sees Rose moving and grabbing things but she can’t catch and keep attention, for her were just shades that move faster around her.

 Kate instead can see Rose sectioning the hair separating the top and leaving hair on the sides and back, grabbing the clippers and turning them on filling the room with the classic roar, and without doubt, pulling them up to Cherry’s back cutting all in her way into a quarter-inch fuzz. She gasp softly seeing how short the fuzz looked compared with the hair that was still alive on the head and looked for Cherry’s reaction but doesn’t get any emotion from her. Going back to the clippers see those were destroying the red hair as if they were made with jelly, without problem send all the hair to the floor saying hi to the fuzz. Kate couldn’t say until what point Rose was cutting but guess is at some point adobe the ears, she would find it out when Rose move to the sides what wasn’t take too long.

Passing the clippers to make sure there isn’t any hair lost, Rose moves to the right side pulling fast the clippers on the hair, exposing the small and delicate ear, and filling the shoulder with another 3 or 4 inches of firelocks. Cherry couldn’t catch what was happening but Kate was putting all her attention as if her life depends on that, her eyes following all the moves of the clippers every second and sometimes looking at how the hair falls like a feather on the wind.

Moving to the left side and repeating the process, turn off the clippers looking at the red fuzz that was on the site long locks used to be. Rose turns off the clippers and leaves then away, letting loose the top, that was almost all the shorter layers she gave Cherry minutes ago with the long pixie, so already looks shorter with the buzzed part making Kate had the thought she wouldn’t cut much from the cut but well she got another surprise and gasp softly once again when Rose cuts a lock pretty close to the scalp, leaving it like an inch or so. Kate for some reason ask Rose to give her that lock and she did it without asking. On her hands was the small soft lock that was just a memory now of the long mane of the girl she loves with all her soul and felt all the time at home, now, she can just feel that small memory while sees Rose finishing the pixie with a tool which Kate didn’t know what is for but looked like a razor.

All the hair on the floor was now enough to make it difficult to walk there so Rose hit the hair to the sides with her foot to have space to walk around the chair, grab the short lock and cut it shorter to then throw it like trash to the floor. As move to the front, the hair gets longer, looking like a kind of layers that end with the bangs that were also cut a bit shorter falling on a cute messy at an inch before the eyebrows. Been happy with the result, leaves the tool again and was going to grab the dryer but stopped as has an idea.

-”Hmmmm you know, for be called Cherry her hair is copper, I don’t think that’s right” – says looking at Kate who smiles guessing the hairdresser’s idea

-” I know right, I would like to see a Cherry when I call her, make that possible please” – hasn’t finished that sentence when Rose was already looking for the red dye.

Applying the dye on the hair was something easy and fast know it was short, she finish it quickly and while the dye work she took the groom and wipes all the red hair around the chair to make a unique big pile, was amazing to see how much hair Cherry had and how short is now.

After the needed time, she washed  Cherry’s hair which now looks like a Cherry, lead her once again to the chair, and turns on the dryer to style the pixie being completely sure Kate wasn’t asking for something different. 

-” And finish, a nice clipped cherry pixie” – turns off the dryer and takes off the cape from Cherry, sending all the hair to the pile now seeing the real amount of hair Cherry lost. 

-” Is awesome Rose! you did it again” – smile wide not waiting to feel the buzzed sides and back – “This feels amazing and she looks like the most beautiful goddess with red hair, right Cherry? – Cherry sees Kate moves her mouth but can’t hear what she says and nods, doesn’t know if that is what she wanted but was the only thing she was able to do.

Sees Rose and Kate talk a little more, Kate blush at something Rose said and she giggles too then hugs her and grabs Cherry’s hand. Maybe that and feeling a soft pull make Kate understand it was time to go. With jelly legs, she gets up and her sight goes directly to the big red pile of her old and beautiful hair, the only thing she could see and recognize in this condition. Felling unable to move on her own, let Kate her guide her to the door and head home. It was all too much for her. Seeing a lot of hair on the floor and the cape, feeling the air on her back and sides, but most of all, the attitude Kate took has her amazed and very confused, why did she do that? She saw her like a little puppy under the orders of an alpha wolf who doesn’t want to disobey. Cherry had never seen her like that before she…..wait….


Her mind clicked at that moment


She had seen Kate like that before! Kate did the same thing in their first years of knowing each other.



Both were about to start high school and were about to start high school. Cherry was bored of her long hair and wanted to start the school year with a new look that was more fun and suited her personality, she spent a whole afternoon looking for the perfect haircut with Kate and found a long pixie that she liked a lot and made an appointment at the salon for the next day, but, when she told her mother she almost freaked out and forbade her to cut her hair above her bra strap. 

Cherry was sad and resigned herself to being her mother’s copy for the rest of her life. The next day at the salon she told the hairdresser that she just wanted a trim but after that saw Kate whisper something in her ear, Cherry didn’t think anything of it but then what a surprise she got when the hairdresser grabbed her copper hair and without mercy or care cut almost 12 inches, the surprised face she has when she saw her hair brushing the chin was something unforgettable. 

Cherry came out of the salon with a very nice short bob, it wasn’t what she wanted at first but it was close and of course, it wasn’t anything her mother wanted which made her so happy that she didn’t even care about the scolding her mother gave her when she saw it or being punished, she even bet with her that she would win the silly beauty contest she entered with her hair this short when her mother showed up in her room with hair extensions, bet she did win. She loved her bob cut, she felt freer and more like herself and it all happened with Kate taking control and deciding for her. 



And know the same happened, with the difference her hair was shorter and her mom hasn’t shown, but the dominant, prouder, directly and bossy attitude Kate had was the same in both situations. What the hell? Why was she like that? is true she is the one who wears the pants but has never done something to dominate or control how Cherry is dressed or acts; not even when they do foreplay on her passionate nights, so why she did do it with her hair?.

Cherry has too many things to think about that didn’t notice when Kate talk to her on the way home, no either the time that was. Her mind skip that along with their arriving home, having dinner, and getting ready to go to bed, and decided to nod every time Kate asked something not sure if should or not. When finally react, she was taking a bath alone without a single idea of how she got there. Get out of the bath and saw her pajama was there for her so she toweled herself dry and then got on her pajama, she saw her reflection in the process but doesn’t pay special attention, all she wants to know was to talk with Kate.

She finds her in their room with her pajama and doing her skincare routine, Kate notice she is there and smiles at her as Cherry stands up behind her

-” Hey cutie, was the bath relaxing? you look good again” – says still looking in the mirror while does her routine

-” Why?” – was the first thing her mind decided to say before paying attention to Kate’s words

-” Because I worry for you and now are able to talk?” – says confused and a little ironic

-” No no that, why you did this?” – moves closer to her 

-” Can be more specific?” –  looks at her with a confused look, or she was acting or really didn’t know what Cherry was talking about

-” why had Rose cut my hair more every time until give me this and ignored what I wanted?” – finally ask sounding serious

-” Well you wanted to get a haircut remember?” 

-” That’s not what I asked and you know it, don’t ignore me again” – cross arms and look determined to get an answer

-” I don’t, just you look so stunning my dear so why worry?” –says without answering her question again

-“I’m not worried about my hair Katherine, I’m trying to know why you acted in that controlling dominant way as you did that day before high school?. Why were you insisting on me getting a shorter haircut? Why did you decide it was a great idea to give me a haircut too different from the trim I did want and throw up my opinion like trash but right away be caring and sweet?” 

-“Hey no is not that, I do care about your opinion and you know I wouldn’t do anything if can hurt you” — looks at her stopping her routine — “Yes I admit I took advantage you were on the chair to give you this haircut and now was shocking lose all that hair in a second, I felt like that too months ago but was for some reasons”

-“I’m hearing” —says resting her back on the wall

-“I adore your mom Cherry but hate she keeps trying to make you like her and you let her, after I gave you that bob in high school you stop somethings but your hair kept being under her approval, just wanted to remember you how free you can feel choosing by your own”

-“I didn’t decide on my own you did it” — says showing how contradictory that sounds

-“Looks like that but actually I didn’t, yes I did choose the first haircuts but the one you have now is the pixie you wanted to get in high school so basically was your decision too, I thought you would remember it” — she gets up and holds Cherry’s hands who was surprised for that answer

-“Well my sight was in the mirror but my mind couldn’t recognize anything so I haven’t seen it yet……you really remembered that pixie all these years?”

-“Well I didn’t lose the hope you get it one day, was actually a style I loved for you” — she giggles as getting an adorable blush that Cherry loves – “just didn’t want to lose the opportunity to see it with that pixie and I know I could ask Rose gave you it at first but for some reason, I had the feeling to do what I did and thought would be fun for both, sorry if I hurt you or make you feel I don’t care your opinion —she hugs Cherry, who hugs back looking relaxed at Kate doesn’t want control on a bad and mean way

-“I was just confused is all, I’m still confused that was a lot of feelings hitting me, my head feeling lighter, the sadness for losing my hair, self conscious of how I would look with such short hair, you been controlling but yet sweet and many other things, that’s too much for me ”- sigh and puts a hand on her neck, shivering at the feeling of the short fuzz

-“Aaaw well a good sleep can help you to clear your mind, you’ll see tomorrow will be fresh as an apple or well a cherry in this case” — giggle

-“ha ha ha very funny” — rolls eyes playfully before kissing Kate and both head together to the bed, falling asleep immediately.

The next day, Cherry did feel better, she was nervous to see her new look and tried to avoid doing it but Kate pull her toward a mirror and make her face her new self. Would be a lie to say she didn’t scare for a moment believing that another girl was there and took her a minute to realize that the girl in the mirror was her. Her jaw drops looking at the clipped sides, raising a hand to feel them and shivering at the strange feeling lowering her hand immediately by instinct. Kate giggle about her adorable reaction and so does Cherry to the next second smile and feels again the clipped sides getting used to the feeling, while he does so, takes a look at the rest of her hair. 

The top of her head was definitely longer than the sides, the back of the top looked pretty short but as it moves to the front it gets longer like making a transition from the buzzed part to the longer top and so did the sides too, was long enough to comb and has a shaggy cute form giving it an informal vibe but being able to style it to look formal if she wants. 


And the color, wow, is the brightest red she has ever seen, and really remembers her as a Cherry, it helps the cut to look adorable and sweet yet daring. Was like seeing a mix between Scarlett Johansson’s haircut but with the little mermaid color. All that make was an explosion of beauty on Cherry’s face: her big eyelashes take the center stage above all giving her a sultry look; her freckles are visible now adding the sweet part to her face along with the soft blush on her cheeks naturally had; ears and nose small and perfect and delicate pink lips; all that surrounded by her Ivory skin been final touch.

-“thoughts?” – says Kate feeling also Cherry’s back

-“This is not me, sure you didn’t give me plastic surgery?” — Kate laughs at that joke and so does Cherry — “I love how I look, will need time to get used but oh god I regret to haven’t done it before”

-“You’re welcome was a pleasure help” — bows taking the credit for her new beauty at what Cherry rolls her eyes playfully and giggles

-“Thank you for doing this and not stopping although I was nervous, was the best decision you and Rose could have made” — grabs her by her waist and kisses her softly — “Oh also what did Rose tell you? I saw you blush and that’s part of the few things I remember from yesterday” — ask curious about what the hairdresser said

-“Oh hehe she said if we decided to get married soon we would be two adorable pixie-haired brides” — blush remembering what their friend said and how she would like that

-“Oh well we’ll have to wait and see” —winks just to make the blonde girl blush more, Cherry giggles and smiles at the flustered sorceress kissing her cheeks before looking once again at her reflection — “Although I think I look like a short-haired version of Poison Ivy than as Black widow I have her powers after all” 

-“I’m the only one who can decide that, buuuut I admit I like the bad girls” — smirk changing her flustered side to the dominant and sultry one

“Oh is that so? Well didn’t won’t tell you but I can be pretty bad” — smirk and Kate wasted time kissing her deeply and biting her lips as both falls onto the bed, was their free day after all and they probably would spend it almost all inside their room.


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