Lindsay Gives In: A Happy Accident

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Third in a series. The first two can be found here:

Laying in repose, her petite frame covered only by a long bundle of dirty blonde stretching from her
breasts to it’s moist ends stuck to her still sensitive sex, Lindsay fluttered her fingers over the side
of her bed. “Fun. Isn’t it?

Tumbling on the floor an unaware Daisy mewed as she attacked her own foot long bundle of mousy brown.

“I’m taking that as a yes.” Lindsay closed her eyes letting the events of two months ago play, again. The
sound of Nicole’s hair being sliced through. Then the vibrating clippers in her own hands, crackling up a
shocked Nicole’s neck. God, what an amazing person Michelle was helping her to make all of it happen.

“And her braid…” three thick strands of natural wheat highlights wove over, and under in Lindsay’s
continuing fantasy. “No she’s more than her hair. She’s perfect,” Lindsay brought her hand back onto the bed,
and inexorably between her legs. She looked towards her dresser, towards her new hair styling mannequin.
It’s straight blonde hair hung barely short of the top of the dresser. A great tool for learning her new hobby,
but a poor substitute for the real thing. She closed her eyes again, the mannequin’s hair grew, becoming fuller
as it went. Forming itself into an a french braid, rich in shades of blonde. Unconditionally offering itself to
Lindsay. Hers for the taking, if only she would take it. “Yes,” she whispered. Her second climax moving through
her in waves.

As quickly as she came, she felt a pang of guilt. “She’s more than her hair…”, Lindsay stared at the stuccoed
ceiling. Purring, a small weight landed beside her. “I know, I know, I shoulder ask her.”

Curling up beside her slender glistening stomach, Daisy mewed.


That evening Lindsay fidgeted nervously with her margarita while Michelle described her interview for a job
as a correspondent for the local news. Lindsay nodded, enthusiastic for her friend, but distracted by what she
had been meaning to ask for months. Her thoughts flipping between her growing love for the person across from
her, and the ever present longing for their hair to join her collection.

“I should have studied nursing, like you. Wouldn’t have had to wait tables for so long to get a shot at a
decent job.” Michelle tossed back a shot.

The implied motion of Michelle’s braid behind her mixed with the alcohol in Lindsay’s stomach. “You should cut
your hair! To, you know… look more professional!” The sour sweetness of her margarita poured into her mouth,
stopping her from digging a deeper hole.

Michelle brought her braid over her shoulder. “Replace this old thing with something like Nicole’s?” After a
teasingly long silence she chuckled. “I take it those night classes aren’t scratching the itch?”

She never judges, letting out a defeated sigh Lindsay deflected from her true thoughts. “I got one girl to
let me trim her hair. Shoulder blades… In trade she got to practice using the clippers on my undercut. I thought
it would be enough. It’s just… it’s just I need more. Like, if she just ran them over the top of my head, I would
be SO happy. But, I can’t really ask her.”

“Sounds like a probl– JESUS.” Michelle’s phone buzzed across the table. “Sorry, I forgot I put alerts on.”

“Is it about the job?” Lindsay searched the room for any distraction she could find from Michelle’s signature braid.
For a brief moment the football game on the television worked. Right up until she was distracted by the mid-back length
curls walking in front of it. Instinctively she followed them past the far tables as they walked right out the door,
and into Michelle’s eyes.

“You knew Nicole was coming back from her weekend from Rob’s, tonight. Right?” Michelle stroked her braid with a hint
of nervousness.

“Crud, I didn’t take out the garbage,” Any other possibility was far from Lindsay’s mind as she followed Michelle’s
hand as it passed over those smooth bumps.

“What else did you forget?” Uncharacteristically serious Michelle leaned on the hand now gripping her braid.

“I cleaned. I got groceries. Then, I – OH…” Lindsay signaled to the passing waitress for new drinks.

“She’s congratulating me on joining the short haired girls. Apparently Daisy was playing with my hair in the middle of
the living room.” Michelle continued in measured tones as Lindsay hid behind her drink. “Which is weird, because my hair
is right here. Which leads me to believe it was actually hair belonging in a certain shoe box. And I bet that ‘OH…’
was you confirming this.”

“You’re not going to tell her about the shoe box, are you? She’ll flip if she finds out her hair is in there,” Lindsay
kept her eyes locked with Michelle the best she could.

“Depends,” Michelle exhaled. “I don’t suppose the shorter ponytail is a close enough match to confuse Nicole?”

“It was the shorter ponytail…” Lindsay shook her head side to side as she spoke.

“Shit. What’s the length of the bigger one? Sixteen inches or so?” Michelle contemplated her options. “God, I don’t
want to have Nicole freak.”

Anyone else would have done me in by now, bringing her glass to her lips Lindsay mumbled. “Eighteen… and half.”


“And a half, but it’s not really as thick as yours…” Lindsay lost herself in the comparison.

“Not helping,” releasing the full length of Lindsay’s mistake from her hand Michelle calmly took her new shot
from the waitress. “Let me think about this.”


After the long months of unbearable heat the goosebumps on Lindsay arms from the chilly evening air were a welcome change.
Giggling she put on a loose gray sweater. “That extra dink is hitting kinda hard.”

“I feel sober as a saint,” For the first time since Nicole’s message Michelle tossed her braid behind her back.

“Have you decided what you’re going to do?” While Lindsay did feel truly bad about her mistake, she couldn’t help but
get excited in a few ways over the future of Michelle’s braid as she watched it’s longest part move over her hips with
each step.

“Letting fate decide this one. We’ll see in a few minutes,” Michelle grinned nervously.

Giddy from the knowledge of the only possible thing Michelle could be thinking about, and a good amount of alcohol she threw
her arms around her. “Thank you!”

“Of course you’d know it was open,” Michelle brought Lindsay in closer. “I just need one thing.”

Lindsay ran her hand along Michelle’s bound silk. “Until 8:30, and it’s usually empty after -,” suddenly Michelle’s last
sentence registered. “What?”

“Someone to share the experience with,” Michelle mussed Lindsay’s short bob, exposing her undercut. “Are you interested?”

“Yes!,” Lindsay left an elongated peck on Michelle’s cheek. “It’s just us,” gently she tugged on Michelle’s arm towards a
salon whose empty seats awaited on other side of a large window. “I know you’re going to love short hair.” Along the length of
the parking lot, and past her favorite diner she rained down superlatives on Michelle.”AMAZING, it’s going to be AMAZING!”
Across the cross walk she gave Michelle another kiss. “Told you they’d be empty.”


Startled by the two girls crashing through the door two stylists stood up from the couch. “What can we do for you?” said
brunette getting her words out as the blonde tied her loose hair back.

“I suppose I’m getting a haircut,” Michelle answered as she followed Lindsay’s encouraging lead to the further of two seats.
“Here,” she marked her chin as the desired length as she was urged to sit.

“Wait,” Lindsay’s sober mind poked through with a large helping of guilt. “You don’t have to do this. I’m pushing too hard.”

“I want to look AMAZING, Linds. I want to do this for you,” Michelle readjusted herself in her chair. “We’ll be keeping the
braid,” asserting a sense of control into the salon she again marked her chin as the stylists target.

The brunette stylist grabbed her black cape exchanging glances with Lindsay, and Michelle. “Now that that is settled, I’m

Lending a helping hand the blonde stylist held up Michelle’s braid. “Is this some sort of bet?”

“Just something she’s been after me to do for a long time. And now that it’s happening she’s getting cold feet,” The cape
snapped around Michelle’s neck. “I bet she’s even forgotten about her own haircut.”

“I’ll leave her to Marla. Your hair isn’t going to cut itself,” Carly brandished her shears. “We’re going to chin?”

“Anything for her,” Michelle stared forward. Not an ounce of concern on her face as her chair was pumped higher.

“Hell of a thing to give up hair like this for someone else,” the sound of Carly’s shears snipping into Michelle’s braid
punctuated her thought.

“What are we doing for you?” Marla flicked open her cape.

The snipping of Michelle’s braid intoxicated Lindsay more than any alcohol ever could. Since they first met as freshmen in
college she had imagined a million and one shearings of Michelle. None prepared her for the first strand of Michelle’s
braid fraying over the stylist’s thumb.

“And what haircut would you like?” Marla tapped on Lindsay’s shoulder.

“Oh… ummm… I’m not sure,” Biting her lip Lindsay fixated on the last hand full of snips. Triumphant Carly the nearly
twenty inches of the nights trophy in all their glossy glory above Michelle’s head. A moment forever etched into Lindsay’s

“A number two? That’s what I remember,” Michelle briefly considered her braid before she handed it over to Lindsay. “I’m
donating this to your charity.”

“So, a number two for your undercut?” Carly tossed her cape around Lindsay as she looked at the clock. “Am I trimming the
bob part?”

“I, uh -”

“A #2 all over.” Head tilted downward Michelle dictated for Lindsay. “Shorter if she doesn’t like that length”

Oh god. How perfect is she? Nodding in enthusiastic agreement Lindsay held Michelle’s braid tight underneath her cape.
Beside her, water sprayed from Carly’s water bottle, soaking Michelle’s abbreviated locks. She didn’t want to miss a moment
of Michelle’s cut. “Can I borrow your phone?” Lindsay set her own to record, propping it up against the mirror.

“Good idea, Linds,” Michelle brought her phone from underneath her cape. Unlocked, and set to record she gave it to Lindsay.

“There we go,” The phone stayed propped up after the second try. “All yours,” Without prompt, Lindsay’s chin was too her chest.
Whirring in reply a hungry set of clippers pushed into her nape, sending a shiver of excitement down her spine that prickled
her skin with goosebumps. “Don’t suppose you two girls want to join us?” Lindsay’s cheeks hurt from smiling at her hair sliding
down the cape.

“Not tonight,” answered Carly snipping across Michelle’s neck.

“You didn’t say no,” clumps of mousy brown fell past Lindsay’s eyes. “And you didn’t say anything, Marla.”

Shearing, and re-shearing Marla pushed Lindsay’s undercut over the top of her head. “You’re more than enough work for these
clippers, tonight.” She said, cleaning of the clippers of a large amount of Lindsay’s hair.

“Not a no, either,” Michelle noted over the buzzing clippers.

Pulling back from Lindsay’s right temple Marla quickly shed the illusion of Lindsay’s remaining thick hair, revealing the
bristly underside that was rapidly spreading across her head. “I use to have short hair. Something like your new do.”

“Mine?” The warm steal hummed over Lindsay’s head. With her long hair sliding over her stubble on its way to her satin
covering, it was a feeling she wished would last forever.

“We did all sorts of crazy shit back at cosmetology school. Hard to get practice partners, and all.” Carly snipped around
the left side of Michelle’s chin. “I’ll probably go short again one day. Just not tonight.”

“Every girl should shave her head once in her life,” added Marla as she reduced the last of Lindsay’s hair to a #2. “Maybe
twice…” Trailing off she searched Lindsay’s scalp with the clippers for any uneven hair.

“It does feel weird to go short again, after all these years,” Michelle’s bob hung a few inches longer on her still
untouched right side.

“You had short hair before?” This new information piqued Lindsay’s interest.

The clippers silenced as Michelle responded. “Eighth grade. I had hair down to my butt. Mom said she trusted me to get my
haircut by myself. Probably would have been fine if I hadn’t seen Billy making out with Zoe. That stupid strawberry blonde
Lob.” She paused to let Carly bring her right side to her chin. “Anyway, little old jealous me skipped my appointment with
my usual stylist. Headed a few blocks over to a place I’d never been. In with hair to my butt. Out with hair well above my

“What did your mom think?” Marla used a tiny pair of clippers to put the finishing touches on Lindsay.

“At first she yelled. Then she calmed down. It was pretty much just disappointment after that until I brought my sister’s
dolls into it. Billy still didn’t know I existed. So, I took my frustrations out on their long hair. Bobbed, every last one.”
Pieces of Michelle’s longer right side dropped with sharp snips.

Carly compared the lengths on either side of Michelle’s chin. “I think your girlfriend is a far better choice than that
Billy guy.”

Lindsay was still processing Michelle’s story when she was blasted with the hair dryers hot air. To her butt… On a whim...
it took every ounce of her self-control to leave herself alone.

“I think so, too,” Michelle grinned at herself.

As soon as her cape was removed Lindsay removed her sweater. Assuring no blonde was showing, she wrapped Michelle’s braid
in it with care. “God, you look amazing.” She ended the recording of her buzzcut as she savored each snip of Michelle’s
nearly fine tuned bob.

“Not what I expected, tonight,” Michelle waved Lindsay over to feel her bristles. “And I wouldn’t trade it for anything.”


The happiness that came from the salon filled the night air. “You’re next!” Michelle jested back towards the salon as she
checked on her ride share. “Second time’s the charm!”

Holding her sweater on her arm Lindsay felt the chill of the night with new clarity. “Your sisters didn’t ask you to cut
their hair. Did they?”

“No. No they did not,” Michelle pointed to the parking headlights. “This should be our ride.”

“Do you have your own collection?” Lindsay opened the door for Michelle.

Sliding into the backseat Michelle reminisced “Hard to hide them when you share a room with two sisters.

“Did they know it was you?” Lindsay closed the door, and confirmed her address with with the driver.

“To this day they think it was one of their friends,” Michelle rested her fingertips just under the band of Lindsay’s
yoga pants.

“I knew you were the one,” Lindsay nuzzled her head into Michelle’s short bob.

Softly tapping on Lindsay’s pubic mount Michelle whispered. “Well?”

Eyes closed, Lindsay replayed the nights events. “I didn’t say no.”

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